Beware Yaoi Kittens Below

Disclaimer:I don't own FMA, I'm just going to borrow the characters for a while…

Wow that last chapter came faster than normal, but that's only cuz I told Pixi that the sooner I finish the chapter for Neko Love the sooner I'd write more on my other stories. Now it's time for some innocent fluff.

'Animal Speak'

Thoughts/Sound Effects

+Time Skip+

Last time:

'You look so cute.' it looks like a collar Roy began to think of all the things he'd make Ed wear when they returned to normal maybe a black ribbon with a bell, and a leather miniskirt

While the kittens were busy, Fuery walked in. Carrying a folder under his arm he stopped before Hughes.

+5 Hours Later+

i will get him in a miniskirt and collar, i will have my reward.(a/n; read the ending of chapter 3 & the begining of chapter 4 of HARRYella to understand) God i'm getting hot just thinking about it.

Ed stood up on his hind legs trying to reach the stupid fluffy thing that Elissya was dangling above him.

Roy watched as Ed latched on to the thing as Elissya fell into a fit of giggles. they are both so cute




that camera needs to die Roy turned to see Maes capturing the fluffy moment between Ed and Elissya. maybe i can get him to give me a copy later on.

Ed turned his head to see Roy staring at Maes. More exactly at his camera. i don't want to know.

To Be Continued. I'm trying to update but with my other stories and watching my niece, it's kinda hard. So please don't ask for to much, ok? Give me ideas to help the story along, please?