A/N: You read my POTO parody, right? Well, here's the parody for Chicago!

World: Musical/Movie

Disclaimer: if anyone on this site actually OWNED any of the topics, do you THINK they'd call it FANFICTION?!

Act 1

Velma: All that jazz! Whoot, sing it with me! Theme music yeah!

Police: Wait a minute; you killed your husband and your sister!

Velma: Shit, they found out. Ah well, I'll be more famous now.

Roxie: Fred, I love you.

Fred: You have a husband but damn, you're hot!

Roxie: Amos WHO?

1 month later

Roxie: You CHEATED on me?! SON OF A BITCH! shoots Fred

Roxie: crappp!

Amos: I'll cover for you, honey.

Roxie: Thanks, darling. Now, just tell them that YOU killed him while I sit and sing a song.

Amos: Fine, I killed him, officers. Roxie is an angel! She wouldn't do that!

Roxie: Thank god that man has a brain…

Amos: Wait a minute…Fred Casely? He sold us our furniture!

Roxie: SHUT UP!!

Police: Wait, who killed him here?

Roxie: I killed him, and I'd kill him again if I could!

Police: Once was enough, dearie.


Officer: Put her in Block 6.

Mama: We call it Murderess Row.

Roxie: Is that supposed to be nicer?

Mama: haha…

Velma: Lookie, Mama, an article about me!

Roxie: OMG THE Velma Kelly!

Velma: Yeah whatever.

Mama: Here you go.

Roxie: What's that…music?

Bandleader: And now, the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail in their rendition of…the Cell Block Tango!

Liz: I killed my husband cuz he wouldn't stop POPPIN' his gum!

Annie: My boyfriend had SIX wives!

June: My husband ran into my knife 10 times! SQUISH!

Hunyak: speaks Hungarian Not guilty!

Velma: My sister and husband were doing NUMBER 17: THE SPREAD EAGLE!

Mona: He saw himself as alive…and I saw him dead! LIPSCHITZ!

All: He had it coming!

Bandleader: Presenting, Mama Morton!

Mama: OK, so if you're good to me, I'm good to you. Got it?

Roxie: Velma, any advice to me? I'M YOUR #1 FAN!

Velma: Keep your paws OFF MY UNDERWEAR!!

Roxie: How do I get OUT of here?

Mama: You need Billy Flynn to back your trial.

Roxie: Billy Flynn?

Mama: And give me $100 for a phone call…

Roxie: Deal!

Billy: All I care about is…LOVE!

Roxie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, get me a trial date already!

Billy: Sheesh, okay! Let's make you…what's the word I'm looking for? Nice. Not guilty. Appealing in the courtroom.

Mary Sunshine: Maybe there IS a little bit of good in everyone…or maybe NOT!

Billy: OK, dummy. Mouth the words that I say. Can you do that? Baby talk

Reporters: Oh Roxie?

Roxie: Shh! I'm a dummy!

Billy: And they both reached for the gun…


Billy: Your part is silent, little toad!

Audience: POTO? Uhm, GirlInTheMirror121, did you copy/paste from your POTO parody by accident?

Roxie: I'm famous! YAY! They gonna recognize my eyes, my hair, my teeth, my boobs, my nose…

Me, Sam, and Aly: watching the movie at Aly's house WHAT BOOBS?!

Velma: Ugh, that bitch stole my trial, my freedom, my lawyer…

Roxie: Uhm yeah sorry, tough luck.

Velma: I can't do it alone, Roxie. Help!

Roxie: Hahaha that's so funny! No. And advice? Lay off the caramels.

Roxie and Velma: I'm my own best friend…

Roxie: Hmm…maybe if I SAY I'm pregnant, I can get out of here!

Kitty: GO TO HELL!

Roxie: pretends to fall Oh, I hope the fall didn't hurt the baby…

Mama, reporters, and Billy: BABY?

Velma: SHIT! (A/N: I love the look on her face at this part!)

And now we have a cliffhanger ending before act 2!

I know, not as good as POTO, but my best. I'll put up Act 2 on Friday. Tomorrow is Halloween, and that way I can get some reviews from my fans!

Hope you guys liked this one!