another senseless oneshot I came up with while reading Ante Down's 'Internal Weather' (which is quite good by the way) anyway, I've had this thought before, I was just didn't write it. Enjoy!

If he hadn't told Ichigo what he had needed so badly, Hichigo realized as he was sitting through yet another battle, Ichigo wouldn't have won. Ichigo never understood things until they were pounded into him, until they were necessary in dire situations.

That fight had been a dire situation.

In that way, Hichigo considered himself Ichigo's teacher. Telling him the ways of battle and how to win. In that way, Hichigo felt proud of himself yet depressed at the same time. Until Ichigo went out and lost again.

It rained for weeks.

"Foolish king, you must have assumed that as soon as you gained my power you were the best" he had taunted. In truth, his king hadn't gained anything, not an ounce of power. But, it was best to let his king believe, in order to stop the rain.

Hichigo felt proud of his student. He was once again delayed in his gaining control, but this provided an amusing pastime. Watching Ichigo train, seeing how well he could wield his power. Which wasn't very well, may you note, but he could be worse.

"Foolish king, if only you asked, I would teach you." because he took pride in teaching, showing what his king was doing wrong, pointing out the answers in subtle ways, watching his king grow. Since it was the most amusing thing he had to do here.

Some things that he said stuck to his king, made his king think, made his king's resolve grow stronger. And even if king wasn't strong himself, his resolve was massive, staggering, a fortress of thoughts and feelings that had to be heard. And that was a talent king was slowly working on, slowly learning.

He would teach his king a little more, teach his king why his power wasn't working, what he'd have to do to fix it. He was a teacher with a stubborn student. But detention after detention, he'd make his student learn. He'd hold Ichigo's hand until he understood.

"You're doing that wrong, king" Hichigo would often advise, even through the growled 'shut up', the tactic to getting through his task was changed, worked, depending on how simple. "turn a little to the right, and it'll work."

Hichigo took pride in his teaching, however annoyed Ichigo became. Sitting through fights, sometimes keeping his mouth shut, just to see how well Ichigo did. Ichigo was his student, a very stubborn student.

How could he sit and watch something that goes so slowly? How was he having fun? Hichigo asked himself as he sat through yet another battle.


senseless, not yaoi, but if you squint and say kookaburra Calabar 3 times, maybe just maybe, it'll magically turn into a lemon.