The Mythbusters meet Team Possible
Chapter 4
By Captainkodak1


Tori, Grant and Kari were waiting outside M5 when Kim walked up. Kim flipped her hair back and shook everyone's hand.

"Looks like I'll be working with you guys on this segment."

Kim turned to Kari.

"I thought I'd give you something special, seeing that you're the only girl on this crew."

Kim pulled out a package and handed it to Kari, who opened it to find inside a mission outfit in her size. Kari's eyes got big.

"Oh! This is so cool!"

Kim smiled.

"Why don't you go change into it? That way, the two of us can hang together with all these guys."

Kari nodded and disappeared into the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later wearing her new outfit, her red hair spread out down her back. She started to do a little dance as she hummed a song.

She's cute but not a lot going on up there.

Tori clapped together his hands.

"Ok, Kim. We want to get you to run a few tests for us: like climbing up an air vent; your skydiving skills; maybe swimming; and an obstacle course. Kari can join you in any of them if she wants."

Kim turned to Kari.

"Let's do the crawl through the air vent. I'll let you use my equipment and I'll use Ron's."

Grant motioned to the two vents standing side by side.

"We tried something like this on one show but couldn't get it to work. Either it was too loud or whatever they were using couldn't hold onto the inside of the vent."

Kim nodded as she pulled some suction cups out of her equipment bag.

"Yeah, but you didn't have a bunch of laser armed robots listening to roast you if they heard you."

Kim handed Kari a set of cups for her hands, knees and feet. Then she helped her to put them on. After Kari was ready, Kim put on her equipment.

"They're controlled by touch. Just press them to the surface and they'll stick. Then just pull on them slightly to release them. I'll take the one on the right and you can take the one on the left."

Kari stuck her head up in the air vent, clipped on her safety line and started to climb. Kim did the same in the other vent. They barely made any sound as they disappeared up the vents.

Ron walked up to Grant and Tori.

"KP doing the climb the vent thing? I need to ask her something."

Before Grant or Tori could say anything, Ron walked up under the vents, first shining his light up Kari's vent and then up Kim's.

"Hey, KP! Do you remember where I put my other pair of blaster briefs and my rocket shoes? I thought it'd be cool to show Adam and Jamie."

Kim reappeared out of the tube, pulled open her pack and handed the items to Ron.

Tori went up to Ron.

"How'd you know which vent Kim was in? They both had on the same outfit. They're both about the same size, too, plus it's dark in those vents."

Ron just shook his head.

"A-h-h-h-h, it's no big. If you have had to look at her backside as much as I have while crawling through all those vents, you'd recognize it anywhere. I know that butt like the back of my hand."

Ron heard a distinct Kim growl and realized what he had just said. He turned to look at Kim, who was standing there; arms crossed, eyes glaring. They said loud and clear, "You are s-o-o-o-o dead."

Ladies and Gentlemen. We have an official Ron moment. Ron, it's time to open your mouth and insert both of your feet.

Ron just started whistling and walked back where Adam and Jamie were waiting. Kim spun around and started to climb back up the vent. Within seconds she was sticking her head out the top.


Ron was sweating some when he arrived at the spot where Adam and Jamie were standing.

Adam patted Ron on the back.

"Ron, we've got a couple of things we'd like your help with to test. Now we've heard that you have some experience with rockets with Kim's dad."

Ron nodded. "Yeah, Kim and I were in this rocket club with Mr. Dr. P. That time I got shot into space along with Monkeyfist and his monkey ninjas was something. Frederick even showed me a few things later."

Jamie rubbed his face in thought.

"Sounds like we have just the right guy. We have this thing we want to test about a rocket chair. You think you can handle it?"

Ron's eyes went wide.

"O-o-o-o! Supercool! A rocket chair! Let's ace this place!"

Adam whispered to Jamie.

"Does he know that we're going to try the Ming Dynasty chair again? The first time we tried it, we ended up toasting Buster!"

Jamie looked over to Ron.

"Well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him! I hope."


The group has arrived at the abandoned air station. Our rocket friend has come back with a redesigned chair. Redesigned as in bigger motors.

Ron stepped up to the chair sitting on the launch pad.

"Oh, this is s-o-o-o-o cool. This looks just like the seat that Mr. Dr. P. designed as an escape vehicle for his trans-sonic airplane. Well, let me get strapped in and let's light this candle."

Adam and Jamie helped Ron with his parachute, just in case the rockets worked. Ron had on what they thought was a flight suit with the Team Possible colors. Ron put on his helmet and handed Rufus to Jamie. Rufus ran up Jamie's arm and settled in the middle of his beret. Ron stepped over to the chair and sat down. He pulled the straps tight and settled down in the chair giving Rufus a thumb up.

Okay, everyone is ready for launch. Paramedics are… nowhere to be found. This might be the last time we see Ron.

Everyone got behind the safety barriers. Adam pressed the firing switch. The chair sat there for a moment, then with a roar disappeared into the sky. Adam and Jamie watched as the smoke dissipated. A figure appeared out of the smoke, gliding to the ground. They recognized Ron in his suit. It had cloth between the arms and body and the legs. Ron swooped in for a landing next to where the chair had shot off. Adam and Jamie stood there as Ron walked over to them.

"Now that was a better ride than I had with Shego in the space plane. That was awesome. Kinda glad I had my airvane suit on though. When the rockets went off they toasted your chute." Ron dropped the charred remains of the parachute at their feet.

"I hope that you don't want me to pay for that. I don't make a lot at Smarty-Mart. I'm going to get a slurpster out of the truck."

Ron walked off as Adam and Jamie just stared at him. Adam thought for a moment.

"We just shot him into to the air so high we could have ordered pizza while we waited for him to land and he walks away? Is there any way we can contract him out? He'd be cheaper than Buster. Just hand him a couple of Nacos and he's good to go."

Jamie shook his head.

"I think that would be a little creepy."

And what you do to Buster is not creepy?


Kim sat with Kari as Grant and Tori brought up some equipment. Grant laid his down on the ground.

"Kim, we just wanted to test you in a series of physical tests. We have an obstacle course, a swim course and then we'd like you to skydive."

Kim nodded.

"Okay. When I skydive, will that be with or without a parachute?"

Tori dropped his load.

"What do you mean?"

Kim smiled at Tori.

"Well, so that I could know what the show was about, Ron and I watched the recent show about skydiving. Ron and I talk all the time in freefall. Then, one time, I was chasing Senor Senior, Sr. I ended up without a parachute. I was able to land on a blimp and catch up with him."

Tori shivered as he shook his head..

"Okay. The first thing is the obstacle course. Then you can dive straight into the pool. You'll swim to the other end where there will be a plane waiting with your chute. After you climb to altitude, you'll skydive out and land on the target."

Kim shrugged her shoulders.

"No big! Is Kari going to do this with me?"

Kari visibly turned pale and shook her head.

"I promised my mom I wouldn't do anything dumb or unsafe."

And you continue to work on this job? Looks like you aren't keeping your promise.

Kim laughed.

"A-w-w-w, come on. At least do the obstacle course with me. P-w-w-w-e-e-s-s-s-e-e?"

Kari looked up and caught the full force of a Kim Possible Puppy Dog Pout.

"Oh, okay. I'll do the obstacle course with you, but I draw the line at the skydiving."

Kim smiled.

"Great! I'll see you at the start of the course."

Kari groaned.

"Once again, I'm going to humiliate myself in front of a very large audience."

Take heart, Kari. You don't do that all the time. Just once or twice per show.


Ron walked over to where Adam and Jamie were working with Buster. He looked up and saw the large slingshot that they had set up.

"Coolio! The border slingshot!"

Jamie nodded.

"Yeah, the last time the frame we built was a little flimsy, so we decided to build it between these two steel towers here on the base. We pretty much proved that you couldn't build a slingshot that could shoot someone any distance. Now, in true Mythbusters fashion, we've built something that couldn't really be used but we think will give us the result we want."

Ron pulled at the heavy rubber tubes that had been used last time, and then looked at the seat where the dummy would be sitting.

"Have you ever thought of having a solid seat instead of the rope and cloth one? That way, the seat won't form itself around the figure."

Adam looked at Jamie and then at Ron. Ron shrugged his shoulders.

"I talked with Wade about ways to upgrade your slingshot. My experience with a slingshot gets me in trouble and KP isn't around now to help."

Adam glanced down at the slingshot and back at Ron.

"You know, changing this out to a solid cup type device is not a bad idea. Thanks, Ron. Here, come give me a hand looking in the truck for something we can use or build."

Jamie watched as the two walked off.

"Those two are peas in a pod. They both get motion sickness..."

There was a loud crash from the back of the truck.

"…both of them are accident prone and …"

Another crash and the sound of something breaking came from the back of the truck.

"Hey, that wasn't my fault!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

Jamie sighed.

"…and both are a little childish."


Kim stood at the starting line of the obstacle course. There was a set of overhead bars, a short run where she would have to avoid swinging punching dummies, a tube crawl, a rope climb, a mud crawl, and then a swimming pool. After the swimming pool, a plane waited with the engine running and her parachute inside. She did some stretching as she waited for Kari to get ready. Kari came up and got into her lane.

"I don't believe I'm doing this."

Come on Kari, it's for the greater good of the show! Besides, Grant and Tori would not look half as cute in that outfit.

Both Kim and Kari got set. Grant blew the whistle and they both started off. Kim flew over the overhead bars as Kari struggled to get past the first few. Kim did a double reverse back flip and landed on her feet in a low crouch. She dodged through the swinging dummies. Kari had just gotten past the last overhead bar and was knocked flat by the first dummy. Kim dove into the tube. As she disappeared into the tube there were a few yells. When she came out the other end she was coated in grease. Kari made it to the tube when she stopped and looked in. She stopped and sat down.

"No way am I going in there."

Kim tried to wipe the grease from her hands as she started the rope climb. It only took her a few seconds to climb up then slide back down. She approached the mud crawl and got down on her hands and knees. She sank down in the mud as she proceeded down the course. The mud got deeper and soon she was literally swimming in it. At the end when she got out there was little Kim to see. She took a few steps and dove into the swimming lane that had been built for them. The water turned black and brown as both the grease and mud washed off. Kim climbed out of the other end, ran to the plane and climbed in. The engine revved and the plane took off. Kari joined Grant and Tori near the target. The plane soon reached to correct altitude and they saw Kim jump. They waited and waited as Kim continued to fall, then the chute popped open and Kim gracefully guided herself to a perfect landing. She hit the release toggles to the chute and walked over to the three Mythbusters. Kim pulled a brush from her bag on her leg and ran it through her hair. Her auburn mane fell into place without an errant hair to be seen. Tori, Grant and Kari cheered as she walked up.

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. No matter what the stitch, Kim Possible's hair will always be just right.


Ron and Adam finished attaching what appeared to be the lid of a trashcan to the slingshot cables. The cables were stretched and the slingshot cup readied for the dummy. Adam gingerly put the smaller test dummy into the cup and stepped back.

"Okay, let's get ready. Get set."

Ron, Jamie and Adam watched as the dummy fell out of the cup. Ron jumped up and ran out to the setup.

"I'll fix it!"

Jamie called out.

"Ron, wait! We need to set the safeties!"

Ron got to the cup and ran around front to pick up the figure. He stepped up to the cup to put the figure back in the cup when….



Ron and the dummy disappeared into the distance.

Jamie placed his head in his hands as Adam looked up as he closed his eyes.

Hey guys, how about giving Ron a launch break.

The two watched as Ron landed perfectly in the net at the other end.

There you have it. Dumb skill and dumb luck come together in a perfect landing.


Grant and Tory finished putting the Ark of the Covenant on the table. While Grant checked on the wiring inside, Tory walked over and plugged the charger into a socket. Grant began to smell the electric odor from the device as it built up a charge ready to fire. Jamie and Adam walked up to the three and stared at the device. Jamie scratched at his beret.

"You're seriously not going to trick them into touching that thing are you? I mean Kim knows sixteen styles of Kung Fu. I don't think I'd want to trick her."

Grant shrugged his shoulders.

"It's mainly for Ron. We wanted to have one last crack at him."

Jamie nodded.

"O-o-o-k-a-a-y. It's your funeral."

Ron walked in from the side.

"Coolio! The Ark of the Covenant, it's just like in Pirates of the Lost Ark. You guys make this?"

Ron stopped for a moment and reached out to put one of his hands on one of the angels.

"Hey, you didn't hook this thing up to the power source, did you? Oh, man! I have got to get KP to see this."

Tori smiled at Ron.

"We wouldn't do that."

Ron looked back at the ark.

"Yeah, but still, it would be funny to see…."

"Funny to see what, Ron?"

Ron looked up to see Kim walking up on the other side of the ark.

"Oh, I was just saying that it would be funny to see ourselves doing some of the things we did."

Kim smiled as she stepped up on the other and gave a wan smile at Ron as she licked her lips.

"It'll be good to see my man doing what he does best."

Ron stared over at Kim as she turned her head to the side and smiled at him. She leaned forward over the ark and placed her hand on the other angel.

"Now, lean over here and give me a kiss for the road."

Ron leaned forward and their lips touched. The ark started to hum, Kim's hair started to stand up just as Ron's rose from his head. The cable from the ark to the power outlet began to smoke; circuit breakers started to pop. Smoke started to come out of the lid of the ark. There was a loud pop as the circuit breaker for the outlet the ark was plugged into tripped. Kim and Ron broke their kiss and stood there touching foreheads.

Ron sighed. "BOOYAHH!"

Kim giggled. "O-h-h, y-e-a-h! Talk about a kiss that had some power to it!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, love can conquer all, even a practical joke by the Mythbusters Crew.

Kim and Ron turned to face the crew of Mythbusters.

"Ron, I'm so glad you told me about this ark thingee. What do we do now? Let's see, they wanted to see how I could fly their old flying machine, they nearly blew you up, they ran me though all sorts of crud just to see if my hair stayed straight, they nearly put you in orbit, then shoot you out of a giant slingshot, all just to test your luck. Then they pull this little trick. Now what should we do?"

Ron cracked his knuckles.

"How about a demonstration of sixteen styles of Kung Fu with a little Mystical Monkey Power mixed in?"

The camera pulled back to show the outside of M5.

Ladies and Gentleman, we can't show what's going to happen now. Come back again next time, as the Mythbusters bust more myths."

There was a series of bangs and crashes from inside and bunches of debris came flying out the door.

That is, if Team Possible doesn't bust up the Mythbusters. So, until next time…

There was another set of bangs and crashes from inside M5.

if there is a next time. So long from M5 and the Mythbusters team.


Hi everyone. This is the Captain. I hope that you have enjoyed my little foray into the world of the Mythbusters. Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows right along with Kim Possible. It was fun coming up with the myths of Kim and Ron for them to test. Thanks for reading. Please leave a review. I would appreciate it.

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