A/N: Ok, so in honor of Halloween I've decided to do a short little holiday story. It's set in season 1 when Dawson and Jen are starting to date and after the Ms. Jacobs and Pacey scandal. I originally intended for this to be a 2 part – which it still might be… However, I'm still trying to decide... Here is the first part, and I'm almost done with the second part so I'll update soon. I hope you like and have a wonderful Halloween!

Tricks and Treats

- Chapter One -

Every Halloween, in the small creek-side village of Capeside, three restless fifteen-year-olds struggled to find something fun and interesting to do. Yet somehow, it was always the same… Every year Pacey Witter would suggest they go tepee Mr. Peterson's house with various brands of toilet paper, eggs, and shaving cream, while every year Joey Potter would threaten to tepee Pacey with his "childish suggestions." Dawson Leery, who was usually the peacemaker between the two sworn enemies, would suggest they watch a scary movie to split the difference, thus creating their monotonous tradition.

However, when a Miss Jennifer Lindley - with her shoulder-length blonde hair and New York sense of style - moved to Capeside in '98, the monotonous Halloween tradition was broken.

"Okay, so here's what I'm proposing we do on 'The Day of the Dead,'" Dawson began as he sat across the table from his two best friends – one a certified troublemaker with a Caesar haircut, and the other an expert in all things sarcastic and witty with a developing female form that friend number one was only now just beginning to notice…

"There is this awesome haunt out on Witch Island where apparently 3 girls went missing last weekend... So I was thinking, maybe, Pacey could 'borrow' his dad's squad car and we could go over to said island and see what we can find… You know, maybe spice up the holidays a bit, and if nothing else, I can get some great footage for 'Sea Creature from the Deep'."

"That is an awful idea Dawson!" Joey replied, as Pacey started to laugh at her. "Did you not read the paper this morning? Did you not see where they closed the haunt for investigations? I know your fixation on Blondie has temporarily made the blood flow away from your head, but here is a news flash for you: chicks don't like scary places… or prison for that matter if we get caught…"

Pacey laughed mockingly and turned to Joey, "And how would you know what 'chicks' like Potter? It's not like you've ever found your inner 'female'…"

Joey glared at the cretin. Why did he have to be so stupid? And so annoying? If for no other logical reason, the trip to Witch Island was a bad idea, because Joey was most certain that Pacey Witter would not return… alive… And quite frankly, one Potter in prison was enough.

Joey rolled her eyes and growled, "Bite me, Pace."

Pacey smirked and looked at Dawson, "Hey look Dawson. Potter doesn't need a costume… She's already the perfect hag!"

That was it. The cretin was going down.

Joey stood up and tried to push Pacey out of his chair. It had been a few years since Joey had tackled the doofus and wrestled with him until he would give. And although they were pretty evenly matched the last time she fought with him, she found that this time, was much different. Time had been good to Pacey. Time had been too good to Pacey…

Pacey began to laugh at her mockingly as her attempts at moving him off the chair were futile. "What's wrong Potter? Losing your touch?"

This comment infuriated Joey even farther and now she was sitting completely on top of him, struggling to make even the slightest amount of damage to his cocky ego. But the more she tried, and the more Pacey laughed, the more murder seemed like a viable option.

However, Pacey was beginning to feel something quite different with all her squirming and struggling on his lap. Suddenly she was waking sensations in his body that Joey Potter should never be awakening…

Apparently she hadn't lost her touch at all… Apparently her touch had just evolved… And Pacey didn't like it. Not one bit. Especially if she ever figured out what she was doing to him.

Pacey swallowed hard and grabbed her flailing arms in an attempt to stop all her squirming. "Enough Potter! You've made your point!"

Joey shook her head with fire in her eyes. He was going to pay. If it took her the rest of her life, the cretin was going to pay…

Pacey knew she wasn't going to give up easily and knew he was going to have a serious problem if she didn't stop moving, so he wrapped his arms around her back and stopped her squirming by holding her firmly in place.

Dawson, who had been waiting for this fight to happen ever since last Tuesday when Pacey had called Joey a "vindictive Ice Queen," quickly got up to help his best friend with the hormonal Joey Potter. At least he thought it was her hormones because he couldn't figure out what else would've made her snap that quickly…

"Jo, I know it looks like the perfect time to kill, but Pacey's not worth screwing up your life over…" Dawson said, lifting Joey off of Pacey with little thought.

"Gee thanks Dawson!" Pacey replied scathingly, giving him a nasty glare.

"Yeah!" Joey yelled, defensively, kicking her feet as Dawson gently put her down. "It wasn't like I was actually going to murder the freak. Just rough him up a bit… That's all…"

Ok, so technically that was a lie, but what Dawson didn't know, wouldn't hurt him…

"You two are so immature!" Dawson spat. "This fighting is becoming ridiculous and I really need you guys to pull it together for me this weekend! This could be it for me! Jennifer Lindley and I could actually start our wonderful life together as a couple this weekend and I don't want to have to worry about you two killing each other in the process!"

Joey had her arms folded over her chest and looked away from Dawson, as Pacey was forced to sit back down so he could hide his new "problem" underneath the table.

"Whatever Dawson…" Joey finally mumbled, before turning around and stalking off.

This weekend was going to be pure hell. Not only was she going to be forced to watch the only boy she ever loved with another girl, but she was also going to have to be nice to the cretin. It was going to be a long day… A very frustrating day…


It was nearing 8:00 on this October 31st evening and Joey heard a light knock on the front door. She quickly grabbed the ponytail from her dresser and left in a rush to answer the door.

A groan escaped her mouth as she saw who was on the other side.

"Hi Joey," Jen greeted with a smile that emphasized her beauty. "Dawson suggested I come over so we could get ready together…"

Joey sighed and folded her arms over her chest, "Well you're a little late. I'm already dressed."

Jen tried not to appear surprised as she observed what Joey was wearing. She had on a pair of baggy blue jeans, a large grey sweater, and a pair of old sneakers that accentuated her tomboy look. Her attire was completely hiding her rapidly changing figure and that's when Jen understood why Dawson hadn't asked Joey out. He had never seen her "goods," so to speak…

Joey was pulling her hair back into a ponytail, when Jen slowly pushed her way inside.

"What are you doing?" Joey asked suspiciously, trying not to glare at the vixen who was stealing her best friend and soul-mate.

Jen paid no attention to Joey as she walked down the hall to find Joey's room. She stopped when she came across the only room with a light on inside.

"Nobody's home?" Jen asked softly as she looked around the house.

Joey scowled, "No. Bessie's working at the Ice House tonight and Bodie's in Providence."

Jen smiled and walked into Joey's room, "Good."

"Good?" Joey repeated, starting to get angry that this New York hussy would be so brave as to walk into her room and roam through her closet.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Joey growled as Jen pulled out some clothes on a hanger.

"We're getting ready Joey," Jen answered, nonchalantly, holding up a white shirt in front of Joey's body.

Whether Joey liked it or not, Jen was growing fond of Joey. She recognized the spunk and fire in her sarcastic remarks and knew this was a girl she could get along with.

Now, to convince Joey of this fact…

"Maybe you didn't hear me the first time," Joey deadpanned with a prominent glare, "I'm ready to go…"

"No you're not Joey…" Jen said stubbornly as she put the white shirt back into the closet and pulled out a much smaller red sweater. "You're not going to hide that body anymore. You are very beautiful Joey and it's a crime against nature to cover up your womanly form."

Joey huffed and folded her arms, "Excuse me?"

Jen smiled and shoved the red sweater in Joey's arms, "You heard me. Now change. There isn't much time…"

Joey couldn't believe she was listening to this girl as she pulled the baggy grey sweater over her head and threw it on the floor. She took the perky red sweater and tugged it on with a scowl. Immediately she felt exposed as it hugged her body in all the right places. It didn't reveal any skin, for it was a turtle neck, but it did accentuate all the right curves.

Jen smiled with her small victory and looked down at the pants. "Those have got to go Joey…" she said flatly, pointing to her jeans.

"And what does little miss New York suggest?" Joey asked scathingly as Jen turned to look through her closet again.

"This," Jen replied with a beam, holding up a long black skirt.

"Are you crazy?" Joey boomed, walking away from the girl she was quite sure had lost her mind. "It's cold out there! And why exactly are you making me do this? To get a laugh? To prove you have bigger boobs than me? What?!?"

Jen laughed and shook her head, taking a few steps closer to Joey who was now sitting on the bed, hugging her stomach.

"Joey, don't you ever just want to feel pretty? Feel like a girl? Feel like a woman?"

Joey looked up slowly and tucked away a strand of chocolate hair behind her ear, "I don't know…"

"Well Joey, if you've got ovaries, you've got that urge…" Jen said with a smirk, pulling her up off the bed.

Joey sighed, "I'm going to kill you if you make me look like a clown, got it?"

Jen nodded with a smile and dragged her body back over to the closet.

"And nothing frilly! I hate frilly!" Joey exclaimed with a scowl.

"Duly noted," Jen answered, sifting through her clothes.

"And no curls in my hair… I hate curls…" Joey added adamantly, feeling like a fool, but not able to stop herself from trying something new. "And I refuse to wear that atrocious skirt! Just because I'm agreeing to this little 'bonding' thing with you, doesn't mean that I'm going to torture myself out in those woods…"

Jen turned around and asked, "Is there anything you don't hate Joey?"

Joey thought about it for a moment and then turned away with a blush.

"Come on Joey," Jen said softly, trying to coax it out of her. "You can trust me you know…"

Joey shrugged and mumbled softly, "Ben Affleck isn't half bad…"

"I knew it!" Jen teased… "Although for some reason I always pictured you a Tom Cruise fan…"

Joey shrugged again as Jen continued her search in Joey's closet.


"Hurry up man!" Pacey yelled from the Witter Wagoneer, as Dawson was taking his sweet time arranging the dozen red roses he bought for Jen on the front porch of his house.

Pacey grumbled impatiently as Dawson wasn't moving any faster. He honked the horn and yelled, "Come on Dawson! We're going to be late and I have got to get this car back home before Pop gets home at midnight!"

Dawson, still not completely happy with the arrangement of flowers, but knowing he didn't have time to fix it, complied with Pacey's request.

"Geez Dawson…" Pacey began, as he backed out of the yard and onto the road. "Are you going to propose?"

Dawson smiled confidently, "No, but I'm going to ask her to be my steady girlfriend tonight…"

Pacey raised an eyebrow as he drove down the road to Joey's house. Technically, he only had his learner's permit and wasn't allowed to drive legally by himself for another few months. But being the Sheriff's son, Pacey didn't really seem to care.

"So did you get her a diamond promise ring too?" Pacey mocked, trying hard to keep his sarcasm to a minimum.

Dawson glared at Pacey, "Look Pace, I know romance is a foreign concept to your brooding and defeatist nature, so I'm not even going to try and describe the feelings of love I have for Jen… You just wouldn't understand…"

Pacey smirked and tried not laugh, "Whatever you say man…"

Within ten minutes, the Witter Wagoneer had arrived at the Potter residence. Dawson immediately got out with the roses placed properly in hand and went up to the front door.

Pacey, who wasn't sure how this holiday to celebrate the dead suddenly became more of a Valentine's Day, quickly got out and stood by the old Jeep.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jen finally opened the front door.

Pacey, still standing by his dad's vehicle, started to kick at the dirt. He wasn't comfortable watching his best friend attempt to court a girl. It was like watching a train wreck.

However, when those big blue eyes finally glanced up again, he nearly had the wind knocked out of him with the sight before him.

Who was that chick? And not just any chick… But a hot chick!

Suddenly feeling very self-conscious, Pacey began to straighten out his brown jacket and tried to tame his unruly almond hair. He should've known Joey would back out on tonight's events. She's had the hots for Dawson since she was in diapers… But at the same time, Dawson could've warned him. If he would've known Joey's replacement was going to be that pretty, he would've actually showered!

Pacey licked his suddenly dry lips, nervously, as Dawson and the two girls approached.

'Get a grip Witter," Pacey mumbled under his breath… 'It's not like you don't have any experience with women anymore…'

Pacey took a deep breath and stepped out to formally introduce himself to the gorgeous brunette in a red sweater and black pants. He put out his hand to greet the new beauty when she asked sardonically, "What are you doing Pacey? The wind's blowing from the south tonight so you can put your hand down…"

"Joey?!?" Pacey squealed in surprise.

Literally his heart stopped beating and the world around him started to close in on him. This beautiful woman could not be Joey Potter... Sure it sounded like Joey Potter, but this was some kind of cruel joke… right? I mean, Joey Potter is not hot. She is just a girl! Not a woman! And especially not a woman he would describe as pretty, elegant, or beautiful...

"Pacey! Joey! Come on!" Dawson yelled from the car.

Apparently he had already helped Jen in the backseat and was now getting impatient.

Pacey looked away from Joey embarrassed. How could Joey Potter be affecting him like this? First at the table, now on – dare I say – a double date?

The world was most definitely coming to an end and Pacey Witter was the first in line to be swallowed whole.

As Joey walked around to the passenger side of the jeep, Pacey suddenly wondered if he should open it for her.

"No!" he yelled out loud, answering his own question, and getting a funny look from Joey.

"No?" Joey repeated as she looked at Pacey skeptically.

"Yes!" Pacey said quickly, trying to make his brain form a coherent thought. "I mean NO!"

"Ok Witter, you've completely lost it…" Joey said, not really joking. "I think maybe I should drive…"

Joey started to walk around the Jeep and Pacey found it hard to breathe. What was wrong with him? Sweaty palms, fast beating heart… Oh no, this wasn't happening… Pacey J. Witter was not going to lose his mind over a girl. A very pretty girl. A very pretty girl with amazing eyes and a seductive body-

"NO! NO! NO!" Pacey yelled as he closed his eyes, trying to rid the thoughts of Joey now invading his mind.

Dawson got out of the back and looked at Pacey worried, "Are you okay man?"

Joey had wide eyes as she watched Pacey have a nervous breakdown. "Do you think he's possessed?" she asked, taking slow, steady steps away from Pacey.

Pacey opened his eyes, finally gaining some control over his hormonal fifteen-year-old body, and shoved Dawson's hand away from his shoulder.

"I'm fine!" Pacey shouted, averting his eyes from Joey, for he was afraid of what would happen if he looked at her again. He quickly got into the driver's seat and waited for Dawson and Joey to get in.

Joey shook her head and looked at Dawson, "I'm not getting in with that freak! He's clearly been smoking something…"

Dawson sighed. This was all he needed to ruin a perfectly romantic evening. Leave it to Pacey to completely sabotage his perfect night with Jen…

"Pacey," Dawson said in annoyance as Pacey refused to look at him. "Maybe you should let Joey drive…"

"I'm driving." Pacey answered quickly, still afraid to look at the beautiful body that was walking towards him.

"Pacey, as much as this tears me up to tell you this, you have finally lost your mind and now I am going to have to drive," Joey said sarcastically, sticking her hand through the window to grab the keys from his hand.

Pacey jumped at her contact and moved his hand away.

Joey, now clearly frustrated, started to open the door. "Okay Cretin! I've tried to be nice… I've tried to reason with you… But now you're leaving me with no choice!"

"What are you doing!" Pacey shouted as Joey climbed in, on top of him, maneuvering her body so she was now sitting in front of him and between his legs.

"I'm driving you moron!" Joey answered, and turned the ignition on.

Pacey looked at Dawson for help, who was still standing outside the door with a shocked look on his face.

"Are you coming Dawson? Or am I going on your date without you?" Joey asked annoyed and completely oblivious to the affect she was having on Pacey right now.

Dawson shut the driver's door and hopped in the back with Jen – who found this all very amusing.

"So are we going now, Joey?" Jen asked with a smirk as Dawson put his arm around her.

Joey smiled and looked in the rearview mirror as she put the Witter Wagoneer in reverse, "Why of course Miss Lindley…"

Dawson looked at Jen skeptically. Could it be that Joey Potter had just showed a sign of affection towards Jen? Maybe Joey was starting to be affected by whatever had just possessed Pacey… Dawson took his arm off of Jen and started to worry that this crazy spell was infectious.

Pacey, who was fighting with all his might not to smell Joey's sweet hair and place his hands on her alluring body, was on the verge of another hormonal meltdown… He just prayed that she would keep her body at a safe distance ahead, for even just moving it a fraction to the back, and he knew it would all be over…