Ring Ring Ring…Ring Ring Ring…Ring Ring Ring…

Ichigo lethargically puts his pillow on top of his head, trying to tune out the annoying sound.

Ring Ring Ring…Ring Ring Ring…Ring Ring Ring…

Did I say annoying? I meant obnoxious.

Ichigo fires his pillow at the closet door, which is the source of the irritable ringing. However, the pillow just lightly hits the door and falls to the ground. Ichigo groans as he realizes he has to get out of bed. He looks over to this clock. Why the hell is her phone ringing at two in the morning? Ichigo slowly gets out of his bed and walks across the room, his eyes quickly going to the window. Damn blizzard…

He opens the closet door to see Rukia fast asleep in the closet. Maybe he would have stopped to admire her sleeping figure, her pale white skin, her peaceful face. Maybe he would have…if it wasn't two in the morning. Instead, Ichigo starts to shake her.

"Rukia…wake up already…" he says almost stoically. Eventually, Rukia starts to stir.

"Uhm…ugh…what is it Ichigo?" she says, rubbing her eyes. Ichigo sighs, not trying to hide his unhappiness.

"Your stupid phone's been ringing for the last fifteen minutes. How the hell did you sleep through that?" Ichigo says, backing away from the closet so Rukia can flip her feet over the edge. She takes her phone out of her pocket.

"There's a Hollow in the area…" Rukia says as she hops out of the closet. Ichigo sighs angrily.

"I really don't feel like dealing with a freakin' Hollow right now…" he moans as he walks over to his dresser where his Soul Reaper badge is, but Rukia grabs his arm.

"I'll take care of it, Ichigo…" She says, popping a piece of Soul Candy into her mouth. She jumps out of her body, "We have a big test tomorrow…don't worry about it."

He shrugs, "There won't be school tomorrow if the snow keeps coming down like this…" but Rukia is already on the windowsill.

"Just go to bed, Ichigo…" Rukia says as she jumps out the window. Ichigo goes to the window to see if she landed safely, but she was gone. She couldn't have left that quickly…


Suddenly Ichigo sees something pop out of the snow under his window. Someone with raven hair…wait…

"R-Rukia?! What the hell?!" Ichigo yells surprised. Rukia looks up to him from the ground.

"Don't worry Ichigo, the snows just a little deep," she says, standing up. Ichigo notices that the snow goes up to her knees…stupid midget…

"Go back to bed…" Rukia says as she turns around and departs from the block. Ichigo rolls his eyes and closes the window.

"Guess I can let her handle this one for tonight…" he thinks out loud as he climbs back in bed. He's sound asleep in seconds and doesn't even notice when Rukia comes back a ten minutes later, covered in snow.

Ichigo wakes up from the light shining in through his window. He stretches and looks around, surprised that his alarm clock didn't wake him up. Then he looks out the window and sees his street has been covered by a white blanket of powder. He runs his hand through his orange hair as he walks to the closet.

Wonder if she got back okay… He opens the door to see Rukia back in the closet, sleeping soundly. His eyebrows rise and he sees her wet hair, wet clothes and flushed cheeks. The idiot forgot to dry herself off…stupid midget. Ichigo shakes her again.


"Why must you always wake me up, baka," she says as she sits up in the closet with a sniffle. Wait…sniffle…

Oh crap.

"Ya feeling okay, Rukia?" he asks with some concern in his voice as she jumps out of the closet.

"Of course, idiot! Why wouldn't I?" she replies as walks out of the closet, shaking her wet hair.

"'Cause ya look like crap…" he comments, sitting on his bed. Rukia crosses her arms.

"That's none of your business, baka!" she yells…but after a long silence her hand goes to her face. "My face is just hot," she says stubbornly, "and my body's cold…it must be the natural way from a gigai to act after being outside for such a long period of time…"

Ichigo sighs, "It's also called gettin' sick, idiot."

Rukia turns to him, her eyes wide, "What's that?"

Ichigo smacks his forehead, "Get over here…"

Rukia walks over and Ichigo places his hand on her forehead. Rukia automatically slaps is away.

"What are you doing to me, baka?!"

"I'm freakin' helpin' ya! So just wait a second!" he yells back as he puts his hand back. No one moves and there's a silence for a few seconds. "Ya got a fever, Rukia," he says, removing his hand.

"A-a fever? What is that? Is it bad? What do I do?"

"You do nothin'…" Ichigo says, pushing her on to his bed, "I'll take care of it…" he tells her, leaving the room. Rukia sighs and hugs his pillow. What an idiot…not even letting me assess the situation…I swear, one day I'm gonna pumble that idiot in the ground…

Rukia is pushed out of her somewhat violet thought as she sees Ichigo walk in with a glass of water and a white bottle. Rukia's eyes narrow.

"What are those Ichigo?"

He sighs angrily, "Look, I'm not in the mood to answer all your stupid questions…be happy I'm even freakin' helpin' ya…" he says as he hands her the cup and the bottle. Rukia stare at it and back to him.

"What do I do?"

Ichigo grits his teeth, "Ya take one and ya swallow it…" Ichigo's surprised as Rukia obediently does as she's told and takes the pills. Rukia's mouth opens to ask what to do next but Ichigo pushes her further on to his bed, making her lie down. Then Ichigo goes to his desk and starts doing work.

"Wh-What do I do now, Ichigo?"

"I don't know…sleep or something…" he says without turning around. After a couple minutes of silence, Ichigo spins around his chair.

"How was the Hollow last night?"

Rukia looks up, "Fine…why do you ask?"

"N-No reason…" Ichigo mutters and turns around before Rukia can see his red face. Rukia grins devilishly.

"Yeah…fine for a Menos…" she smirks, Ichigo turns around.

"What?! A Menos?! Why the hell didn't you tell me?!" Ichigo yells. He doesn't notice Rukia putting on her act.

"Well…I beat it didn't I? You're such a worry wart…"

"D-Did he hurt you? Are you okay?" he asks, standing up. Rukia holds in her laughter.

"Don't yell at a sick person Ichigo…" Rukia scolds him as she turns over, "Now if you excuse me…I'll be going to sleep now. But I won't be able to if you keep yelling…so get out."

"What?! Wait?! Rukia-"

"Move Strawberry!" she yells, throwing a pillow at him. Ichigo dodges it, growls a bit, and takes his books, leaving the room. Rukia grins, now I can get some sleep…

But as Rukia sleep up stairs, guilt washes over Ichigo. He throws his pencil against the kitchen wall as he tries to work at the kitchen table.

"I should've went with her damn it…made sure she dried off before she went to bed…but who the hell goes to bed soakin' wet?! She such a moron!!" Ichigo yells as he has an intense inner conflict with himself.

An hour later he gives up on his homework and starts to make himself lunch. Remembering Rukia up in his room, he grabs a bowl of soup from the closet. After fixing the soup and wetting a facecloth, he walks up stair and opens the door into his room.

"Rukia…?" he says as he opens the door. He sees Rukia asleep in his bed and sets down the soup on his dresser. He takes the wet and puts it on her forehead…and stands there. Then his face goes red, crap…I must look like a freakin' stalker starin' at her… But instead of waking her up, he brings over a chair and sits down next to the bed…

And makes up for the opportunity he missed last night.

This story is pretty stupid and useless and I don't like it. I just can't think of anything anymore...I may have to end this story at 20 chapters if I keep coming up with stupid ideas like this. Ugh...anyway...this is what happens when it snows 14 inches and I have nothing to do...acutally, I do have a lot of stuff to do but just didn't feel like doing it. But I don't really have a lot to say about this chapter...

Tell me what you think?