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Alex had always liked Halloween. Ever since she was a little girl it was one of her favorite holidays. She loved getting dressed up. But most of all she love the candy. She always had a sweet tooth.

Tonight Alex was dressed up as a cat. She wore a short black skirt, a tight black shirt, black stilettos, and cat ears. She was having a good time handing out candy. It was getting to be a little later in the evening, so the older kids were coming around.

The doorbell then rang again. Alex got up off the couch, picked up the bowl of candy, and opened the door. At the door however, was not a teenager, but Bobby.

"Hey- oh, hi- Alex, my… you sure did get dressed up." Bobby said.

"Shut it, Goren." She said pulling him in the house. "What brings you here on this fine evening?" She asked him plopping down on the couch and gesturing for him to sit as well.

"Just wanted to say Happy Halloween. Oh, and to give you these." He then handed her a huge bag of skittles.

Alex's eyes lit up. "Thanks." She said before she grabbed the bag from him.

She popped a few skittles into her mouth. "God, I love Halloween." She said through the skittles.

"I'm glad you like them." Bobby chuckled.

The doorbell then rang. Alex jumped up and went to the door. After she gave the group of giggling girls some candy she went back and sat down on the couch.

"Looks like you're having a fun time." Bobby stated.

Alex had just put some more skittles in her mouth, so she just nodded.

The doorbell then rang once more. "You want to watch TV?" Bobby asked as she got up.

"Sure, put on whatever you want." Alex replied, opening the door.

When she came back she sat down next to Bobby and curled into him. "Mythbusters, good choice. I love this show." She told him.

"I know, so do I." She said wrapping his arms around her. "I think there might be a marathon on."

They sat there watching Mythbusters and occasionally getting up for the door for a little over an hour. By that time the trick or treaters had decreased.

When the episode that they were watching had ended Bobby looked down at Alex.

"We haven't gotten a trick or treater in a while." He pointed out.

"I noticed." Alex replied.

"What do you say we turn off the light and have some treats in the bedroom?" Bobby whispered in her ear seductively.

It didn't take long for Alex to jump up from the couch and turn off all the lights. When she returned to the couch to get Bobby he scooped her up into his arms. She let out a small squeal as he did so. He then carried her into the bedroom and kicked the door shut.