I'll keep dreamin'

Not another word sweetheart

Nothing is perfect

But it has to be someday

So I'll keep dreamin'

((first chapter!! Hope you like it, sorry that it's kinda- no, really short. And if ur gonna constructive criticize, plz do, but be nice about it! The other chapters will be in first person, probably. Something else I was going to put here… -stares blankly at computer- whatever. Just read and review plz. THAT MEANS YOU, SLACKERS! –runs off into the woods with a butterfly net-))


Murtagh reclined against his great red dragon, Thorn. He was reading some book covered with complex symbols, intrigued with it. Thorn was busily cleaning a claw, yanking out a few stray rocks. Suddenly, Murtagh paused, his face going blank.

He thought he heard a slight sound, a scuffle. He conversed silently with Thorn for a moment, then returned to his book. But still, the uneasiness stayed. Murtagh shifted restlessly, but didn't look up. Then he jerked. There was definitely the tiniest sound just outside the closed door.

"Fraigia, I know you're out there. What do you want now?" he called, still reading his book, but with less intensity. His voice sounded bored, but the tight cords in his neck betrayed his tension. Still, there was silence. A frown creased his mouth and he finally glanced up.

"Fraigia? Come out, don't play games. I'm busy with my studies, it had better be for good reason if you're to disturb me," he called again, letting a slight sharp edge enter his voice. Nothing happened, save for the faintest of thumps that his ears barely registered.

Sighing, he stood up. He strode slowly over to the door and twisted the handle.

"What now Fra-."

The door opened. A dark blur shot into the room.

Silence descended.