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WARNING: This chapter has KabuNaru smut… as promised, unfortunately it was written by me so I'm not sure it's up to Flightless Bird's quality.


They'd run till it was almost dark. Naruto sat resting on a blanket while Kabuto washed the blood off his blades. He carefully dried them and laid them to glitter in the fading light.

" you love me?" The question came from seemly nowhere and hung in the air as Kabuto looked at Naruto's curled up form.

"Of course I love you. Why do you ask?" Naruto shrugged and turned his eyes to the sunset. He shivered slightly in the cooling fall air.

"I just wanted to hear you say it." Kabuto finished drying his blades and wrapped them up before coming to sit just behind Naruto. He wrapped Naruto in another blanket and hesitated for a moment before drawing the boy to his chest.

"I'll say it as many times as you like." He gently pressed his lips to the top of Naruto's head. "I love you." Naruto smiled and snuggled closer to Kabuto. He turned his face upwards and pressed his lips to Kabuto's.

"I love you too." Again Naruto kissed Kabuto. This time Kabuto kissed back, Naruto could feel the desire in the kiss, but he could also feel Kabuto holding it back, asking for nothing Naruto didn't want and taking nothing Naruto didn't willingly give.

Without breaking the kiss, Naruto squirmed and turned until he could press Kabuto down. Lying on his chest, the blanket slide off of his body. Naruto opened his mouth slowly, hoping Kabuto wouldn't need any more encouragement. And he didn't. Kabuto pulled Naruto's body closer to his own and opened his own mouth, gently probing into Naruto's with his tongue. Naruto moaned softly as Kabuto's tongue explored his mouth.

Kabuto rolled them over so Naruto was lying beneath him. He broke the kiss and looked down at Naruto, who was panting slightly. Brilliant trust filled sapphire gems that stared up at Kabuto.

"Is this what you want?" he asked, brushing some golden hair from Naruto's eyes. Naruto nodded softly and kissed Kabuto's wrist.

"Are you sure? If you want to stop, just let me know, I'll do whatever you say." Naruto smiled and leaned forward.

"I want you." He said blushing softly. Kabuto nodded and bent to kiss Naruto, but this time he didn't meet his mouth. Instead he kissed along Naruto's jaw and down his neck. He stopped the base of the blonde's neck, sucking softly while his hands slipped under Naruto's shirt, pushing it up. He broke the contact with Naruto's neck to pull the shirt up and over the teen's head. Kabuto bent his head to loving trace the seal on Naruto's stomach. His warm tongue left didn't leave even a centimeter of the black marking unexplored. Kabuto slid back up Naruto's body to gently kiss his pale lips.

His hands untied the sash that held up the loose dark pants. Still kissing Naruto, he slid the pants down his slender legs. Kabuto moved his mouth, sucking softly and moving downwards. He moved to Naruto's hip and paused, sucking hard and running his tongue on flesh to bring a brilliant red mark to the skin. Kabuto moved his mouth down again, across the top of Naruto's thigh before running his tongue along his inner leg.

Kabuto didn't take Naruto's member in his mouth, though it was obviously what Naruto's body thought he wanted. Instead, he lifted his head and looked up at Naruto, silently asking for permission. Naruto looked at Kabuto with questioning eyes, and found that he felt safe so much more than wanted, even just loved, he felt cherished. The amount of affection in Kabuto's eyes was enough to make Naruto's breath catch, and he found all he could do was nod.

Kabuto smiled at him before bowing his head over Naruto and taking him in his mouth. Naruto gasped at the pleasure that ran up his spine. He had had this done to him before, but he'd never had it done for him and it was truly mind-boggling. Kabuto pressed the back of his throat against Naruto's throbbing head and did something Naruto would never have thought of: he hummed.

Naruto gasped and lifted his hips as the vibration seemed to spread through his whole body. As he hummed Kabuto moved his tongue all the bottom of Naruto's pulsing appendage. Naruto was finding it hard to draw a full breath and was left breathless and panting as Kabuto moved. Just when Naruto thought he couldn't last any longer Kabuto pulled away. He smiled at the hot red color that stained Naruto cheeks. Kabuto leaned back and pulled off his own shirt and pants before lifting his own fingers to his mouth, before Naruto pulled them away.

"Let me," he managed to say before suckling Kabuto's fingers in his warm, wet mouth. After a little while Kabuto pulled away and placed one of the wet fingers at Naruto's tight ring of muscles. Again he met Naruto's eyes, asking for Naruto's permission before slowly pushing his index finger in. Naruto hissed slightly and Kabuto leaned forward to kiss the young man's lips apologetically as his push the finger in completely and added another. Carefully he spread them, watching Naruto's face for any sign that the discomfort was too much. Suddenly, one of Kabuto fingers brushed something in Naruto and he gasped sharply at the pure erotic feeling that hit his body. Kabuto continued to stretch Naruto, determined to bring him as little pain as possible and regretted that he had nothing to use as lubricant.

Then an idea struck him. He pulled away from Naruto and pawed through his nearby bag to come up with a vile. Naruto cocked his head in question.

"Aloe," Kabuto said before uncorking it and squeezing some onto his hand and coating his own erection with it. He leaned forward pressing softly against Naruto's entrance.

"Are you sure?" The control was obvious in his voice, but still, he waited for Naruto.

"Yes," was all the answer Kabuto needed to begin slowly sliding into the smaller male beneath him. He kissed Naruto, trying to distract him from the pain he knew would accompany the initial penetration. When he was fully in, he waited for Naruto to begin squirming to try and get Kabuto to move. Kabuto pulled back, and then slammed forward again before falling into a soft pace, neither too slow or too fast and not hard or pounding. As he moved, he slid his hand down between them worked it up and down Naruto's shaft.

Naruto's body shuddered at the sensory overload, but he was aware that this was as close to heaven as living person could come. He could feel a tightness in his stomach telling him that he'd reached his limit. He had no words to use to tell Kabuto before he came hard over both their stomachs. Even in his orgasmic high he could feel Kabuto's body writhe and could feel the warmth spread through his lower body.

Kabuto pulled out and Naruto regretted the loss of closeness, but said nothing as Kabuto pulled blankets over them both. He pulled Naruto tightly against his chest. Before Naruto feel into sleep he felt something he'd never truly felt before: he felt like he belonged there. Kabuto's strong arms wrapped around him protectively.

"I love you Naruto," was the last thing he heard Kabuto say before he fell asleep, safe, warm, and loved.

---THE END---

AN: So there it is the end. Some where in one of my notebooks I have a different ending outlined, maybe I'll find it when I and if I clean my room and write it out and put it up, but maybe not. I hope you enjoyed this fic, thanks for reading! -Morana