A/N: This is after the movie. Four OC's. First time I've written on Covenant. It's probably totally Mary-Sue. Sorry.

1. When Two Paths Converge

Quin Donovan stared at the casket in front of her with dry eyes. Rain fell lightly to the ground, and it was like she could hear every drop as it hit the canopy above her head. The priest was reading from his bible and she could hear the weeping coming from everywhere around her and her three cousins. Yet they, like she, held their tears inside. They would have time to mourn when they were alone. Quin looked to her left and met Lilith's vivid green eyes. Lilith nodded slightly.

It was hard for Lilith to accept that Grandmother Selena was gone. She'd been the one stable entity in her granddaughters lives. Lilith's mother stood behind her sobbing and fury welled up inside of the raven-haired girl. Astrid O'Reilly had barely spent any time with her mother when the woman had been alive. Now though she played the devoted daughter. All that Lilith could do was think 'What a crock of shit'.

Meredith Harris focused on the tiger lily she held in her trembling hands. No traditional roses for Selena Bishop-DuVeaux. She could feel the rage radiating off of Lilith from her right, and the deep ache of sorrow throbbing off of Sheridan from the left. Ever so slowly she reached out and took Sheri's hand in hers. You're not alone she thought, at least we have each other. Merry looked to her right and saw the source of Lilith's anger. Aunt Astrid was certainly playing her part well, Merry thought with a twist of her mouth. Meredith could only be grateful her parents hadn't graced them all with their presence.

The priest was finishing his prayers and he motioned ever so slightly. Sheridan gave her cousin Merry's hand a slight squeeze to show her gratitude for the other girl's support and then she stood. The petite brunette moved forward and dropped her tiger lily on top of the coffin that would soon be lowered into the ground. Almost as soon as she left the shelter of the canopy the rain stopped. Sheridan touched the edge of the coffin for a moment, Oh Grandmother, she thought, I hope you're with Mama now. One by one her three cousins dropped their flowers on top of the coffin and stepped off to the side so that the others could pay their respects. Four very different sets of eyes met and held for a moment and then they were walking to their limousine.

Caleb knocked lightly on the door frame drawing attention from the two girls who were whispering on one of the single beds. "Hey." he announced with a soft smile.

The brunette girl stood. "Pogue outside?" she asked.

"Yeah he is."

She nodded once and headed out to meet him. Caleb winced. His best friend had already told him that just the day before the brunette, Kate had informed him she was leaving Spencer. Her parents had gotten her into a finishing school in Paris. Pogue was putting up a good front, but Caleb could tell his friend was in pain. Now Caleb looked at Sarah, the girl he loved, and dread pooled in his stomach. "What's going on?" he asked when she wouldn't look him in the eye. He moved forward to kiss her and she turned at the last moment making his lips meet her cheek.


"What's up Sarah? What's going on? You know you can tell me anything."

"This is such bad timing." she murmured with a wry chuckle. "What with Kate and all..."


"Caleb...It's not you, it's me...I can't handle everything that happened. I tried, God did I try. I know I told you I could, but I can't. I'm leaving."

The limousine was silent. "The Father gave a beautiful service." Meredith finally murmured.

Quin smiled faintly, "Yes, yes he did. Even though she didn't follow his faith, he did a fine job."

"Are you okay Lil?" Sheridan asked, her voice showing her concern.

Lilith shrugged. "She had no right to be there."

"No, she didn't. But we knew she would come." Quin spoke softly and rationally.

"I know, but she had no right. She didn't care about Grandmother. She only cares about herself and money."

"Once the will is read and she finds out how much she's getting she'll leave." Meredith stated.

"Don't let her get to you Lil. She's just jealous."

Sheridan agreed. "You know she and Aunt Lily are jealous that we four got the gift."

Lilith's mouth twisted wryly, "Yeah, never before had it skipped a generation..."

Caleb ran the words through his mind again and again. He'd loved her so much, and she'd left him. How could she have left him? He hadn't cheated on her, had never hurt her; he'd never rushed or asked for more than she was willing to give. It wasn't like their relationship was explosive the way Pogue and Kate's had been. They'd been to hell and back together and they'd stayed together, but now she'd left him. Hell, she hadn't even waited for summer to be over, she'd packed her bags and headed off to some finishing school in California. Now he sat at the bar in Nicki's with Pogue on one side silent as the dead, and Reid and Tyler at the pool tables laughing at something.

"This sucks." he muttered.

Pogue heard his best friend and snorted. "That's a fucking understatement. I mean, I thought Kate and I would be together forever. I really thought you and Sarah would."

"I'm starting to think that relationships are a joke."

"Amen brother." Pogue took a swallow of his soda. "Prep year before college, we've all ascended and made it...We're almost done with Spencer man, almost done."

"Kate still leaving?"

"Yeah, she talked her parents into sending her to school in Paris." Pogue clenched his teeth in anger. "Wants to be free to date anyone she meets."

"Sorry man, I didn't mean to bring it up again."

"You didn't. Right now it's never far from my mind. Ever since Chase it just..."

Reid looked over at his two morose friends at the bar. He smacked Tyler on the arm, "See, that's why I don't stick with just one girl man...Look at how torn up those guys are."

"I can't believe both Sarah and Kate left them like that." Tyler was shaking his head in confusion. "I mean, sure Kate and Pogue fought all the time, but Sarah and Caleb?"

Reid shrugged, "Girls are fickle dude." The two boys set down their cues and headed over to their friends. He threw his arm over Caleb's and Pogue's shoulders and smiled."Party at the beach boys, let's head out."

People- friends, loved ones, and strangers alike, milled around the old stone manor. The four girls, dressed in similar black dresses stood stoically near the old fire place and shook hands as condolences were offered. Everyone knew they'd lived with their Grandmother. Everyone knew their Grandmother had raised them from the time they were infants, all born within three months of each other, with the help of her housekeeper Millicent. Occassionally a murmur could be heard discussing the tragic death of Quin's parents, Vaughn and Dahlia Donovan; as well as the deaths of sweet Sheridan's parents, Jack and Luna Tetreaux. Of course seeing Astrid O'Reilly prancing around acting as lady of the manor also caused whispers of the lady herself and how odd it was that her husband William O'Reilly died at such a young age, and of course they mustn't forget that Meredith's mama and daddy, Ed and Lily Harris hadn't even bothered to come back for the funeral.

The four girls heard every whisper but paid them no heed. Their Grandmother had raised to girls to know their own worth and to ignore the musings of others, especially when the musings were about things those people knew nothing about.

An elderly gentleman approached the girls with a soft smile. "Ladies," he began in a soft southern tone, "If you'd come with me we'll go ahead and get the will taken care of."

Quin looked slightly startled. "Oh, Mr. Seidhouer, we weren't in a rush."

He chuckled. "I know darling girl, but Selena was very explicit on how she wanted this done."

"Well, that certainly sounds like Grandmother." Lilith said with a smile.

The four girls made their way into their Grandmother's spacious office and weren't surprised to see Astrid already settled into a chair. Millicent scowled at the woman as the elderly housekeeper stood near the doors. "Miss Millicent, please take a seat." Sheridan spoke softly and it brought a smile to the woman's face.

Mr. Seidhouer, the attorney, took a seat behind the desk and pulled a packet of papers out of his briefcase. He took a moment to look at each girl. Quin was a tall girl with lovely gray eyes. Her blonde hair was so light it was almost silver, and it was cut chin length and choppy to accentuate her magnifent bone structure. Lilith was only two inches shorter than Quin with vivid green eyes that reminded him of old green glass bottles. She kept her hair long and it was the soft black of a raven's wing. A fringe of bangs brushed her forehead. Meredith was as tall as her cousin Quin, and was currently looking on the old housekeeper through navy blue eyes. The girl's deep auburn hair reminded him of a younger Selena with its deep sheen and wild curls. Sheridan was the smallest standing just a few inches over five foot. She was the only girl who'd inherited Selena's brown eyes; those brown eyes graced with pure gold flecks. The girl's chocolate brown hair hung in a straight fall to her shoulders. All four girls had athletic and womanly bodies. All four girls so different, but each one showed a touch of their grandmother; Quin's full mouth, Lilith's straight nose and slightly pointed chin, Meredith's hair and smattering of freckles, and Sheridan's lovely eyes. For a moment Henry Seidhouer couldn't speak. "This will is quite simple actually." He said clearing his throat. God how he'd loved Selena.

"Well get on with it." Astrid snapped impatiently and straightened her short skirt for the dozenth time.

He spared her one glance and then dismissed her. "To my trusted housekeeper and companion I bequeath twenty thousand dollars for every year she worked for me. I also leave her as caretaker To my estate and include that she will always have a home at Bishop Manor. To my two living daughters, Astrid and Lily, I bequeath twentyfive thousand dollars each. To my four..."

"What?!" came the angry shriek as Astrid came up out of her chair.

Mr. Seidhouer continued on as if the woman hadn't spoken, "To my four Granddaughters I leave the rest of my estate, to be split evenly when they come of age. I know that they will care for Millicent and my home the way I've taught them to. In the mean time Henry Seidhouer will act as Executor of the estate until such time as the girls can take over. As I will no longer be there to care for my granddaughters, and they are such special girls, I have arranged for them to spend their last year of before entering college at the same school I attended in my youth; Spencer Academy in Ipswich Massachussetts." Mr. Seidhouer paused to look at the girls. "It goes on to say that you'll each get an allowance monthly to cover any expenses you might have."

"My mother left everything to them!" the venom was audible in Lilith's mother's voice. "I'm her daughter, and she left everything to those four...teenagers! I won't let her go, I won't let Lilith go. I'm her mother."

Lilith's eyes widened and actual fear swam in her belly. All three of her cousin's reached out and touched her and she relaxed. Mr. Seidhouer spoke. "Unfortunately you don't have that right. You signed over custody of Lilith to your mother when Lilith was two months old. In exchange you were given access to your trust fund. You no longer have parental rights over the girl. Add to that fact that Lilith turns eighteen before school begins...you have no say in the matter."

Astrid stood and it was easy to see her body tremble in rage. She looked at the four girls and then stalked from the room. Millicent smiled at the girls, looked to Mr. Seidhouer and then left the room closing the door behind her.

"There is one more thing." he said quietly and pulled a velvet box from the top drawer. "Your Grandmother told me to give these to you when we were alone. She said you would understand what they meant, and you would understand who they would belong to." He opened the box to reveal four pendants. They were elaborately scrawled letters; N, S, E, W.

"Yes, Mr. Seidhouer, yes, we know what to do with them." Quin said softly.

Reid looked at the class schedule card he held in his hand and sighed. Sure, he could quit school. He'd basically graduated from high school. This last year was just the in between time anyway, but he wanted to go to a great college, and while Spencer looked good for graduating, it would look better after this year. Reid tossed the card down on his desk and looked around. Last year of this dorm room he thought. Last year of rooming with Tyler, his best friend.

At the thought the door burst open and said friend entered with his bags. "I can't believe school starts in three days."

"Yeah," Reid agreed, "But just think now when we skip class we won't be considered truant."

Tyler looked at the blonde boy who'd been his best friend since practically from the time they were born. "That's pathetic." Reid grinned at him and Tyler just ignored him as he began to unpack. "Big bonfire down on the beach tonight. We meeting the others?"

"Yeah, Pogue said he and Caleb would meet us out front."

"Well then, we should go."

The two boys headed out to find the other two of their group already leaning on Reid's Hummer. "Gentlemen," Reid began with a grin. "You boys ready to go check out this year's feminine entertainment selection?"

Pogue just shook his head while Caleb grinned wryly, "That's why it never surprises me that you don't have a steady girl Reid."

A quick answer sprang to Reid's mind, but he held his tongue knowing that the retort would hurt his friends. Funny, since he'd ascended some things seemed to matter more than they had before. "Can I help it I like to spread the love?" he grinned.

"Let's get moving Dr. Love." Pogue laughed this time.Meanwhile...

"You are going to have such a good time!" the girl told them for the tenth time that evening. It had just gotten dark, and the moon was high in the night sky. It was quite beautiful actually.

They'd met the redhead when they'd moved into their dorm rooms earlier that day. She seemed friendly enough, although they had their doubts, and had invited them to the party saying how everyone from Spencer would be there, along with quite a few from neighboring public schools as well. Even though the girls didn't quite trust this girl, Kira, they figured it couldn't do any harm to go.

"It's held every year, well several of them are actually, and it's like a cross between a rave and a beach party. I can't wait to introduce you to Aaron, Lucas, and Eric. All of those guys."

The girl led them down a path from where she'd parked her car and they could see that the party was already in full swing. "Thanks again for inviting us Kira." Sheridan said softly.

"No problem." the other girl said with obvious false brightness.

"We should have driven ourselves." Lilith murmured in Meredith's ear.

"Probably." the other girl agreed. Kira was already hurrying off towards a group of boys who looked like big time jocks. "I knew she looked like a cheerleader or jock toy."

"Now now, let's not insult our new classmates girls. Let's paste on the pretty smiles." Quin teased and started to smile. Sheridan choked back a laugh as she realized her cousin was basically just showing teeth.

Kira was approaching with three of the jocks. The leader of their little group was tall with shoulder length curling golden-brown hair. "Oh good grief, a pretty boy." Sheridan sighed.

"Hi." he said as he joined their small group. "I'm Aaron. Kira here tells me you all are new to Spencer?"

"We sure are." Lilith answered. "I'm Lilith; these are my cousins, Quin, Meredith, and Sheridan."

Aaron was in the middle of speaking when the girls felt the first tug of power. Their startled eyes met. Meredith looked around but couldn't find the source.

Tyler frowned as he realized something was off about the gathering. It felt...different. The others hadn't made it into the circle of the fire yet, but Tyler began scanning the faces of everyone around. That's when he noticed the four new girls talking to Aaron. He hurried back to his friends in order to urge them forward. "There's something weird going on." he muttered.

Reid began to laugh until he saw his friend's eyes. Caleb frowned, "What do you mean Ty?"

"Just something...feels different." he didn't know how to explain. They entered the circle of light cast by the fire and the other's felt the pull.

"We'll have to look at the book later." Pogue murmured as his eyes scanned the crowd.

"Lookee there boys, Aaron's got himself some new friends." Reid said and began to smile. The other boys' eyes followed his gaze and found the four girls who were speaking to the jock. Each girl was beautiful. "They look bored, let's go entertain them." The blonde boy murmured.

Quin was pretty sure she was going to either plead a headache or cast a silence spell on the blonde jock who was talking about himself non stop. A group of people was approaching on her left and she turned towards them. The first thought that entered her head was 'HELLO'. So this is where the good ones were hiding. How had she and her cousins gotten stuck talking to the dunderhead in front of them while these beautiful boys were around? Some would consider them pretty, but Quin didn't. No, these boys were something elseā€¦ "Who are they?" she asked before they'd reached the group. "These guys approaching, who are they?"

"Those are the Sons of Ipswich. They're totally hot, and as of recently all totally available...but," Kira said with a small sigh. "They think they're above everyone else."

"And they're not." Aaron said. The anger was apparent in the jock's voice. "They're just all a bunch of punks."

Sheridan's eyebrows rose. Who was this guy to talk about punks?

"Aaron." the dark haired, dark eyed boy leading the small group greeted the jock.


"Who are your new friends Abbot?" the light-haired blonde boy of the group asked. Mischief was plain to see in his bright blue eyes.

"None of your..." Aaron was cut off as Quin stepped closer to the Sons.

"I'm Quin Donovan. These are my cousins, Lilith O'Reilly, Meredith Harris, and Sheridan Tetreaux."

"Caleb Danvers. These are my friends, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, and Tyler Simms."

"Nice to meet you all." Sheridan said giving the boys a soft smile.

"You all just get into town?" Tyler asked.

"Sure did." Quin answered. "Late last night actually."

"Going to Spencer?"

"Actually yes, it's our prep year before college."

"We were having a conversation before you boys interrupted." Aaron said snidely.

Meredith raised an eyebrow, "That's pretty rude." Aaron's mouth snapped shut. "Seeing as we're new to town, we'd like to meet everyone. I think that we can decide who we talk to. We're big girls now." She finished in a condescending tone.

"Well, there are definitely a lot of great people to meet around here." Caleb told the girls with a friendly smile.

"Sure there are until you jackasses drive them off...or kill them." As soon as the words left the jock's mouth people around them gasped in shock and horror. "Let's see Kate left, Sarah left, Chase, well, he disappeared now didn't he?"

All four girls looked at the jock for a moment. Sheridan shut her eyes and then sighed sadly. "We don't have time to spend with petty people who just want to spread hate and venom." The words had no anger in them, only finality.

"You're choosing them over us?" Kira sounded shocked. "Aaron's right, they drove Kate and Sarah away."

"Two girls who you weren't even friends with, right? So, you really don't know why they left?"

Sheridan asked and could tell they had nothing in response. "We don't choose them over you, we just don't choose you."

Lilith finally spoke. "I think it's time we left."

"Good luck getting home." Kira said snottily.

"I don't think that will be a problem." Quin smiled.

"Actually it won't." Reid interjected. "I could give you a ride back to the dorms."

"That's awfully thoughtful of you. But not necessary." Sheridan told him and the two groups, the Sons and the cousins moved away.

"We insist." Caleb told them. "We don't want you getting lost, or anything happening to you."

"Is there going to be enough room?"

"Well, there will be if we squeeze." Tyler laughed.

Caleb spoke. "You drop the girls off and come back for us."

"No." Quin said strongly. "We can all squeeze. I have a feeling with the noise that group is making the cops will be making the rounds soon. No one should be left behind." When she spoke it was a statement of fact.

Somehow the group managed to all fit inside the large hummer, with Sheridan and Lilith riding in the very back. The boys had offered, but the girls insisted seeing as they were smaller. Silence filled the car as they all focused on their own thoughts. The thrum of power was almost palpable in the vehicle. It didn't stay quiet for long as Reid began to tell jokes and lighten the mood. They reached the school quickly and the girls headed inside.

The Sons sat silently for a moment before Caleb spoke. "That power, that energy, was coming from those girls. You could almost taste it."

"You don't think they're like Chase do you?" Tyler asked.

"No." Pogue answered. "I got bad vibes from that guy in the beginning. Not even dealing with Kate..." he inserted before his friends could bring up his jealous tendencies. "I don't know what it is about those girls."

"They're hot." Reid stated bluntly.

"Thank you Mr. Eloquent." Caleb said dryly. "Let's just keep an eye on them. We can go from there."


All four girls sat in Quin and Meredith's room. "Did you feel the power beating off of them?" Quin asked.

"I've never met anyone else so strong, let alone four in one place." Meredith muttered.

Lilith smirked. "You mean besides us? What did you think Sheri?"

"Reid is mischievous, Tyler is quiet and plays second to Reid, Caleb is their leader, and Pogue seems level-headed for the most part, although his emotions are swirling. Caleb and Pogue are both heartbroken currently. And that Aaron made me so mad when he was spouting nonsense, I could just spit." Sheridan ended with angry eyes. "Other than that I didn't get bad vibes off them at all."

"Well, we'll just keep an eye on our new friends. Then we'll go from there..." Quin murmured.


The first day of classes dawned clear and bright, and the girls headed to class. Their first class, English Literature, was one they all head together. As soon as they entered an older lady standing near a large chalkboard looked to them. She smiled somewhat warmly and walked closer. "Hello, I'm Eleanor Michaels, Professor Michaels. Most everyone here is familiar with me. You must be the DuVeaux girls?"

"Yes Ma'am." Quin responded.

"Welcome to Spencer." the woman's words encompassed all four girls. Students were filing in past the four. "Not all professors handle seating the same way, but I do it alphabetically. Ms. Donovan, you'll be in row B seat 6, Ms. Harris row D seat 3, Ms. Tetreaux row G seat 2, and Ms. O'Reilly row J seat 9." So saying the professor turned back to her blackboard.

The seats were arranged in stadium seating. The girls shared brief smiles and headed to their respective seats.

"So we meet again."

Meredith turned to find Reid Garwin sitting next to her. "So it seems." she smiled and took out a small recorder and notepad.

"I think they make everyone take this class." he leaned back in his chair. "Maybe the other teachers don't want to get up so early."

Meredith laughed. "Oh come on, this class can't be the only prep students?"

"No, I'm teasing. There aren't too many, but normally that's just because their grades don't qualify. But the ones who are here have been here for the prior four years." Reid leaned closer. "Which leads me to deduce that you four have money and excellent grades."

"You're quite the Sherlock Holmes."

"So tell me, why come here? Why not stay wherever it was you were?"

Meredith's smile tightened slightly. "It was our Grandmother's decision that we come here. It's something she wanted very much."

Lilith threw her jacket over the seat back and got comfortable. She was only a little surprised to see Pogue Parry to her right. She nodded to him and he nodded back. "Do me a favor?"

He looked interested. "What's that?"

"If I start to snore slap me." she murmured dryly.

Pogue laughed and gave her the thumbs up.

Tyler felt it the instant one of the girls sat down next to him. Looking over he saw it was Sheridan, the short quiet one. "Welcome to the world of Michaels." he murmured.

"Oh, thanks!" she responded with a smile. "I love literature, so hopefully this will be good."

Quin took her seat and looked over to see Caleb Danvers in the seat next to hers. Must not be too many D last names she thought to herself. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts and it reminded Quin of Sheridan's words, Caleb and Pogue were currently heartbroken. Poor guy. "Have you had this professor before?" she asked softly.

Caleb snapped out of his thoughts. "Oh, yeah, she's pretty cool. It could be a lot more boring, but she tries to make it interesting."

"Good. I need a class that will keep me awake first thing in the morning." she joked.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Caleb straightened. "So, if you don't mind me asking, where did you girls come from before Spencer?"

"Savannah...Georgia?" Quin told him. "Our Grandmother went to Spencer in her youth. She passed away recently and before dying she arranged for us to come here. We went to La Boudeaux Academy for high school." Caleb nodded as he recognized the name of the prestigious private school. "They don't offer this year of prep."

"Your parents didn't mind your Grandmother making those plans?" he asked curiously.

"Actually, our Grandmother raised us. My parents died almost right after I was born."

"I'm sorry."

"It was obviously a long time ago, and I never had a chance to know them. Sometimes the only thing that really bugs me is that I didn't know them long enough to be more upset."

She'd barely finished her sentence when the Professor began speaking.