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Normal POV

Buttercup started walking towards the Rowdyruff's table and smacked her hands down on the table, "Where the hell is Butch?!" she asked angrily when she noticed only Boomer and Brick sitting.

"What did Butch do this time?" asked Brick rolling his eyes.

"Something that I will not discuss with the likes of you now where is he?!" Buttercup asked again with more venom, blushing when she noticed Bubbles smiling at her.

"He said he was going to stay outside behind the school." Boomer spoke up.

Buttercup messed up Boomer's hair with her left hand, "Maybe you aren't such a dumb ass after all." and then she ran out of the cafeteria in search of Butch.

Butch lay on the grass, arms under his head, looking at the clouds. She's going to kill me. He thought, sighing. Butch replayed everything that happened in the hall and blushed slightly. Stop blushing! It's not manly!

"BUTCH!!" He it comes.

Buttercup flew on top of him and pulled him closer to his face.

"So, you're finally going to kill me for kissing you?" asked Butch.

"No, I'm going to kill you for stealing my first kiss!"

"That's it? So you're saying that if you kissed about ten different guys and then I kissed you, you'd have no problem?" asked Butch, eyebrow raised.

Buttercup blushed bright red, "Well… I-I-I didn't mean that-" once again, Butch interrupted Buttercup with a long, deep kiss.

Buttercup was taken back and Butch pushed her off him and went on top of her, still kissing her. Buttercup instantly closed her eyes, obviously enjoying the kiss. Why am I letting him kiss me? It can't be love… can it?

Butch lifted his left eye and saw Buttercup's relaxed, almost smiling expression and smiled himself.

The two kids kept making out until the next bell rang.

"See ya next time." Butch winked and took off towards the door. Buttercup was still lying on the ground, breathing hard.

Wow… he's a great kisser… Don't think things like that!! She shook her head and ran back inside school again.

"So Buttercup, what happened with Butch?" asked Bubbles smirking evilly. (Well, not that evilly because well… it's Bubbles.)

"N-nothing! I… told him to screw off!" replied Buttercup edgily, blushing from the thought of Butch.

"Say, Buttercup, you're acting kind of edgy lately." said Blossom, "Could it be that he kissed you again?"

"No! I mean… well…"

"You made out with him didn't you?" asked Bubbles laughing.

"Shut up!!" yelled Buttercup and taking off towards her next class.

"She so made out with him." Bubbles giggled.

Blossom walked towards her next class; algebra. God, why do I have to take that class I mean, I know everything there is to know in the history of knowing!! Well, most of it anyway. She thought half-smiling. She walked in the class and sat in her usual seat near the window. She then saw Brick through the reflection of the window, taking a seat next to her.

"You really have an interest in windows don't you?" said Brick.

Blossom rolled her eyes, but she secretly felt happy for Brick to be near her. Whoa, stay calm, Blossom! Brick may be hot but he's the enemy!

They say opposites attract

So? He's just a typical guy who flirts with all the girls and happens to flirt with me.

You know he likes you. And you like him too. We both know this.

"Be quiet." Blossom muttered under her breath.

"Huh?" Brick raised an eyebrow.

"O-oh, nothing!" Blossom turned red from embarrassment. Good job, Blossom; now he thinks you're retarded.

"You look cute when you're embarrassment." Brick stated, putting an arm around her.

Blossom's heart did a cartwheel, "R-really? Y-you think so?" Brick nodded his head.

"Okay class, I have an announcement to make." said Mrs. Brooks, coming threw the door. (Zoey's last name from Zoey101.) "This Halloween, you are going to go as groups of two to go trick-or-treating together after the Halloween party tonight. The pairings is one girl and one boy." the boys in the class started hooting and laughing; everyone except Brick, who rolled his eyes, which made Blossom smile.

"I'm too old for trick-or-treating!" complained a girl with short brown hair and blue eyes.

"Well, too bad." muttered Blossom, leaving the girl to figure out herself who said that.

"Nice." said Brick, putting his hands behind his head, "So… you wanna go trick-or-treating with me?"

That shot Blossom off guard, "W-what?"

"Wanna go trick-or-treating with me?" Brick repeated; no impatience in his voice.

"Um… sure." Blossom smiled.

God, she's so beautiful, especially when she smiles. Thought Brick.

After school, Brick stayed with Blossom to help out with the finishing touches on the Halloween party that's taking place in the gymnasium. When Brick walked into the gym, he was shocked. There were two long tables on each side of the gym with a white cloth covering it, balloons and ribbons galore; on the ceiling and everywhere else. In the middle of the ceiling was a giant disco ball but looked in style.

"You did all of this?" asked Brick.

"Most of it; now I have to get the food on the tables." said Blossom, pointing at the large tables.

"I'll help." offered Brick.

"Really? Thanks! The food is in the fridge and the pantries in the cafeteria." explained the puff.

"No problemo." and Brick sped off towards the cafeteria, leaving a red streak behind him.

Blossom sighed; I can't believe I'm falling for the enemy…

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