Okay, if you guys don't get this, Vlad told Danny that Sam would never love him, so that he could get advantage over Danny. Danny shouldn't have listened. But he did.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom.


Green eyes vibrant

The wind is silent

Not sure where to go.

Just thinking, listening,

Tears are glistening,

Against the white snow.

Hidden, cold,

Something was told.

She will never love you.

He says he tell true.

Don't listen, walk away.

Then the feeling will stay.

You didn't.

The spark of hope,


What you, thought,


You listened.

You watch her in her room,

Of darkness and gloom.

You watch as she dances,

Thoughts of your chances.

Of getting the girl, being a hero.

On a scale of one to ten,

To you, it'd be zero.

Don't listen to him.

You wince and shut your eyes,

It is no surprise.

They burn through your soul,

The lies that were told.

She's all you'd ever want,

All you'd ever needed.

But the unreal stories,

Were the ones that were heeded.

Don't listen.