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"Where do you think that you are going?" The cold voice of his lover made Harry frown as the no longer student of Hogwarts turned around.

The new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher looked back at the door that he was trying to through before Severus had asked him that question. "To bed." He answered, wondering what was wrong with Severus' eyesight. Usually nothing escaped the black eyes and it really was nothing.

Severus' arms were crossed over his chest and he was leaning against the doorframe of their shared rooms. "Oh really? I do not see why you need to be in the bedroom, you bed is right here, on the sofa."

The older wizard smirked and Harry raised an eyebrow. Severus' voice was cold and Harry muttered something under his breath. "What did you say, Potter?" The intimidating voice of his teacher snapped.

"I am no longer Potter for you, Severus. I am your fiancé and you cannot let me sleep on the sofa like this." Harry found that he was annoyed. What Severus was playing at he did not know but he was tired and he had not mind for these games now.

"Yes, you are right." The older wizard drawled and Harry smiled in relief as he tried once more to get into the bedroom. But the door would not budge. Thoroughly annoyed now he turned back to Severus as the older wizard came back with a pillow and a blanket and said. "There, now you can sleep on the sofa."

When Severus brushed past him to go into the bedroom Harry exploded. "What is the meaning of this, Severus?"

He grasped the wrist of the passing man and Severus spun around, black eyes blazing. "This, Potter is your punishment for daring to ask me for a dance. I do not dance, Potter! For this night and until I see fit you can sleep on the sofa. Good night!"

With those words the bedroom door slammed shut in Harry's face. The younger wizard remained baffled as the blinked for the uncharisteric angry gesture of Severus. He shuddered and turned back to the sofa, his new bed.

He knew there would have been a fairly large change that Severus would be angry but to actually let him sleep on the sofa, perhaps Severus wanted to proof to Harry that he could still live without the younger wizard. "Bloody hell!" Harry swore loudly as he began to walk back and sat on the sofa.

One muttered charm later and the sofa was comfortable enough as was his bed. Tugging off his boots Harry could not help but smile as he remembered the evening. The fact that professor McGonagall had helped him by hexing Severus' sleeve so the older wizard had not been able to leave was probably also the cause of Severus' anger.

He wondered how long it would take for Severus to budge. The man was known to be stubborn and when the potions master knew he was right there was no way of saying otherwise. They had spent many days in silence because neither of them refused to admit defeat. Usually Harry was the one to give in but this time, this time he would not apologize. Severus was wrong here and he wondered how long it would take the older wizard to allow him back into his bed.

Perhaps a little teasing was in order. Walking up to the door, Harry knocked and called out. "I will offer a trade if you give me my pyjama's. My nightshirt for a good kiss and perhaps my trousers for something I do incredibly well in the shower, you know that little thing you like…."

The door opened and Harry barely had the time to raise a hand to his face to catch his trousers. "Your kisses are not that good, Potter." Before the door slammed shut again. Harry cursed again, he did have part of his pyjamas now but he was still sleeping on the sofa.

He went back to his 'bed' and laid down, curling up underneath the blankets. The temperature barely dropped but he would be damned before he would pull on his shirt. If Severus refused to budge well two could play that game.

Harry closed his eyes, a smile pulling at his lips as he fondly remembered tonight. The warmth in the dark eyes when Severus had asked him to marry him. The way his body had responded as it always did when Severus kissed him. The look on the faces of those gathered the shock and the pure joy and even resentment or disgust was something which he would always remember.

He remembered toasting with his best friend because they were no longer students. Those surrounded him and taught him for the last 7 years would now, coming this morning be his colleagues. Perhaps he should ask tips on how to best deal with students. He was pretty sure that Severus could teach him a thing or two.

Opening his eyes Harry glanced at the door. He picked up a disregarded pillow and threw it at the door. It bounced right off. He was correct, the door had been warded, not strongly and Harry would be able to enter if he really wanted it but he would wait a while longer.

He must have been wearier then he thought for suddenly he was shaken roughly awake by the opening of the door. "Potter, inside, now!" Opening bleary eyes Harry immediately obeyed the voice of his much feared potions master as he had been taught for the past seven years. Severus' finger was pointing inside of the room and still the older wizard seemed angry, but now perhaps with himself because he could not sleep without Harry.

Severus was dressed in dark silk sleeping trousers and a white shirt. Long hair messy and sleep tousled and Harry was quite sure that he would find his side of the bed upturned as well if Severus had been tossing and turning.

Usually Harry was the one to come and cuddle at night against the broad back of his lover. Severus always shuddered him away but when Harry awoke later in the night, the strong arm would trap him against the powerful chest as Severus nuzzled his nose in Harry's hair in his sleep.

Picking up his pillow and blankets, Harry tried his best to hide a smile as he walked past Severus into the bedroom. He was right the whole bed had been turned upside down and normally Severus was a peaceful sleeper but it seemed that Harry needed to be there for Severus to sleep peacefully.

"Keep on walking." The low voice purred into his ear and Harry startled, dropping his pillow and blankets as the large hand settled over his arse. He started forward as Severus hissed. "I said keep on walking. You are at my mercy tonight, Potter."

The hot breath stirred something inside of him and Harry obeyed his lover, walking towards the bed. He crawled in obediently, still drowsy from having been awoken so abruptly. "I win…" He answered sleepily, feeling the mattress dip where Severus climbed into bed beside him.


"I said that I win because you came to get me, instead that I had to fight my way into the bedroom."

A hand was placed on his shoulders and he was roughly pushed down on his back, looking up into the flushed face of his lover. Colour was in the normally pale cheeks as Severus answered smugly. "Oh is that so, Potter? You offered me a trade for your pyjama's if I remember correctly…."

"Yes, I did but I was not the one who told me to get into the bedroom. You have lost….jeez, Severus, barely two hours without me; I believe you are beginning to lose your touch." Harry grinned and the next moment Severus hissed.

"Oh shut up, Potter." Before turning on his side, his face away from Harry. Lazily the new DADA professor got up and moulded himself against the broad back, feeling Severus stiffen as he purred.

"So do you want to try that little thing I do in the shower and see if I can do it in bed?" He kneaded the tense muscles along the broad back, gently moving down. Before he could so much as cup Severus' firm arse, his hand was caught and held tightly.

"Potter, I told you to shut up." Severus' voice was firm and Harry pulled back, still grinning as he curled up on his side of the bed. He waited a few moments and the next moment Severus turned back to towards him as the dark haired potions master rolled his eyes towards the heavens as he softly muttered. "Oh sod it!"

Harry could not have moved if he had wanted to. The boy who had survived a killing curse, who was the youngest seeker in Hogwarts history and he could not escape when he was suddenly pinned underneath the taller man that was straddling his legs, easing himself down upon Harry's stomach.

The dark eyes that held his own had Harry smirking. When the two hands came to rest on either side of his head and Severus leaned over, long hair falling into Harry's face as they continued to stare at each other. "You, Mister Potter, are unbelievable."

"It is Professor Potter now, sir." Harry answered, laughing lightly.

"Has nobody every told you, professor Potter that you should not tease snakes? You might get bitten." Severus' voice was dangerously low and Harry recognized it as he swallowed thickly. The dark eyes stared back at him without blinking and hungrily he searched the hard looking face. If he had not known the older man so well, he would have known he was in grave danger.

There was not warmth in the dark pools or the lips that would curl into a smile or sneer in anger. No, the face was impassive and Harry wondered for all those years how Severus could have frightened him so.

For years one look from the stern potions master send children fleeing in fright or crying out. It had happened before that Madam Pomfrey, the mediwitch in the healing wing had asked Severus not to glare so much for she was running out of calming draughts for the distressed students who came to see her out of fear of the potions masters.

Harry had learned to read the older wizard due to the small changes in his eyes or body that Severus could not hide. He had always thought that Severus could only express anger with his eyes but it was so much more.

He allowed himself to relax, giving the wizard above him a gentle smile. He had been tense, afraid for a moment that Severus would hurt him. It was a habit he could not break from his childhood with the Dursley's.

Severus leaned over until his lips were inches from Harry's and then lightening fast the other hand was underneath Harry's head, lifting it and hot breathing fanged his lips, causing Harry to moan. "Close your eyes and surrender to me. I won't harm you." Listening to the dark and velvet voice Harry obeyed.

He forced himself to relax even more, going limp like sag of bones underneath Severus' reassuring weight. The older wizard shifted and then Harry felt long fingers turned his head to the side, a gentle mouth kissing his earlobe, sucking upon it before those same fingers gently traced a path down his chest and a warm palm was laid over his heart.

His head was turned back and then Harry felt the gentle lips upon his, tongue licking his own lips and as he opened them, the tongue sliding in like snake, tasting him carefully. When Harry felt Severus' weight shifting, sliding off of him he opened his eyes, seeing the warmth in the black eyes and as he looked down one black clad leg thrown over his stomach.

"My love…" The older wizard breathed and Harry found a smile lighting his face. Severus had never called him that. Severus turned and reached into his nightstand, drawing with him a velvet box.

"Harry, will you wear my ring?" The ring in itself was simple. A simple silver band with no words or jewel on it but the moment Harry touched it he could feel Severus' magic. The band was more then it was letting on and then Harry realized, anybody who would touch the band would know that Harry belonged to Severus.

His heart swelling with some unknown emotion Harry beamed at Severus. "Yes." The band was slipped on his ring finger and Harry flexed it to settle it better. "Am I the only one who will wear a ring?" He asked.

Severus smiled at him and he answered. "No, that is why I need you to say a few words. Any spell will do just as long as you touch your fingers to the band so the magic can be transferred. The magic will be binding the moment we say our vows and are pronounced married."

Harry had never in his life felt anything as special as he touched the ring. The ring soon pulsed with his magic and he slid it onto Severus' finger, grinning when Severus held his hand tighter for a moment. "One thing, Potter, not a word will be told of this or you shall find yourself sleeping on the couch until our wedding night."

Laughing easily Harry curled up to his potions master and he knew he would gladly do it all again if it meant many more special moments with his dark haired wizard.

The end

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