Warning: Yaoi Kittens

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Ed raised his eyebrows in annoyance and shock as he stared at his paws.. HIS PAWS!

"What the Hell happened Fullmetal?!" yelled the Colonel, though all that came out was "Meow"

Flattening his ears in response, Ed hissed, "How should I know? Your the one who was walking in front."

Somehow Ed and Roy had been turned into kittens.


Instead of handing in his report, Ed had gone straight to the library. Had been there for a few hours until the Colonel had come a dragged Ed away. While on the walk back to the office, neither noticed that they were being followed by none other than Envy.

"This is too perfect. Two birds with one stone, or should I say two kittens?" Envy purred. Sneaking closer, Envy reached into the pocket of his skort and pulled out a small vial filled with a blue subsence. Unchorking the bottle, he dumped the contents on the two men. Envy retreated to a tree and watched as his victems shrank and turned furry, till nothing was left but two kittens sitting on the sidewalk.

End Flashback+

Beginning to worry Alphonse went to look for his brother and the Colonel, hoping they hadn't killed each other.

As he turned toward the library, Al heard a "Meow" looking down he saw kittens sitting on the ground slightly confused. As soon as Al looked down the rain started falling.

Being the kindhearted suit of armor he was, Al scooped up the helpless animals and placed them inside his armor. Turning around Al headed back toward Colonel Mustang's office, completily unaware of the conversation being held within him.

Ed sigh, "This is just great, first we're turned into kittens, then it starts to rain, now Al thinks I'm his pet. Could it get any worse!" Letting his ears droop, Ed looked over to Roy to see him staring.

"What are you looking at, Bastard?!" hissed Ed.

Blinking, "oh, nothing much." except how cute and molestable you look thought Roy.

Relaxing, Ed noticed Roy's tail swishing. Crouching down, Ed's paw stretched out and playfully batted at the tail.

Roy smirked as he continued to move his tail back and forth, watching as Ed tried to snatch it. With a look of determination and happiness plastered on to his face, Ed didn't notice as Roy started to figet as he tried to resist the urge to ravish the blonde.

Walking in the direction of the office, Al saw Riza walking up the corridor.

"No luck either?" Riza asked.

Al shoke his head. Just then a "Meow" came from within Al's stomach. Reaching in, Al pulled out the kittens to show Riza.

Riza looked at Al. "Al, you know your not aloud to keep them."

"But I'm sure brother wouldn't mind if I watched over them for a while, atleast until it stops raining. I know he wouldn't want them to become ill!" came Al's voice from the big suit of armor.

Riza shrugged "fine" and started walking down the corridor back to the office.

"Thank you, Hawkeye" He started after Riza. Talking to himself and holding the newly found kittens.

As they reached the office, Al walked through the door. Walking over Hughes held up the black one and stared at it.

"Hey! You look kind of like Roy!" He held the kitten out to the others in the office "This one will be Roy! And he shall live here" exclaimed Hughes as he set the startled kitten down on Fuery's desk.

No one wanting to argue, Havoc muttered, "That's great, but if the cheif finds out I wasn't here, got it Alphonse."

Al nodded happily and held up a small yellow kitten. He looked shyly from the cat to Hughes, who said, "It's little! Like your brother!"

Edward turned his head around towards Hughes, quickly flattening his ears, "Who are you calling so small that he could ride a rat as if it were a horse!" Ed hissed and looked ready to pounce on the man and claw his face to shredds.

Alphonse helded the kitten away from the man.

"Guess what, he acts just like him too." said Falman "That or he doesn't like being away from the other kitten."

Ed immediately calmed down "Meow?"

Al shrugged "I don't know" and held out Ed, "but aren't you an adorable a kitty!"

Ed's tail twitched angrily "Meow", then started squirming trying to get away. Seeing the kitten's distress, Al set him down next to Roy on the desk.

"Okay, there you go. Your safe here," settling an eye on the kittens "be good, no fighting" he followed Havoc over towards the other side of the office. Everyone proceded to brainstorm on where Ed and the colonel could possibly be.

Ed opened his eyes to see Mustang's door not 5 feet from him. Looking to his left he saw Roy sitting and staring at him. Ed walked over to him prepared to blame him for every thing when he tripped on his own paws. Crashing into Roy left Ed slight dazed.

"Hello Fullmetal." purred Roy from behind Ed's sensetive ears. Ed shivered as he tried and failed not to purr.

To Be Continued...