Chapter 7: Showdown for the Fallen

It was quite a race against time for the likes of Master Monk Guan who teamed up with the lesser of the evils-Chase Young and Jack Spicer to find the likes of Count Val first before he could do a little ritual that'll open the Box of Darkness.

"Quickly, we shouldn't be too far away from Count Val's castle" said Master Monk Guan who was riding on Dojo with Jack Spicer, Chase Young and the four Chameleon Xiaolin bots.

"Excuse me, but this storm is driving my patience and I can't go any faster than this" replied Dojo.

"Well if we don't make it on time we'll have to live in the Dark World Order forever" added Chase, "and I don't like it when Hannibal gets more powerful than me."

"You heard the man, move it" added Jack.

"Yea, yea, I'm moving it" said Dojo as he flew directly toward Count Val's castle, "where do you suppose they might do the ritual?"

"Oh I don't know, how about that courtyard right over there?" asked Master Monk Guan pointing to the vamprisied versions of the four Xiaolin monks along with Count Val, Hannibal Roy Bean and Wuya.

"Well, isn't this rude" said Hannibal as he observed Dojo heading down with Master Monk Guan, Chase Young, Jack Spicer, the four Chameleon bots and the remaining Jackbots, "it looks like some traitors are here to ruin the ceremony."

"That will not matter to me" said Count Val, "children will you please deal with them?"

"With pleasure" replied the vampirised Raimundo as he and the three other fallen monks began to getting into their fighting stanches.

"I think I have got an idea" said Chase as he used the Shroud of Shadows to turn invisible.

While the likes of Master Monk Guan, the Chameleon Xiaolin bots and the likes of the Jackbots created a diversion for the four fallen monks to fight, the likes of Chase Young who while still was invisible crept right up to the Box of Darkness as Count Val placed his hands on it.

"Count Val, I challenge you to a two team showdown" said Chase as he revealed himself with the Shroud of Shadows.

"Very well then, state your game" replied Count Val.

"It'll be a simple showdown where we'll use our skills" said Chase, "but there'll be a catch if one of us loses. You lose the showdown the four Xiaolin monks you turned into vampires will become back into their normal selves."

"And if I win, I get to turn the likes of you into my vampiric servant and acquiring all of your powers including controlling those warrior servants of yours" replied Count Val.

"Very well, let's begin, Xiaolin Showdown!" shouted Chase.

Suddenly the entire scenery had changed into a battle arena, on the side of Count Val was the four fallen Xiaolin monks and the other side the likes of Chase Young and the four Chameleon Xiaolin bots.

"Let's go!" shouted both Chase and Count Val, "Gong Yi Tanpai!"

"I'll show you not to mock me by turning the Xiaolin monks onto your side unless if they're my servants instead" said Chase as he began to change into his true dragon-like form and gave a loud roar against Count Val.

"That won't matter to the likes of me" said Count Val as he and the fallen monks got into their fighting stances, "bring it on then."

The fallen monks gathered into the Wudai Orion Formation to which the likes of their Chameleon Xiaolin bots also copied as well.

"That would have been so cool to use these Chameleon bots against those real Xiaolin losers, if they haven't already been turned to vampires" said Jack.

"I think your bots could come of some use in this showdown" said Master Monk Guan as he observed the Chameleon bots also absorbing the Wudai powers of the four fallen monks.

The four Chameleon Xiaolin bots then charged at the likes of the four fallen monks which created a large explosion sending the four Chameleon Xiaolin bots right against the wall along with also the fallen monks.

"I didn't know those tin cans of yours had it in them" said Hannibal who was also in the audience stand with Master Monk Guan, Jack Spicer and his Jackbots and Wuya, "maybe if Count Val loses you can salvage those bots of yours for future use."

"Wow, Chase looks quite angry at Count Val" noted Wuya as she observe the battle between the two began to intensify.

"If there's only one person on this planet who deserves to turn the four original Xiaolin monks to the Heylin side, it should be the likes of me!" shouted Chase as he gave several good punches against Count Val giving him quite a beating sending him crashing against the four fallen monks as they were about to prepare for another attack against their Chameleon bot counterparts, "Let's end this showdown already!"

"Wow, I never seen this before" said Dojo as he observed Chase being involved in the Wudai Orion Formation in his true form with the four Chameleon Xiaolin bots.

As the five charged against the likes of Count Val and the four fallen monks, Count Val couldn't make any major defense but his "children" attempted to defend their "father" by using their Wudai powers as best as they could. But their Chameleon counterparts managed to knock each one of them out like mere flies. It was now the likes of Chase Young's turn who used up all of his energy from absorbing the Wudai powers and launching some sort of a large fireball against the likes of Count Val sending him flying out of the battle arena ending the showdown.

"Wow Chase, you rule!" cried Jack who was back in the Heylin fold.

"Yes" replied Chase as he handed over the Box of Darkness to his old former friend Master Monk Guan, "I think you should be suited to guard this."

"Wow, what happen here?" asked Clay as he was quite dizzy.

"I don't have the thirst for blood anymore" added Kimiko.

"Thank goodness for me" added Omi.

"I think it's time we head back to the Xiaolin temple kids" said Dojo as he enlarged himself.

"So was it Chase Young who saved us?" asked Raimundo as he still had quite a headache.

"Yes, he's apparently the lesser of the evils in all of this" replied Master Monk Guan as he got onto Dojo with the other Xiaolin monks.

As the four Xiaolin monks and Master Monk Guan sped off into the distance on Dojo, the likes of Count Val who was quite beaten from the showdown with Chase Young was eyeing on the four with such anger and thirst for revenge.

"Next time I encounter you four monks, you four shall not join my cause but rather you four are more of an obstacle as the likes of the so-called evil counterparts" said Count Val as the scene ended with his evil laughter.