Flack and Lindsay were in the interrogation room, sitting across from a person of interest in a murder of a prostitute.

"We have witnesses who place your car as the last john to pick her up," Flack says as Lindsay slides the picture of the dead woman in his direction.

"Yeah, I picked her up. So?" He replied non-chalantly.

"So you also killed her," Lindsay said. He just shakes his head no.

A rap on the door made Flack stand up, then step outside.

"She wasn't as pretty as you," the suspect says. Lindsay just looks at him; some suspects could be so predictable, saying anything to get out of the hot seat.

In a flash the table was turned over and the suspect had his hands around Lindsay's throat. She began scratching at his hands with her fingernails. She couldn't breath. He started raining blows to her stomach, as he keep one hand firmly around her throat, squeezing. Her baby.Oh god, she can't breathe

"Flack..." she tries to scream out but can't hear anything coming out. Danny…. Where are you?

Hearing the table hit the floor, made Flack open the door. "Hey!!" he shouted. Flack grabbed the man from behind and body slammed him to the ground. The man was still struggling trying to get back up.

"We need some help in here!!" Flack screams. All the cops in hearing range come in and dog pile the guy, batons in hand.

"Linds, are you okay?" Flack rushes to her side, she's on the floor gasping for air, crying. "We need a medic!" Flack instructs. He helps Lindsay up as much as he can without hurting her even more.

"My baby…" she starts holding her stomach, sobbing. "Danny, Don I need Danny."

"Well find him, Linds. Just breathe this in." He hands her an oxygen mask that someone brought to him.

Danny had just arrived back from a scene ambulances were outside, which was kind of normal, his phone chirped, he picked it to see who was calling, it read 'Flack'. He ignored it, he wasn't no more than 30 feet from where he would see him. Weaving his way around uniforms and detectives he noticed a crowd of paramedics around the interrogation room and a desk.

"Where the hell have you been?" he jerks his head to see a very anxious and upset Flack.

"I just got back from a scene," he explains, his eyes taking in taking in the commotion. "What's going on?" And then his eyes landed on his worst nightmare, Lindsay crying uncontrollable, face flushed, oxygen mask over her face, and red marks around her throat? Without hesitation, he dropped his kit, and started pushing people out of his way, literally.

Lindsay's eyes caught his as relief filled her terrified face. "Montana?? What happened?"

She tried to tell him but as she started talking she cried to hard to talk. "Sir, we have to put her on the gurney, she needs to be checked out," Not willing to let her out of his site he swept her up into his arms, and laid her on the gurney.

"Dan we have to let them work," Flack tried get him out of the way.

"Don what the fuck happened to her?" Danny was so confused and was on the verge of being very pissed off.

"It was my fault," Don was feeling real guilty.

"WHAT was your fault?"

"I uhh… I left her alone with a suspect and uh.. He attacked her. I come in and his got her by the throat and punching her in the stomach. I got to him as fast as I could and threw him to the ground."

Midsentence, another gurney was being pushed out. The man had been badly beaten. "Is that him?" Flack didn't answer. "IS THAT HIM?!" Danny demanded. Flack nodded his head.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Danny charges at him, blood boiling.

"She deserved it. They all deserve it!!" The man says laughing through the blood in his mouth, not really talking about Lindsay in general.