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6: Dawn

"Damn it, you bastard!" Shego roared while pointing a threatening claw at "Bill," their friendly neighborhood alchemist. He might have been inclined to be a bit afraid if only Shego was not convulsing in pain on his dusty, wooden floor right now.

"What did you do to us?" Kim demanded, curled up in a tight ball on the floor some feet away from Shego. Her face was tense and knotted up from the sheer agony coursing through her. She had not felt such intense pain in years, not since Adrian anyway.

"Let the Stone take its course before sounding so angry," the alchemist replied calmly, smiling a bit. It was like he was enjoying their suffering, which they would have noticed and yelled about if only they were not doubled over in pain.

Kim and Shego continued to writhe in dire anguish on the surprisingly warm floor. They both scratched at the wood with their talons, digging into deeply. Shego shouted obscenities to the floor while Kim howled to the ceiling. "Bill" just watched them, arms folded across his chest as if he did not have a care in the world.

"Fuck!" Shego growled while reaching down to clutch her stomach, which felt like it was burning and being tied in knots at the same time.

Kim just roared, her fangs on display like they would be if she were a snarling, furious lion. She put a hand over her heart and was close to tearing at her clothing, wanting the pain to stop. In the back of her mind, her ears were picking up the sounds of fleeing animals in the nearby woods and she knew that it was because of the noise she and her partner were making.

"Don't worry. It'll pass soon," the alchemist assured them. His voice was still calm and his eyes were close to amused.

They could not even respond to that as agony jolted through their systems as if they were continuously being struck by lightning. They both clenched their teeth together, looking to at least stop screaming, but it hurt so much! The most they could do was glare at the decided bastard.

After a while, the pain did ease; it felt like a burning, endless eternity to the pair. Their screams turned to coughs, which then turned to groans. The groans turned into deep breaths as they tried to gather themselves from that wild ride.

"What the fuck did you do to us?" Shego demanded through heavy breaths, still settled on the floor. She was resting on her hands and knees, which she had pulled to her chest, like she was trying to keep herself from flying apart. Sweat dripped off of her, causing her hair to stick to her face.

"You know what I did. You think cleansing your body comes with nothing? You've got to go through a lot to get the most out of yourself. Some people don't even live through the process, so be happy you're still here," "Bill" informed the pissed off green-skinned female.

"Bullshit," Shego complained bitterly, even though she could see how people might die experiencing such huge shots of continuous agony for minutes on end. It had taken all of her willpower not to pass out. Like hell she would lose consciousness with a strange man in the room, especially if it meant that she would be leaving Kim on her own.

"Such skeptical creatures," he commented with a sigh while rolling his eyes.

Kim grimaced slightly as she tried to sit up. She understood what he was talking about more than Shego did because she remembered the sharp, horrible pain that had gone through her body when she had been changed into a vampire. That pain was etched into her nerve endings as a permanent memory and since then she had mentally, usually on a subconscious level, compared all physical pain to it. The Philosopher's Stone agony ranked right up there with the vampire pain.

Shego might have understood what "Bill" was talking about if she thought back to being hit with that meteor when she was younger. Not that it would have helped much since she had not been conscious long enough back then to consider how much everything hurt. She had also been in a coma for a week after the fact.

"I don't want to do that again," the redhead muttered while shaking her head, trying to dispel a pounding in her brain. There was a thin layer of sweat on her body as well because of the waves of agony that rode through her.

"Me either," Shego agreed as she took a moment to look up.

The raven-haired woman was about to start yelling at the alchemist again, even though she finally felt like all of the pain was gone. But, something else caught her attention, something very important – the sun was up. The alchemist was not even on her mind now.

"Kimmie!" Shego cried as she turned her eyes to the hero and her mouth practically hit the ground in sheer terror. The sun's rays were resting on Kim.

"Huh?" Kim asked in a bewildered tone because she did not notice what Shego had. She was too busy being glad that the pain had completely passed and then she took notice of her predicament. Her eyes nearly fell out of her skull as she finally realized what was going on. She yelped and backed away as fast she could, retreating in a corner faster than she even thought she could move.

Shego breathed a sigh of relief, but continued to watch Kim with anxious eyes. Kim stared down at her arm with wide, fearful eyes. It was as if she was waiting for it to burn off, or at least tingle. But, all it did was feel caressed by the sunlight that was not even shining on her anymore. The redhead was puzzled and crawled back toward the light.

"Kimmie!" Shego repeated in a horrified tone when she saw what the younger female was doing.

"Calm down," Kim replied in a low voice as she experimentally stuck her hand out into the light. She marveled at how wonderful the sun could feel.

Shego was shocked when she saw that her companion was not bursting into flames. She crawled over to Kim and took her hand, interlacing their fingers. She looked just as amazed as Kim since the redhead was not dying.

"Did it work?" Kim wondered aloud, eyes fixed on her hand in her companion's hand.

"I think so," Shego breathed the hope out. She had to resist the urge to pull Kim to her, hug her, kiss her, and just be thankful that they were finally out of the dark woods of her vampirism.

"Don't get ahead of yourselves, ladies," the alchemist warned them. Sure, Kim was not being killed from the sunlight, but he was not ready to concede that he had been wrong in his assumption about the stone's powers.

"What do you mean? The sun didn't kill her. She's gotta be cured!" Shego actually grinned. She yanked Kim to her and embraced the redhead tightly, which lead to something that disproved her statement.

Kim inhaled, taking in Shego's usual scent, which included smelling Shego's blood. It smelled just as good as always and Kim's stomach growled, signaling that she was hungry, which more than likely was due to all of the fighting that night, not to mention the other physical and emotional strain. And then her fangs grew out, ready to feed, which caused her to gasp.

"No, no, no!" Kim said while pulling away. She balled her hands into fists while shaking her head back and forth.

Shego went into a panic. "What's wrong, Princess?" she inquired as she tried to pull Kim back to her, but found that the redhead still had the strength to resist her if necessary, that same old inhuman strength that came from being a vampire.

"I still have the craving!" Kim cried while hiding her face in her hands, showing that she still had claws for nails.

"She's still a vampire," Shego realized in a low voice. Her heart sank, as did her whole expression and body. The Philosopher's Stone had not worked. Kim was still a vampire. But, if she was still a bloodsucker, why had the sun not killed her?

"Bill" shook his head while watching his guests. "You two are such children," he commented, having the nerve to sound serious.

"Shut up!" Shego roared in anger. "I promised her I'd cure her! Promised!"

"It was a promise that you can't keep. Being a vampire isn't a disease, just like having your special powers isn't a disease. This is what your friend is now. I told you that in the beginning," he pointed out.

"Then what the hell did it do to her?" Shego demanded, climbing to her feet and walking over to scream at "Bill" face to face.

"Well, from what I can tell, it made her immune to that sunlight problem that she had," he commented in a calm, almost dry tone. He wished he could follow them around and find out what else the Stone had done to the vampire. Hell, even finding out what the Stone had done to Shego with her powers would have been amazing.

"How the hell does the Stone do that for her, but doesn't make her human again?" Shego huffed like a mad bull. A snarl tugged at her lip, but at least she was not attacking.

He shrugged. "Hell if I know. I've never used the stone on a vampire," he replied with a slight attitude of his own since he felt like he made that perfectly clear before even giving them the Stone. He was just as curious as they were as far as the changes the Stone would put them through. He had only seen it work on normal humans, after all.

Shego thought about it for a moment, hating that he made sense. "Is it safe for me to take her outside?" the former sidekick asked curiously, trying to hide her concern. She glanced at Kim, who was now fascinated with warmth of the sun on her skin.

"Looks that way. You two be careful. Immortal doesn't mean 'can't be killed,' after all," he informed them, actually sounding a little concerned.

"Yeah…" Shego agreed hesitantly. Their business was done then, she supposed. It was time to go. "Kimmie…"

"Yeah?" Kim replied, twisting and turning her hand in the light. She was only daring to put her hand there, not wanting to chance anything else. Her hand appreciated the light and the feel of the sun on her hand made the rest of her body envious, wanting the same treatment.

"Time to go home," Shego informed her companion with a little sigh. She sounded relieved despite everything that happened that night.

"Home?" Kim echoed and suddenly a thought hit her. Could she go home, to her family, still a vampire? Sure, she was now a vampire that could go out in the sun, but the most important point was that she was still a vampire. It was what she was now, according to the three millennia old alchemist. Would my family accept me like this or would they actually be scared of me like GJ?

"Yeah, home," Shego repeated, looking out the window. She supposed she would have to take a chance and walk with her little vampire into the sun. She was slightly nervous about, even though the redhead had already shown that she could take the light.

Kim only nodded and she turned her attention to "Bill." She smiled at him. "Thank you for this," she said, quite sincerely.

"Bill" smiled, too, because it had been a very long time since someone thanked him. He doubted anyone had ever thanked him with such a bright smile. He figured he could see the surface of why Shego would go so far for the vampire.

"Don't mention it. You two, take care of yourselves and each other. I wish you both all the luck in the world." Based on what he had seen of them so far, he doubted they would need it.

Kim and Shego left the house on that note. Kim was a bit hesitant to step outside, but with some gentle coaxing from Shego, she faced her fear of the sun. The morning light washed over her and delighted every nerve ending that she had. She could not help smiling and sighing in relief.

"It feels so nice…" Kim commented in a low voice. She had her eyes closed, just taking in the warmth. It was like being sweetly kissed.

"So, you missed the sun, too?" Shego asked as they just stood outside of the small house. She took her redheaded partner's hand in hers to just share in the moment.

"I did. It's nice to be in the sun again," Kim answered, a tiny smile tugging at her lips.

Shego nodded. The pair walked back to their home, taking their time. They continued to go on hand-in-hand, silently enjoying the daytime together for the first time. It was like magic.

They went same route home as when they came. They passed by a familiar alley to see that Lee's body was gone. They were not sure what happened to him, but they were too tired to care at the moment. They were also too wrapped up in each other and the sun. People were coming out of their homes, ready to start their days, and even this mundane thing was fascinating and magical to the pair. They were ready to start their days as well.

They retired in Shego's bed when they got home. Her room had access to the wonderful sunlight that they both loved so much. They curled up in her large, comfortable bed and slept for hours as if they did not have a care in the world. When they woke up, Kim was happy to see she had not turned to dust despite having the sunrays hitting her directly for the whole morning. She did find herself very hungry, though.

Actually, considering the night that she had, Kim thought she could be much hungrier than she felt. Between the fight with the vampires, the vampire hunter, and the taxing experience with the Philosopher's Stone, she thought she would be famished. She should have jumped on Shego as soon as she got a chance. But, that thought had not occurred to her because she was not starving like that.

"Shego…" Kim whispered to her still sleeping companion as she dismissed her thoughts. Sure, she was not famished, but she was still quite hungry.

"Hmm?" Shego replied… or maybe she was just making a noise considering the fact that she still seemed to be very much asleep.

"Can I have just a little taste?" the redhead requested in a low voice. She wanted Shego's permission, but she did not want to disturb the green-skinned woman's sleep.


Kim pouted since that was not the response that she was looking for. She decided against biting Shego without consent. She eased out of bed, stared at the sun for a little while longer with a smile, and then went to see if she had some food in the fridge.

"I can't believe I'm going to be drinking blood for the rest of my life, which could be forever," Kim sighed as she took the last of the blood packs that were in the refrigerator. "But, from now on, it'll probably be forever with Shego." She smiled at that thought.

The woman in her thoughts made her presence known only moments later. Shego eased up behind Kim, not really sneaking up on her since she was still a vampire. She did wrap her arms around the smaller female, hugging her slightly. The former sidekick purred when contact was made.

Shego needed to assure herself that the sun had not taken Kim from her, which she had thought when she first woke up because she was alone in the bed. No, Kim was still there, firm and solid, and obviously still quite the vampire.

"Shego," Kim began in whisper.

"Yes?" the older woman replied, cuddling her cheek in her companion's soft fiery mane.

"Can I go outside with you today?" the redhead requested, almost like a small child that expected to be denied such a privilege.

"If you want. We can sunbathe together… if it's safe."

Kim smiled. "Sounds nice."

For the next few days, the pair lived like they were in a dream. They got a feel for what Kim could do and what she could not. She went in the sun, but still felt the urge to sleep in the coffin. She still craved blood, but not as often as she did before. The hunger issue was something that Shego could relate to.

Shego found herself not really feeling hungry anymore. She still ate food and was satisfied with meals, but hunger really did not nip at her anymore. She blamed it on having nothing to do around the house and thought nothing of it.

They both could feel something happening to their bodies physically, but they were not entirely sure what it was until they sparred with each other. They both found that they no longer knew their own strength.

"What the fuck?" Shego muttered while looking down at her own hands as if she did not know they were hers.

"This again," Kim mumbled as she looked at her hands, too.

"Again?" The pale woman glazed up at her opponent with confusion laced in her emerald eyes.

"When I became a vampire at first, it felt like my body wasn't my own, like now. It takes sometime to get used to."

Shego was not entirely sure if she liked that, but she supposed she did not have a choice. It would seem that the Stone had affects she did not even think about. She wondered if she truly was immortal, but she figured only time would tell with that. It would be worth it if she could stay with Kim.

"You still wanna fight?" the plasma-wielder asked curiously.

Kim smirked. "You know I do."

The pair got back into their fighting stances and went at each other. They silently figured the sparring would get them used to their bodies sooner. Instead, they found out a bit more about things when a particularly hard hit caused Shego to react as she usually would: she flared her hands.

The jade plasma shot out as brightly as signal flare. Kim yelped, still having a healthy fear of her friend's powers. She fell back on her rump while Shego realized what happened.

"Oh shit!" Shego quickly put her hands out and turned to Kim. "Cupcake, are you all right?!" she begged as she bent down to the vampire.

"I think so. You smell something?" the redhead asked, sniffing at the air. "It's like something's burning."

Shego sniffed the air; yeah, she smelled something rather strongly. She glanced down and happened to see that she burned Kim's eyebrow, which was smoking. She made a panicked face for a second, but then she realized that she was able to touch Kim with her plasma.

"Uh… I don't smell anything. How about we call it a day? We can go take a shower," Shego suggested, knowing that would get Kim to agree with her and hopefully Kim would not notice that her eyebrow was singed.

The vampire eagerly agreed with that offer, nodding like a happy puppy. She hopped up off of the mats and they exited their workout room. Shego sighed, glad to have gotten away with something and glad that she had not killed her princess.

-*-(New day)-*-

"Shego?" Kim said in a sort of a purr. She was curled up next to Shego, who was quite naked because they were supposed to be sunbathing. Kim was more just using it as an excuse to cuddle up to a nude Shego. She rested her head on Shego's shoulder, close to her bare breast. Every few minutes, she would kiss or lick the tasty mound, but nothing more.

"Yes?" the raven-haired woman replied. If the vampire even hinted to sex beyond what she was already doing, Shego was going to start a big fight. Not because she could not take it anymore, but because they had taken care of that before coming outside.

"Are we ever going to leave here?" the redhead asked, turning her head to look up at her companion. Shego's eyes were closed, as she was just taking in the rays of the sun and enjoying that Kim was right next to her.

"If that's what you want," the older female answered before she could even process what Kim asked her.

"I want to see my family again. I think it's as safe it's going to be and it's been seven years now. I want to see them," Kim admitted. She had been thinking about it for a long time, even before the incident with the Philosopher's Stone. She could not put things off anymore. Her heart cried out for them. It was time to find out if her family could accept her like this.

"I don't see why that should be a problem. Maybe we should see an old friend before hand. Just in case she's staking your house out," Shego replied. Deep in her heart, she did worry about Kim seeing her family again. Would she be forgotten for Kim's family? Sure, Kim had expressed a desire to be with Shego, but she fretted over how that might have changed since Kim changed.

"You're right, but how do we get her to leave us alone? I mean, you're still a fugitive and I'm still a vampire," the redhead pointed out. Not to mention, that certain "friend" had deemed it necessary sic Lee on them and Lee had come very close to killing Shego. She doubted that they could trust that woman anymore.

"I don't know if we can talk her into leaving us alone, but we could always let her know that this is a game between the three of us and it wouldn't be a good idea for her to come after your family."

Kim's forehead wrinkled. "Do you think she'll go for that?"

"She won't have a choice. I mean, would it be a good idea for her to go after your family?" Shego asked.

Kim frowned. "No," she practically growled. She would tear that miserable little human apart if she even though to harm any Possible!

"Okay then. Kimmie," Shego said in a different, soft sort of tone, letting the vampire know the subject was being changed.


"I'm still going to cure you."

"I know." Kim pushed herself up a bit to place a deep kiss to Shego's mouth. The kiss backed up her words and her faith in the older woman. Things were not over yet, but they were constantly changing now. It was better than when everything seemed the same to them, which was back then they were prisoners.


Betty Director was in bed. She was about to go to sleep after a day of the usual work. She was not being hounded as much as she used to about the two that got away, but they were still actively looking for the dangerous pair. After all, that duo did consist of the world's most deadly women more than likely.

She sighed and settled into her pillow. The lights were out in her house and her security system in place. She felt like it was safe to go to bed until she heard a voice in the darkness.

"Nice place you got here," a voice that sounded suspiciously like Kim's commented.

"Security's a fucking joke, though," Shego added in.

Betty shot up in bed as the two most wanted women on the planet stepped into her vision range. They were dressed in all black, blending in with the night that covered them and the whole house. They had the nerve to look smug, as if boasting that they had broken into one of the most secure places in the country. Quietly, she tried to grab the weapon she kept under her pillow.

"The gun's gone, so stop reaching," Kim told Doctor Director, who gulped.

"Don't get up on our account," Shego informed the one-eyed woman, smiling like a demon as she spoke.

"What the hell are you two doing here?" Betty demanded. Her voice was firm, but there was a tiny sliver of fear underneath her bravado. After all, she had been on the receiving end of Kim's wrath when the vampire did not get her way and she stopped seeing human beings. She hated to think about what would happen if she was on the end of that fury again, especially if Kim already thought of her as the enemy.

"We've come to set the rules to the little game we're going to be playing for the rest of your life or until you grow a brain, whichever," Shego told her in an almost frivolous tone.

"Rules?" Betty echoed, perplexed to say the least.

Kim chimed in. "Rule one: you do NOT come after my family in any way, shape, or form while trying to get to us. Rule two: you do NOT try to use Shego's family to get to us. Rule three: you do NOT attempt to kill either one of us, or even send people that might try to kill us ever again. Rule four: this game is between you and us, so keep it that way. If you break any of these rules, one or both of us will be back here, where you sleep, while you're asleep, and you won't like it. Maybe we'll tear a few chunks of flesh away," the vampire said while holding up her claws and Shego flexed her own.

"And maybe that'll just be the start of it. We're not your little toys to play with, Betty," Shego said venomously, hissing out the director's name.

"We won't leave a pretty corpse," Kim promised in a dead serious tone. She could not find it in her heart to have mercy on a woman that employed the man that nearly took her most precious companion from her.

"Hell, we might not even leave a corpse," Shego added in, just as serious. She had been done and fed up with Director for a while now, ever since the woman seemed to think of Kim as a toy. She was just looking for a reason now; it did not help matters that Betty sent the vampire hunter that nearly killed her and could have killed Kim.

Betty wanted to say something back, but the cold look in those green eyes had her mouth sealed shut. Kim wore her "humans mean nothing to me" look and Shego mirrored it, which was totally new to the leader of GJ. It was clear that neither of them would have any qualms with destroying her if she broke their set rules for catching them.

"You don't have to answer. Just think about it," Shego said and with that, the pair was gone as suddenly as they appeared. Betty did not get any sleep that night.

"So, now what?" Kim asked as they strolled down the clear street like two normal people.

"Let's go check out where we'll be staying to see what we need to do with it and then we'll see your family first thing tomorrow, okay?" Shego replied.

Kim nodded. They were going to lay claim to one of Drakken's old lairs that was nearby, figuring that he did not need it anymore considering the fact that he was still in prison. No one had bothered to break him out, after all.

The duo made it to a lair that was just outside of Middleton. They figured Betty would never think to look for them so close by. They looked around the place, which was covered in dust and machines that they were never going to use. Some of the machinery had rusted and there had to be several leaky pipes because there were puddles and water damage all around.

"We can make it look like our other place," Kim said with beaming hope and a bright smile. It was hard to believe that she was the same person threatening Betty Director less than an hour ago.

"Sure, we can do that. For now, let's just get some sleep. You can be fresh for your meeting tomorrow," Shego answered.

"You're coming with me right?" the redhead asked with wide eyes.

"If you want me to."

Kim latched onto Shego. "Of course, I want you to! I want you to always be with me," she reminded the older woman.

Shego actually smiled. "I'll always be there," she promised. "So, let's get some sleep."

The pair retired to Shego's old room, which was covered in as much dust as the rest of the lair. They cleaned things as best they could. They actually did a thorough enough job that they were quite comfortable staying there. They had spare clothing, so they changed into pajamas before cuddling up in bed together.

"When we get this place cleaned up, we've got to break in the bed," Kim commented before snuggling her face into her partner's neck.

"Sure," Shego agreed. Lately, she had been having all of the energy she needed to keep up with Kim, who still had her raging libido. She knew it was because of the Philosopher's Stone and she did not have a problem with that. She was quite glad to be able to please Kim as often as the vampire wanted now. After all, Kim was always there for her when she was "needy."

Kim practically purred, thinking of all of the things that she was going to do to Shego later on, and hopefully all of the things that Shego would do to her. With luck, things would start shaping up and life would get better than it had been for the past seven years.

-*-(Next day)-*-

Kim bounced on her heels, obviously nervous about what she was going to do. She clutched Shego tightly as they stood on the front steps of what was her home before she was changed. Shego held onto her, assuring her everything would be fine with her presence, as she knocked on the door.

Kim's grip tightened as a familiar voice called out for them to hold on for a minute. It was the heavenly voice of reason that used to help her through what she always thought were complicated issues in her life. Looking back on things now, she supposed that sometimes she troubled her mother with trivial matters. But, Mom was a good sport and had a lot of patience with me. She smiled at the thought, comforted by the memory.

When the door opened, Kim was not even sure what to say. Her mother stood there, looking older than she recalled. She reminded herself that not only had seven years passed, but her eyes were sharper than they used to be. It was not a bad thing, but it just reminded her how long she had been gone.

Ann was speechless as she stared at her daughter, who looked the same as when she vanished so long ago, but was obviously different. Ann's arms went automatically out and around Kim, even though she was pressed very close to Shego at the moment. It was like Ann did not even notice Shego.

"We've missed you so much," Ann whispered with a sigh of relief. She could not believe how good and reassuring it felt to hold her daughter again. Sniffling, she sobbed as she clutched her child tightly.

"I've missed you, too, Mom," Kim said in a low voice of her own while she finally let go of Shego to return her mother's embrace. She sniffled, overcome with emotions and on the verge of tears already. "It's okay," she tried to assure her crying mother, patting her on the back.

Ann took a deep breath, managing to stop weeping. "I know it is. It is now."

Kim smiled. "Yeah, it is now."

"Come on in." Ann took her daughter by the hand to usher her into the house.

Kim quickly took Shego's hand so that she was not forgotten. The gesture was not lost on the plasma-wielder and she smiled to herself. Once they were in the house, Ann shut the door behind them. Kim was surprised to see not only her family in the house, but her closest friends: Ron, Wade, and Monique. Yori was also there, but she could not exactly be called a "close friend" since Kim did not get the chance to truly know her before her "accident."

"Kim!" The crowd in the house rushed Kim and hugged her tightly.

"What're you all doing here? How'd you know I was going to come by today?" Kim asked, looking back and forth to everyone.

Kim was not given an answer to that question. Instead, they all quickly went into catching up. Kim noted that they all ignored the fact that she was not dead and did not ask where she had been for the past seven years. They just tried to catch her up in their lives, wanting her to be included in everything that she missed.

Ron told her about how he and Yori got married. He sounded a bit apologetic about it, but he seemed to be forcing it. Kim only smiled, expressing joy that Ron found happiness with Yori.

"It's good that you're happy," Kim assured her oldest friend. All she wanted to do was get back into his life and friendship was fine by her, especially since she had a significant other now as well.

"More than you know," Ron said with a sheepish smile. He felt so guilty that he had not been able to save Kim years ago and then he had the nerve to move on with his life while she went through who-knew-what.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked curiously.

"Married with kids," Monique filled her in since Ron seemed to suffering from some silencing shame.

"Kids?" Kim sounded amazed, but found out that Ron was not the only one married, nor was he was he only one with kids. Monique had a husband and baby of her own. Kim wasted no time being happy for both of them and wanting to know about their families. Ron, Yori, and Monique all were happy to tell her about their families too.

Kim then turned to find out what her brothers had been up to since she was gone. She could not believe how much they and Wade had grown in the past seven years. They were kids when she last saw them, now they were men. Men that had graduated high school, college, and other educational programs. Men with jobs now, apparently.

"So, you're telling me you actually get paid to blow stuff up?" Kim asked the tweebs in disbelief.

"You know it!" Jim grinned, giving her two thumbs up.

"Perfect job!" Tim said, throwing his fist in the air. Kim laughed a bit, happy for her brothers, but a bit nervous for the rest of the world.

"What about you, Kimmie-cub?" her father asked curiously. "What have you been doing these past years?"

Kim did not miss a beat. "Staying with the greatest woman on Earth," she answered and she turned to grab Shego, only to find that she was gone. "Shego? Shego?" Kim was about to panic, wondering why Shego would leave her now, but then she spotted the green-skinned woman standing off to the side, practically hiding in the kitchen. "Come here, you." Kim grabbed Shego and held her close, letting everyone know that they were a couple.

Shego actually had to suppress a blush trying to form on her cheeks from knowing that not only was she not forgotten, but Kim was not afraid to show how close they were to her family. Maybe there was nothing to worry about and Kim really would stay with her forever. She would never be alone.

"Shego's been taking care of me," Kim told everyone.

Shego was surprised as they all thanked her. James Possible shook her hand and Ann hugged her. Shego was not sure what to make of it, but accepted it, thinking the brain surgeon might need it. The others respected her space a little more, but they were more familiar with Shego.

"You are something else," Ron told Shego, patting her on the shoulder.

"Hey, I never do anything halfway," Shego joked.

"Thank you for that."

Shego just nodded. The visit went fine and well into the night. Kim and Shego stayed for dinner, where Kim ate, but the food did nothing for her. She was not too sure if her family knew she was a vampire or not and she would rather that conversation wait until she came back home a few more times. The whole thing was pleasant and Kim promised to return in a few days, but she and Shego had cleaning to do at their home.

"Take care, Kimmie," Ann and James said at the same time while walking Shego and Kim to the door.

"I will. We'll be back," Kim promised.

"You keep taking care of her, Shego. Make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble and keep her away from boys," James commented, which earned a chuckle from Shego while Kim just shook her head.

"I doubt that'll be a problem," Shego answered. Kim actually blushed a bit; who knew a vampire could blush.

Ann grabbed them both into two more hugs. Again, Shego accepted it. Kim returned it and sighed.

"We'll be back," Kim vowed in a low tone.

"As soon as you can," Ann begged and kissed Kim on the cheek, still holding onto her.

Kim nodded. "I promise." This was enough for Ann to finally let go.


"Shego, did you set up that meeting with everyone today?" Kim asked as they settled into bed. They had gotten a lot of cleaning done and managed to start updating the security system of the lair.

"Maybe," Shego answered cryptically.


Shego shrugged. "You wanted to see everyone. So, I just made sure everyone was together."

Kim smiled sweetly. "That was nice of you. But then, how come you tried hiding?"

Shego shrugged again, but she knew the subject would not be dropped. "I thought you'd want to be by yourself while reestablishing your ties and everything."

Kim giggled and cuddled closer to her lover. "Silly. I want to do that, but I also want them to know I'm with you forever and always now. So, they should get used to seeing you."

Shego could not help smiling, which Kim noticed. She flipped over to where she was lying on Shego now. She leaned down and placed a sweet kiss to Shego's mouth.

"We're always going to be together, right?" the redhead asked.

"Like you said, always and forever," Shego answered and she now sincerely believed those words. They were never going to be alone. She wrapped her arms around Kim and pulled the vampire down for another, deeper kiss that reminded them both of the fathomless, eternal connection that they shared.


The end.

The Vampire Kimmie chronicles continue in Blood In.