The Mythbusters meet Team Possible.
by Captainkodak1
Chapter 1


Jamie and Adam sat back in their workshop/lab watching the news. Kari, Tori, and Grant joined Jamie and Adam as a news story came on.

"The two heroic teens of Team Possible defeated the combined efforts of Dr. Drakken, Shego and Monkeyfist during a mission in southeast Asia."

The screen showed scenes of the battle with the two of them flying in on their jetpacks. Kim used her hairdryer/grapple gun to pull herself up over an attacking Shego. Ron used Kim's laser lipstick to cut a hole in a steel door to get in the control room of the weapon Drakken was trying to use.

Adam sat back and rubbed his hands together.

"Man, trying to build and test some of that stuff would be awesome."

Jamie scratched at his mustache.

"Well, we have tried the personal flying device before and didn't get anywhere. We could try that again; maybe try using a rocket motor."

Kari glanced over to at Grant and Tori.

"How about trying to build that hairdryer/grapple thing."

Adam looked around at his team.

"Well, we have tried that too. The grapple was one thing that did work although the launcher was a lot bigger, and we proved you could build a device to pull you up."

Jamie raised his hand.

"But we were not able to prove that you could stick a grapple into concrete by shooting into it."

Adam nodded.

"Well, it seems we have some Team Possible myths to bust. Let's contact them and see if they would like to be on the show."

Kari flipped her hair out of her face.

"Do you really think they will come?"

Jamie scratched at his mustache.

"Well, she says she can do anything, so if they can survive laser shooting robots, spinning tops of doom and other death traps surely they can survive on our show."


Rufus watched as his two favorite humans participated in their favorite past time; which was locking lips for extended periods of time. Rufus wondered why his humans enjoyed this so much. It appeared to be a waste of motion of the mouth and lips in addition how they breathed was beyond him. He would rather use his on a nice piece of cheddar or possibly a nice pepper jack.

The two teens continued their lip lock several seconds after the Kimmunicator started to beep. Kim's hand failed for the device as she continued to rain a string of kisses to Ron. One of her fingers found the answer button. She answered as she continued to kiss Ron.



"I thought we"


"talked about"

Smack smack

"When to beep in"


"and when not to"

Smack smack.

"Uhhhhh, Kim, Ron, you guys mind coming up for air. I think your lips are started to turn blue. You keep that up much longer you might pass out."

Both teens stopped with a sigh and with foreheads touching.

"But what a way to go."

Wade rolled his eyes.

"Come on guys, back to reality for a little bit. I have had a rather unusual hit on the site."

Kim and Ron turned to the screen.

"What's that? An unusual hit? Since when is any hit on our site usual."

Wade snickered.

"Okay, you got me there. But seriously, this is not normal even for you guys. Do either of you watch that show "Mythbusters"?"

Ron perked up.

"Yeah, it's totally cool. Those guys are always testing some weird ideas out."

Wade nodded.

"That's them. Well, you two just got an invite to be on the show. They want the two of you to help them test some of your stuff. Mainly your jetpacks, the grapple gun, and maybe the laser lipstick."

Kim scowled for a moment.

"Wade. Aren't those the guys who are always blowing stuff up and crashing stuff together?"

Wade typed some on his keyboard.

"That's right Kim. It seems they have taken an interest in the two of you and some of your equipment. They have invited both of you to be on the show so they could test out some of your stuff."

Kim cringed for a moment.

"Wade, the last time we appeared on a TV show was with the Muppets. That…that did not quite go as planned. Kermit told me that it took two weeks to put the stage back together."

Ron put his arm around Kim.

"Awww, KP, it was great. I mean being on the set of Pigs in Sp…. Ow no kicking KP. Then, the skit, but you have to admit. The dance skit at the end was awesome."

Kim blushed a bit remembering the two of them sharing a kiss on the stage as it blew up around them. She turned to the screen.

"Okay, Wade. Tell them we will be there."

Kim turned off the Kimmunicator and stood up. She reached down and pulled Ron to his feet.

"Come on Ron. If we are going to be on TV there are a few things we need to do."

Ron cringed remembering what he had gone through before they went on with the Muppets.

"Awwww, KP, the hairdresser! Not that again."

Kim turned putting her nose right next to his.

"Yep, that means the hairdresser and a new mission outfits. If we are going to be on TV it's going to be done right."

Ron whined as Kim pulled him toward her car.

"Awwww mannnnn."


Kim and Ron pulled up to the M5 labs in San Francisco in Kim's car. Jamie stepped out of the rollup door and walked over to the car as the two of them got out.

"Kim, Ron, welcome to M5 Industries and Mythbusters. I hope you had a nice trip from Middleton."

Kim pulled their backpacks from the backseat and handed Ron his.

"Well the Sloth here made it in good time. Having a hypersonic, quantum engine helps with the travel time. Ron, what did it take? A couple of hours?"

Ron glanced at this watch.

"I guess it took about 3 hours. Wade helped to clear airspace for us."

Adam, Tori and Grant stepped up the two of them.

"Three hours, how did you make that drive in three hours?"

Kim pressed a button on her key ring and the rocket engines deployed from the trunk.

"Having a father who is a genius with rocket engines and two brothers who are geniuses at tricking out my car makes for quick trips."

Grant started going all over the car.

"Ohhh, man it's too bad we can't try to make something like this."

Adam rubbed his hands together.

"Well, why not? We have tried the flying packs before maybe we can try to build a car like this."

Jamie stared at them for a minute.

"What do you plan to do? Put a rocket engine on a VW?"

Adam thought for a moment.

"You know Jamie. That just might work, but we have only one person to drive the car."

Tory, Cary and Grant smiled at the same time.

"Buster is back in business."

Kim and Ron looked at each other then at Jamie, Adam and the others.

"We just have one thing to say about testing all our stuff, especially when it comes to testing some of it and our real equipment."

Adam looked back at them for a moment.

"And what is that?"

Kim looked at Ron and giggled a little.

"Do not try what you are about to see at home. We are what you call 'experts'."

Ron nodded.

"That's right; we do this for a living."


Kim pulled her hairdryer/grapple gun out of the holster and placed it on the table. Adam picked it up and examined it.

"What's the range?"

Kim shrugged her shoulders.

"I am not sure, 100 feet or more easily. But for drying hair about a foot is all you need."

Jamie took the grapple gun from Adam and looked it over.

"Well, I don't think Adam or I would get a lot of use out of it as a hairdryer, but how about showing us how the grapple part works?"

Kim took her device from Jamie.


She aimed toward the rafters and pulled the trigger. There was pop as the grapple flew up into the steel rafters of M5. The tines of the grapple slipped over one of the metal rafters and caught on. Kim pressed the button on the handle of the grapple-gun and it pulled her up into the top of the warehouse area. She flipped and landed standing up on the rafter. Reaching down she unhooked the grapple from the rafter and retracted the last of the line. Holstering her grapple she waved from the top of the plant.

Jamie and Adam watched from the floor as she waved.

"WOW! Uhh, Miss Possible, just how are you going to get down?"

Kim smiled at the men.

"Please, it's Kim. I think I have a way down."

Kim dove off the rafter and bounced off the tall storage shelves on the way down. Just before she got to the floor she did two somersaults and landed on her feet in front of Adam and Jamie.

"Way to go, KIMBO!"

Kim turned around to see Kari, Tori, Grant and Ron come up to them applauding. Tori stepped over to the table where they always planned everything.

"Well, we just saw Kim show us the grapple-gun. Now Ron is going to show us how to use the jetpack-backpack."

The group followed Ron outside of M5. Ron stepped out into the parking lot and gave Kim a little wave. Kim waved back as he pressed the button to activate that jetpack. The wings and engine unfolded as an arm came out and put a helmet on Ron's head. He ignited the engine and took off in a climbing loop. After leveling off for a few seconds he went into a gentle dive over the parking lot. Ron performed a barrel roll as he passed over the group. He waved at Kim as he passed over. Kim waved back then began to wave frantically. She pressed a button on her Kimmunicator.

"RON, Look out for ….."


"that building!"

Ron's contact with the building broke part of one wing off of his jetpack. He went into a looping spiral over the street and started down into a vacant lot down the street from M5. Kim watched as she tried to put his feet down but tripped and went head over heels in a cloud of dust while pieces of the jetpack went flying in all directions. Kari grabbed a first aid kit while Tori and Grant grabbed fire extinguishers. Kim led the group as they approached the cloud of dust and smoke that surrounded where Ron had landed.

"Ron?? Ronnie?"

"Please KP. Save Ronnie to when we are alone!"


Kim ran to where Ron was standing up with the remains of the jetpack hanging from his back. Kari ran up to Kim's side.

"IS he okay?"

Tori and Grant arrived with Jamie and Adam. All of them stood staring at Ron who was standing there with some scratches and torn clothes. Kim started to brush Ron off and unhook the jetpack. She dropped the remains of the jetpack on the ground.

"Well, we may have to find another myth to bust."

Tori and Grant hi fived each other.

"Rocket powered minicar!"

Kim gave Ron a quick kiss on the nose.

"Let's get you inside and cleaned up."

Ron winced and nodded.

"Okay KP."

Ron took one step forward and his pant fell to pieces. His Fearless Ferret boxers were slightly singed. Adam and Jamie stood staring as Kari turned red. Grant and Tori could barely control their laughing. Kim stood in front of Ron.

"Ahhh, is there a place where Ron could change?"

Jamie pointed back to M5.

"There's a clothes closet on the far wall and a changing room."

Kim stood in front of Ron as they retreated to the garage door. Ron slipped into M5 as Kim rejoined the group.

Jamie scratched at his beret.

"Is he just lucky or is he incredibly resilient?"

Kim just smiled and just waved her hand.

"Oh that? That's no big. Ron has taken a worse beating by Shego and Monkeyfist and still was able do what he wanted."

Adam picked up one of the fire extinguishers.

"Well let's get back inside and make plans for the grapple thingee and let Tori and Grant make plans for the rocket car."

Kim joined the group around the table as they waited for Ron to join them. Kim heard Ron's footsteps as he approached.

"Did you get changed okay Ron?"

Kim turned to see Ron approaching wearing a pair of farmer's overalls.

"Sorry KP, I guess I forgot to put another pair of pants in our bags. But I found this neat pair of overalls hanging in a metal cabinet back there. They are a little stiff but there is a good pocket for Rufus."

Grant got a good look at Ron's pants.

"Everybody, back up! He's got on those fertilizer pants!"

Kari shrieked and ran behind Tori. Adam and Jamie leaped to their feet and started to back up. Ron just looked at everyone as he picked up at small board.

"Hey they are a little dusty but a good whack with this will clean'em off."

Grant's eyes grew large.

"No don't hit the ….."


Kim dove behind the table as dust and flames filled the area. She slowly stood up to look at Ron along with everyone else. He stood there sans pants again, his Fearless Ferret Boxers a little worse for wear. His face was soot covered and one of the small sprigs of hair that hung in his face was burning. He nonchalantly licked his thumb and forefingers and extinguished the flaming hair.

"Let me guess. I put on an extra pair of the exploding farmer's pants. Anybody seen Rufus?"

Kim started looking around.

"Rufus, who is Rufus?" Asked Tori.

Kari felt something move in her hair. She turned to look in one of the mirrors from the Death Ray device. She glanced into her hair to see a small pink rodent looking back at her with two small beady eyes. He waved. "HI!" Kari screamed.

"There's something in my hair, there's something in my hair!"

Rufus dove to the floor and ran up Kim's leg and into her hands.

Kim gave him a little pet.

"Everybody, this is Rufus, naked mole rat and friend extraordinaire."

Kari came out from behind some boxes as Rufus waved to everyone. Kim put him down on the table.

"Rufus, you keep everybody entertained while I help Ron. Come on Ron. I think there is an extra pair of your pants in the Sloth. Then will get you cleaned up."

The Mythbusters crew watched as Kim helped Ron out to the car.

Adam looked at Jamie and Jamie looked back at Adam. A smile crossed Adam's face.

"He crash lands a jetpack and laughs it off, he is wearing a pair of exploding pants that singed Buster and all that happens is that his hair is singed. Could we have another myth? Who is more indestructible? Ron Stoppable or Buster the crash dummy?"


Well everyone. Here is the newest plot bunny from the Captain. This is another one that Lionheartcartoon and I have been working on a bit. He even did a great picture of the Mythbusters. Kim has already shown the group the grapple gun and it looks like they will try and build a rocket powered car. What else will they think of testing. What myth could they be talking about testing comparing Ron and Buster?? Stay tuned.

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The Mythbusters is part of the Discovery Channel. Kim and the gang are owned by the Disney Company. I own the idea for this fiction, for what that is worth.