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Chapter 29:- The Date

Gabriella POV

Troy's taking me out today, he said to wear something, not fancy but nice. Well that helps ... not. He won't tell me where we're going or anything, knowing him he asked Shar, Tay, Kels or Adii for an idea. Boys can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

I don't know what to wear, either my grey skinnys, grey shoobs and my grey guitar top, gotta love it. Or my faded jeans, flip-flops, dark grey top and my massive cardigan. Oh I need Sharpay, she knows what to do in this situation.

"Shar, I need help. I've got a date with Troy and I don't have a clue what to wear, he said nothing fancy but nice ... what does that mean? Get here as quick as you can" That shouldn't be too hard for her, she loves fixing me when I'm in need of fashion advice. That should be her know, told you she'd be quick.

"What where you thinking of wearing? Oh wears he taking you?" A hello would be nice, but no just barge in with the questions.

"That's the thing, he won't tell me. And I was thinking of wearing either my grey skinnys -"

"Don't go there" Wha?! I love my grey skinnys. Oh well she is the fashion police of East Side.

"What about my faded jeans and filp-flops?" She's pulling a face, but I think it's a good face, it's like kinda scrunced up trying to picture it with a perfectly manicured finger on her chin.

"Sounds good but one minute" Great, out with the cell. I wonder who she's calling ... sounds like Adii.

"Hey babe, do you know where Troy is taking Gabi?"

"Yeah but I can't say"

"Okay, can she wear flip-flops?"

"Don't go their, if she does, tell her to take socks" Hello I'm right here you know. Why can't Sharpay just give the phone to me. She's so rude sometimes, I invite her in my home and she just ignores me while she's on the phone ... what am I sayin I need help!

"Okay, flip-flops are a no-go. I say your dark jeans with your brown slouch boots. You know the ones with the chunky heel?" Gosh she knows my wardrobe better than me.

No-one POV

Gabriella went with Sharpay's idea except the boots, no-one says no to Sharpay when she's in 'Fashion Mode' She wore dark jeans, grey pumps and her grey top. She had socks in her bag, just in case. Troy was at the door waiting, he kept it simple. Long sleeved white t-shirt with a dark blue over the top and dark jeans. Gabriella looked dolled up compared to him.

"Be there in a min!" Gabriella called down the stairs, she was still nervous going on dates with Troy, she got the butterflies everytime.

"Come in and take a seat. It's open!" She shouted down, she checked it was Troy before she shouted though. She heard the door open and Troy shout up

"Gabi? What's taking you so long to get ready?" Gabriella rolled her eyes, boys. Sharpay had gone and left her to do her own hair and make-up. Gabriella kept it natural, just a bit of eye-liner and lipgloss. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen where Troy had taken a seat.

"Ready" Troy spun around and gasped at her, she wasn't dressed up but she still look beautiful, she always looked beautiful to him though.

"Where are we going Troy? And you can stop staring" Gabriella asked and giggled at Troy's face. Troy flushed a deep red and cleared his throught, he wasn't going to tell her ... even if she pulled 'the pout'

"I'm not telling you Gabs, and I'm not looking at you when you do the pout. Even if you do look adorable" Gabriella walked over to him and linked her hands in his, hoping today he would ask her out.

They got in the car and it was queit. The only thing that could be heard was the radio humming a tune and Gabriella softly singing along. Troy was trying to keep his eyes on the road but found it difficult, he wanted to ask Gabriella something while he was looking at her. When he stopped at a red light he took the chance.

"Gab, can I ask you something?" Gabriella turned around, hoping it was what she thought.

"Sure, go"

"Do you ... I mean, will you ... erm, this is harder than I thought" Troy stuttered, he had planned it all out but now it was going wrong.

"Troy just say it" Gabriella giggled at him.

"Okay, well you know if we ... erm, go out ... do you think it'll be real? Cause of ... erm, how we hated each other at first. Do you think it'll be ... wierd" Troy managed to get out, he started to ramble making Gabriella laugh. She had to cut him off but he said something stupid.

"Troy! I think it'll be fine because I never really hated you, I just pretended. But it depends if you ask me doesn't it" She smirked. Troy smiled back, knowing just what to do. Gabriella thought he was going to ask her then but he didn't, he left her hanging.

When they got to the Bowling Alley, Gabriella tried her hardest not to complain. She loved that Troy was taking her out but she hated bowling, she was just no good. Before they had to put the clown shoes on she went to the toilet, leaving Troy with the receptionist.

"Hey, excuse me. Can I right on 3 of the bowling balls please? It's to ask the girl I love to go out with me" The receptionist 'awwed' and said he could, she gave him her sharpie pen. Gabriella came back just after Troy had put the sharpie in his pocket. They put their shoes on and Gabriella started laughing uncontrolably.

"Troy, look at your feet ... they look like ... like ... clown's feet!" His shoes were the right size but they looked massive on him. Gabriella tried to calm herself down but it wasn't working. Troy grabbed her and started to tickle her making her laugh even more.

"Troy, stop!" He did as he was told and they made their way over to the lane. He told Gabriella to chose the size ball she needed, so he could right on them. She picked the pink one which fit her fingers perfectly. Troy went over to 3 of the pink balls in the rack behind him and wrote on them Be My Girlfriend?

They started playing, Troy let Gabriella go first. His sister was right, she was rubbish at it. He went over and helped her. She got 7 of the 10 down. When it was Troy's go Gabriella kept distracting him by coughing really loudly, he missed on the first ball, on the second he got 5 down. Gabriella cheered, because she got more than him.

It came to the last 3 rounds, Troy switched the balls so Gabriella picked up the right ones. She looked at it and saw writing on it but didn't say anything, thinking it was nothing. She saw Be in Troy's messy writing. At turned to him and saw him smiling with his goofy grin.

At her next turn she saw some more writing, this time it said My. She turned again and saw Troy still smiling at her. It kinda put her off because she was even worse than before.

The last ball and Gabriella saw the word Girlfriend? She didn't get it at first then remembered what the other balls had said. Be My Girlfriend? She gasped and nearly dropped the ball. She rolled the ball not caring if it missed all of the pins, and ran over to Troy. She whispered in his ear

"Yes! Took you long enough" Troy just laughed and looked at the screen, she had gotten a strike. She'd got a strike without even looking ... and she'd beaten him. He pointed to the screen showing her that she'd won, making her jump up and down even more. She threw her arms around Troy's neck and hugged him tight. Troy put his arms around her waist ignoring the people staring at them.

"Looks like you beat ... girlfriend" Gabriella giggled when he said the last word. She had waited so long for him to ask her, this time she wasn't letting him go.

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