A/N: I guess no one likes this story? Oh well, I'm going to finish it anyway, because my stupid perfectionist self is telling me too, and I won't rest until all of my stories are "complete". So, here is Act 2.

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Act 2

Velma: I know a girl who's well…kinda a slut and stupid and an ATTENTION-WHORE!!

Roxie: My baby…oh my! Swoons

Amos: Hey I'm the daddy! Dada, me, yes!

Roxie: Hey, I never said that!

Amos: What?!

Roxie: Buh-bye

Amos: No one notices me. Damn cellophane!

Velma: Ok, so if I wear my garter, and pretend to faint like this, and flash my thigh…

Billy: Yeah yeah, whatevs.

Velma: I'm still HERE!

Billy: Yeah yeah yeah.

Velma: REAL yeah yeah yeah or "I'll do whatever the hell I want" yeah yeah yeah?

Billy: Yeah yeah yeah.

Velma: UGH!

Billy: Hey, kid?

Roxie: Yeah?

Billy: Give 'em hell. And razzle dazzle them!

Roxie: looking at reflection k…

Billy: Oh yeah, flash your thigh, wear this garter, and pretend to faint during your trial.

Roxie: Cool, where'd you get that from?

Billy: Oh, around…


Mama: Darlin', it's okay.

Velma: She stole my goddamn garter!

Mama: What happened to class, anyway?

Velma: Sure as hell isn't here anymore…

Judge: Roxie, you are free to go.

Roxie: Squee! Yay!

Reporters: Ooh, a new crime!

Roxie: Hey, what, don't you guys wanna picture of me!?

Amos: Roxie…

Roxie: Why didn't they want a picture of me?!?!

Billy: You're yesterday's news. That's showbiz. Welcome to Chicago, honey.

Roxie: Ah, shit. Nowadays I'm a thing of the past…

Velma: Wanna join the sister act?

Roxie: Oh, what the hell? Sure.

Velma and Roxie: And all…that…JAAAAAAAAAAAZZ!!

OK, so that's the sucky Act 2 to a sucky story. Sorry, but I'm not "on" for this story at ALL. I just keep thinking about my friend. I can't focus much lately, and have been crying and scared and all. I'm better today, but I just had major writer's block for this story. Review and tell me what you think?