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Chapter one: The beginning.

The bell rang for the last period of the day. Jin walked through the hallway with his bag over his shoulder. He was wearing a white button shirt with black dress pants and black shoes. He stepped in his last period class and took a seat in the back row; his seat was the highest row in the room. As other students came in to find their seats for it was the first day of school.

A group of students looked at Jin then gesture "what's up" to him like they know him. They returned looking at the other students gossiping like brats do.

Jin scoffed and leaned back in his chair, Jin hated students that gossip around him. He sat there observing students while they came into the classroom. He saw nothing that interest him as he folded his arms on the desk about to sleep for the rest of the class period, but then a girl came in reading a small thick orange book. She had a white button shirt with a gray skirt she had two long braided ponytails and she wear glasses. She sat down not looking up from her book.

Jin studied her for a while. She was smart, she had a body of a goddess, and she was different from any other girl he saw.

She was the one and only Julia Chang, Jin always admired her even though she was American though there was something that attracted him. He took a moment to find out what it was, until a familiar redhead entered the room and joined the group of snobs. As he roughly grabbed Julia by the wrist as he literally dragged her with him. Julia and Hwoarang have been dating since they were kids, Hwoarang was not what you would call a good boyfriend over the years, he has been treating Julia like trash over the years. Jin just scoffed and went to sleep as the class started.


Julia entered her last period reading her favorite romantic book which happen to be book meant for perverts but she didn't care it was a good book.

She sat in front row not looking up from her book. She kept reading until her "so-called" boyfriend entered and dragged her up and led her to his friends. She did not like his friends they always thought of her differently because she was American. Hwoarang and Julia been dating since they were eight, Julia thought it would be great to have a boyfriend but after a year Hwoarang changed. He is abusive and sometime she wonders if he is cheating on her.

The teacher came in as she got out of his grip and hurried to get her stuff then sat in the back of the row she took a sit next to Jin who was sound asleep. She always admired Jin because he was smart, top of the class and kind of had a crush on him for a long time but she could never talk to him because he was Hwoarang rival.

Hwoarang saw her sitting by Jin as he grew furious, he was about to go over there until the teacher yelled at him to sit down as he snorted and sat down.


A few minutes before the end of class, Jin woke up stretching not noticing he had drool on the side of his face. He heard giggling as he turned his head to see Julia giggle. He was surprise that she was sitting next to him but most of all how beautiful her smile was and how radiant it was gleaming in the sun one word could explain it all. "Breathe taking," he thought to himself. She pointed to the drool that was on his face. He touched it noticing it was drool he quickly wiped it away. Just then, the bell rung Julia picked up her things as Jin did the same.

"So even the mighty Jin Kazama has flaws," She said giving him one more smile before leaving out the class.

Jin looked at her then hurried putting his books in his bag, and then dashed to the door to catch up to her.


Julia wrote the last part of her notes when her attention was to Jin who was stretching she couldn't help but giggle at the sight of seeing drool on the side of his face. Jin noticed as quickly wiped it away. Then the bell rung Julia thought it would be the right time to talk to him she was scanning fast she didn't want say anything stupid.

"So even the mighty Jin Kazama has flaws," She said giving him one more smile before leaving out the class.

After she left the class, she leaned against the wall next to the door as she held her books to her chest breathing hard. She hid her blush from him so that he wouldn't think she was some kind of fan girl. She was soon brought out of her thoughts by a fist hitting the locker just above her head. It was Hwoarang having his other hand in his pocket.

"Why the hell were you hanging out with Kazama for, you know that I hate him," Hwoarang shouted at her. She then became serious and looked him straight in the eye.

"I have the right to do what I want." She warned him. He became raged and pulled out his hand out of his pocket but before he could do anything, someone had bump into him roughly. Hwoarang turned to face the person ready to fight him. It was Jin who was still walking with his bag over his shoulder.

"Kazama who do you think you are," Hwoarang yelled at him. Jin stopped and turned around to face him.

"You shouldn't have been in my way."

"You just want me to beat you're ass don't you!" Hwoarang shouted.

"If you got the guts to, then do it." Jin said getting in his face.

Hwoarang grind his teeth then snorted, "I don't have time with punks like you." He said as he grabbed Julia wrist roughly and pulled her away.

Jin stood there watching them leave. He could have sworn that he saw Julia look at him and smiled at him thanking him. He shrugged then walked home.

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