It was snowing, or at least, that's what Ichigo called it. He told me when it gets really cold, the rain freezes and turns to snow. Then he yelled at me for not knowing what snow was.

"C'mon,' he said, "of all people, you should know what it is! You've blasted it out of your damn zanpaku-to so many times!"

"Baka, I didn't know it was the snowy substance, I thought it was a soft ice!" I yelled. He gets upset so easily.

"You're the baka; ice is a harder version of snow. They are the same!"

"No, they're different! If anyone knows ice, it's me! I definetly blast snow, now that I know what snow is, well, I blast both, but mostly snow! Well, in my favorite dance, it's snow. Anyway, why are you yelling at me when I'm right?" Now I'm confusing myself.

"I'm yelling at you because your wrong, midget! I don't even have any idea what you just said! You. Blast. Snow. Not. Ice." That was it. I jumped in the air and kicked him in the head. Hard. "Ow! What was that for?!" he asked rubbing his head. I just smiled because the perfect idea came into my mind.

I grabbed his hand. "Come with me." I pulled him through the house, outside and down the street a ways so no one would see us. "What the hell're you doing? It's freezing!" he yelped and hugged himself for warmth. "I'm proving I'm right," I smiled.

Then I let go of his hand and backed up. Taking the soul candy out of my pocket, I popped one in my mouth and watched my gigai fall to the ground as I went into shinigami form. "Rukia, what are you-."

"Relax, just watch."

Then I activated my shikai.

"Mai, Sode no Shirayuki!" And the usual happened. Her ribbon formed from her hilt and turned white, along with the rest of her. Then her ribbon circulated around me in her dramatic way that I hated, she's always such a drama queen. But this seemed to amaze Ichigo. I guess he hasn't formally met her because when I drew her, he fell to ground and crawled away slowly, never taking his eyes off me. It made me feel…powerful.

But, back to business.

"Stand up," I ordered him, a fake serious look on my face. He must have believed it because he stood up right away. I smiled. "Good, now let's see if I'm right."

"Wh-what do you mean by that?" I smiled again, the idiot actually looked frightened.

Then I put on my serious face again because I actually had to focus while I did this. Then I got into my stance and the rest happened quickly.

The four icicles fell off my sword and circled around me. "Rukia, wh-what the hell are you doing?" Ichigo asked putting his hands up in the air as if he was about to get arrested. I just smiled "Don't worry, Ichigo, I won't hurt you…much. I'm just proving a point." I was going to show him exactly how much snow I could blast. And with that I yelled out the command:

"Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren!"

Then snow…or ice, or… whatever you call it, overflowed from my sword, harshly landing on Ichigo. I heard him yell as he was covered in snow and ice and… more snow. Once I thought I did enough damage I stopped, then I put her back into my sheath and ran over to him. Once I got there, I fell to the ground holding my stomach, laughing hysterically.

There Ichigo stood, covered in so much snow, only his head was sticking out. His face was red from the snow hitting him and his feet were frozen to the ground because of the ice. He was still in a daze from getting hit by my avalanche.

When he opened his eyes, he saw me on the ground, and, for a second, I saw worry on his face. "You okay, Rukia?"

I looked up at him surprised, and still laughing I said, "Of course I'm okay, why do you ask…or care?" Why would he think I was injured…he should worry about himself anyway. He turned his head away to leave my gaze, "No reason." Then I saw his face get even redder and I smiled.

"Good, now that you've felt it, do I blast ice and snow or just one?" I was still smiling, waiting for him to admit I was right.

"Youblastboth," I heard him mumble.

"Perfect. Now, want to play in the snow?" I was excited. Now that I officially knew what it was, I was ready to play.

"What do you think?" he said trying to chip the ice away from his feet.

I just stuck my tongue out at him and kicked him in the head.