Well this is my first attempt to write an icarly story. It's short for my usual chapters but this is just the start of it. If I get positive response, I'll continue to write. I usually like to write Freddie/Carly, but I'm not a hardcore shipper. Just remember to review.

Plot line: A couple years later, Carly comes back from college on a break and finds that things aren't the same as they used to be.

The fall leaves fell simultaneously with the season's game of changing seasons. A blue car pulled up to the curb of a very familiar house. Brown hair crossed her shoulder and fell across her face, only to be pushed back again. She took the courage and stepped forward every step was harder and harder to take. She paused in mid-knock before continuing on. The door opened slowly to an apartment that she grew up in. The usual smell of paint and who knows what lingering in the air as the door opened fully. Not more than a second later she was engulfed in a pair of arms holding her close.

"Carly, what in the world are you doing here?" Spencer said in the mid of the hug. She merely shrugged.

"I thought that since it was my break, I might want to drop in and see everyone." She paused.

"Besides I missed my favorite brother."

"I'm your only brother." Spencer laughed. Without warning he picked her up and spun her around.

"Spencer, what are you doing? Put me down." Spencer spun her around one more time before setting her back in her original spot.

"So, what do you want to do? Talk, go visit the town."-

"Actually," She began. "I kind of want to catch up with Sam and Freddie." Carly saw his face fell.

"But I will spend every waking second with you tomorrow; we'll do whatever you want." She enjoyed watching joy dance across his face.

"We can work on this sculpture that I've been working on."

"Sounds great." The two stood in silence for a second. Spencer took a chance to break the silence.

"It's good to have you back Carly." A smile tugged on both of their lips. "I'll call Sam." He picked up his cell phone, and dialed.

Two lifelong friends sat at the local coffee shop drinking their usual orders. Both of them had grown up over the years. Sam's hair reached her shoulders, but still the blonde color. Freddie on the other hand had grown taller and stronger. He looked after Sam like a big brother does to a little sister. The two had become close with the absence of Carly. After graduation that iCarly should stop, but every now and then Freddie would go back and watch them just for old time's sake. Sam's phone vibrated interrupting their conversation. Sam put the phone to her ear.

"Hey Spencer." She paused to listen to him. "No, way. Really?" Freddie hadn't seen her this excited in a while. He leaned in to try and hear a word they were saying.

"Right now? That's great. We'll wait here. Bye." Freddie tried to get back in the position he was just in, but failed miserably.

"So why did Spenser call?" Sam decided that she would torture him just a little.

"Oh no reason." Something didn't sit right; there was no way that Sam would get that excited over something so trivial.

"Sam, tell me." Her smile only grew.

"You'll see."

A total of five minutes passed before Freddie decided that he couldn't take it anymore.

"Come on Sam, this isn't funny anymore. What is the big news?" Behind him, Carly entered the coffee shop. Sam tried really hard to give it away. Two hands suddenly covered Freddie's eyes.

"Very funny Sam."

"I'm over here." Freddie let a chuckle. "Ok Brittany, I caught you. You can take your hands off." The hands were slowly removed, but he knew automatically that it wasn't his girlfriend of 3 months. Sam's face had drained of color. He turned around and his whole world seemed to stop.

"Carl- Carly?" But all Carly could think was; who's Brittany?

Freddie continued to sit there in shock; he hadn't seen Carly in about a year. She had changed so much; her hair instead of being bone straight had a slight curve to it. She had grown taller and as she grown in age her body matured as well. He couldn't help but drool a little. Sam kicked him under the table.

"Want to sit down?"

"Um…sure." Why did this have to feel so awkward? She sat down, and no more than a minute passed and another girl walked in.

"Freddie, how come you didn't meet me at out usual spot?" The girl looked around the table and noticed the new face.

"Hello." She playfully hit Freddie not noticing the sight annoyed look on Carly's face.

"Brittany, this is Carly," He couldn't look Carly in the eye. "Carly, this is Brittany, my girlfriend." It was unsaid but amongst the original trio they all knew that it would get a whole lot more complicated.

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