10. Votes

There wasn't much left to the night once the foursome got back to the bed and breakfast. They went to their respective rooms almost immediately, each of them contemplating all of the different information they'd managed to absorb that evening. They'd not only learned who the members of the Culling were, but they'd learned about their companions as well.

Faith flopped belly down onto her full sized bed and stared at the television. Buffy had turned it to a twenty four hour news station, and Faith quickly grabbed the remote and started channel hopping. Seeing as Buffy was touching up her nail polish, the brunette didn't think the other girl would mind. Buffy looked up as Faith hit a music channel, "Oh, look, My Chemical Romance."

Faith shrugged. "Yeah, they're groovy."

"Those demons seemed awfully concerned about the two females being near each other." Buffy began conversationally.

"I noticed that." Faith nodded. "Maybe it's sort of like animals; like one's an alpha or something. That mom lady seemed like a wimp."

"Yeah. Or I guess maybe the mom is like Clem, and the other chick could be like a nasty bad demon." The two girls settled down into their beds and flipped off the lights. It wasn't long before they drifted off to sleep with the strains of alternative music in the background.

"You should have heard it Sammy, the mother of those guys, if she is their mother, was a simpering mess." Dean was stretching out as he undressed for bed.

Sam yawned heavily. "Yeah, well, next time you can be look out…it's boring and it sucks."

Dean smirked. "Poor Sammy…Never gets to have any fun. Don't worry. It seems that the demons are interested in our Slayer friends, which means we'll be doing some tailing soon."

Sam frowned. "What do you mean interested?"

"One of them made the comment that maybe they'd have time to spend with them." This time Dean hid his smirk. Seemed to him that maybe his kid brother was developing a crush on one of the girls. Dean wondered which one it was. He frowned as he considered that it was possibly Faith.

"I know that's supposed to be the plan and all, but does it really seem like such a good idea to you to be using them as bait?" Sam asked as he pictured Buffy hanging out with the frat boy lookalikes from the bar. He wondered if that was her type, then he almost smacked himself in the head as he pushed the image from his thoughts.

Dean shrugged. "No point worrying tonight. Get some sleep. We can think again tomorrow."

In the morning Dean stumbled out of the bedroom to find everyone else already awake. Faith, dressed in a tank top and boxer shorts sat at the kitchen table reading a newspaper and drinking coffee. Buffy, dressed similar to Faith was on her cell phone. Sam had thrown on a shirt with his cotton sleep pants, and he sat on the couch with his trusty laptop. Dean scratched his bare chest absently and headed directly to the coffee pot. Slowly, Buffy's conversation made its way into his muddled brain.

"I'm just saying one would be helpful to try out as a test before you guys start mass producing them. What if they don't work?...No, don't get offended…I'm just being realistic…" Buffy winced as whoever was on the other end shrieked. Faith smirked. "Fine…fine…I'll ask…" Buffy looked up at Faith. "Faith, which do you like better; Orb of Exorcism or Sphere of Smite..." Again someone on the other end spoke. Buffy sighed. "Or Ball of Holy Fury."

Faith grimaced. "I thought we weren't letting Xander name anything anymore?"

Buffy shrugged. "He insisted."

Sam and Dean stared at each other in baffled amusement. Faith shrugged and went back to her paper, "I like Orbs of Exorcism."

"Two votes for Orbs." Buffy said into the phone. The other person spoke. "Well, no. Well, it's not really smiting is it? Smiting is like complete destruction and that's not what it's doing….Fine." Buffy turned to the guys. "They want your vote too."

Sam blinked, and Dean grinned. "I like Balls of Holy Fury."

"He would." Faith muttered as Buffy relayed the vote.

"What exactly are we voting on?" Sam asked hesitantly.

"Wills and Dawnie are working on a spell to enclose an exorcism into a globe. Then instead of having to stand over the person and read from the bible, we just drop the globe at the possessed person's feet, and wham, they're un-possessed…" Buffy explained.

"That would be…" Sam began.

"Awesome!" Dean exploded enthusiastically.

"Yeah, if it worked." Sam finished. "I doubt it ever could though. But in theory, I would go with Orb of Exorcism."

"Oh ye of little faith." The brunette Slayer didn't look up. "You'd be surprised what Red can pull off when she puts her mind to it. I mean we are talking about the girl who called all of the potential slayers into being."

Buffy had closed her phone. "The girl who almost ended the world."

"Shit, I believe she can do some powerful stuff. The girl held my ass in place with barely a thought." Dean snorted.

"So what won?" Faith asked as she turned her attention to Buffy.

"Well, Xander has decided Dean is his best friend, but Orb of Exorcism somehow managed to pull through." Buffy said wryly. "I swear I get tired of putting these things to a vote. Why can't they just name the damned things? They make them!"

"Same reason we don't let Xander name anything anymore…we'd get another 'jar of old lady cream'." Faith smirked.