Gil proved that he was serious about getting married ASAP. The next morning, he drove Catherine home, instructed her to change into something nice and be ready for him to pick her up in two hours.When he returned, he was dressed in a suit and tie. An hour after he picked her up, they were standing in Judge Henry Miller's office, repeating thier vows and saying their 'I dos.'

Catherine teased Gil about taking her on the honeymoon before the wedding. He promised her a second honeymoon...and a third...and probably many more. Lindsey was excited when they returned to Catherine's house with the news. GIl began moving in that afternoon.

That night, Conrad Ecklie was waiting at Grissom's office. He was there to tell them that he and the Director agreed that the two could continue working the same shift but they couldn't work cases together. There might be exceptions, Ecklie had continued but as a general rule...

Gil smiled, thanked him, and then told Ecklie that Catherine would be needing a new name plate on her office door. The A.D. rolled his eyes as Catherine told him that her name was Grissom now. "Okay," he had moaned as he turned and walked away.

Three weeks passed. Sara's evaluation had gone well and she was seeing a counselor. Jim was keeping the Grissoms updated on her progress. Ecklie, at Gil's urging, had agreed to give her one more chance with the lab. She would be moved to swing shift when she returned to work. Sara's doctor suggested that perhaps it was time for her to face Gil and Catherine. They agreed to a supervised meeting and now were sitting in the shrink's office.

"So, I um...heard that you guys are married now," Sara began. She looked unhappy, but controlled.

"Yes, we are," replied Gil.

"How do you feel about that, Sara?" asked the doctor.

"I, um... well, for myself, it makes me sad. But...I know you love her and she loves you," Sara said as she looked at Grissom. "So...I suppose that I am happy that you are happy." Turning to Catherine, "you make him happy. I can see it in his face. And I know he makes you happy. So...Well, I wish you, both of you,a lifetime of happiness." Sara took a deep breath and relaxed. "And I'm really...really sorry about what I did that night. I ...I don't know what got into me. I, uh...well, it won't happen again."

It was Catherine who spoke first. "Sara, things got a little crazy that night. But I believe you, what you are saying today. I don't know that I could ever be your friend again, but...well, it'll be okay. Let's put the past in the past and leave it there. Gil and I are starting our life together and you have a new opportunity at the lab. "

"You forgive me, then?" the younger woman asked, hopefully.


"And you, Gris? Can you forgive me?"

"I forgave you that night, Sara. I hope you stay at the lab and continue with your career. And one day, I hope you find the right person...for you."

"Yeah, Brass said you told him that you didn't think we could have ever worked out...Catherine aside. You're probably right. It's just're the only person that understood me."

"I understood the professional side of you. I obviously never got the personal side."

"Yeah, well...I still don't. Anyway, thank you...both of you. "

Gil and Catherine stood to leave. "Good luck, Sara" said Catherine. "I mean that..."

"Yeah...thanks," she smiled meekly.

Gil nodded at her and they left the room.

The sun was setting as they left the building. Once they made it to the car, Gil let out a deep sigh. "Cath, honey..." She looked at him expectantly. "Thank you.. for, there."

"What do you mean?"

"Just that," he paused to find the words to express what he was feeling."I am so happy. And we're building our life together. But I want her to find happiness too. Otherwise, there would always be a pall over us."

Catherine thought about what he was saying. "Yeah, I don't want us starting out under a cloud either."

Gil turned the key and started the engine. He pulled out of the parking spot and turned the car toward the street. Turning into the road, he headed toward the desert. Finding their way back to their special place, Gil laid out a blanket and they sat, looking at the rising stars.

"So now what?" Catherine asked.

"So now," he smirked, "we live happily ever after."

"Hmmmm, I like the sound of that..."

Taking her hand in his, he kissed it. "It's long overdue, Mrs. Grissom. And we're going to make up for lost time." This time when they made love under the stars, no one was watching.

And they did live happily ever after, just as Gil said...because Grissom knows all!


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