Chapter 6: The Tribunal

Once more the scene arrives to the likes of Sir Raven sitting at the fireplace.

"I see you have finally returned" said Sir Raven, "well it seems the night of Dracula's Tribunal have finally arrived. Mandy with the help of Jimmy and his friends had gathered up all the evidence they needed to help defend the charge against Dracula and also began to bring charges against Count Orion. But the likes of Count Orion was prepared to trump more charges against Dracula."

The scene then switches to the likes of a court room where the likes of the Head-Head Vampire Ms. Claus, along with Judge Roy Spleen and Count Ghouloush, the Head Vampire preceded as a three panel judge along with a grand jury entering into the scene.

"May the defense for Dracula's party please come forward" said Ms. Claus.

"With pleasure your honor" replied Mandy as she along with Cindy, Libby and Jimmy had become stepped up to the seat next to Dracula.

"Is Dracula sure you can help Dracula out?" asked Dracula as he whispered to Mandy.

"Don't worry, we have nothing to loose" replied Mandy.

"Oh, that's what you think" said Count Orion who overheard the whispering as he snapped his fingers and several high-priced lawyers from the underworld entered into the scene, "you have no chance of providing my guilt in anything, all Dracula does is employ children to help save him from his evil deeds."

"I never loose and I won't loose this case either" added Mandy as she snarled right in Count Orion's face.

"Okay, since both parties' teams are here" said Judge Spleen, "let's get this party started already."

"The tribunal would like to call the likes of the Dracula to the stand" ordered Count Ghouloush.

As Dracula got up to the stand, Count Orion signaled one of his lawyers to go up to interrogate Dracula.

"Dracula, is it true that you are the best vampire in the international vampire community?" asked the first lawyer.

"Yea, Dracula is legendary, what's so bad about that for Dracula?" asked Dracula.

"Then is it possible for you to abuse your powers to bite one of your fans?" asked the first lawyer.

"What sort of garbage are you telling Dracula?" replied Dracula, "Dracula can hardly bite, Dracula hasn't bitten another human since, well, Dracula can't really remember biting one since before the first great war."

"Then how could you explain that members of your defense team along with also the likes of a few guests of the Halloween party my client held managed to turn into vampires and monsters?" asked the first lawyer.

"What are you trying to talk to Dracula about?" asked Dracula, "Dracula remember not biting anyone, all Dracula remembers is that Jimmy and his friends used some sort of a machine to help Dracula get who wanted to frame Dracula within the vampire community."

"Objection your honor" said Count Orion as his team of lawyers signaled him to do so, "how can the likes of some members of Dracula's defense team could be vampires, obviously us vampires know that one has to become one by being bitten or born into the flock."

Suddenly before Count Orion spoke too soon, the likes of Jimmy's monster machine was brought in with the help from Grim, Sheen, Carl and Billy along with the likes of Harold who was still a mindless zombie and Pud'n who was quite the werewolf.

"Your honors, I think a demonstration is in order" said Jimmy as it was his turn to show the likes of Harold and Pud'n to be under the umbrella of his monster machine.

As Harold and Pud'n stepped under the umbrella and Jimmy pressed the switch, before everybody's eyes Harold and Pud'n changed back into their normal human selves.

"What's the matter with him?" asked Count Orion pointing to Harold who was still drooling quite a bit.

"That's how my dad always is" replied Billy.

"Me get out of here" said Harold as he began to leave the scene with Pud'n.

"Also your honors" said Jimmy as he placed some photos of each neck of himself and the likes of his friends, "if the likes of our client Dracula was able to bite us, wouldn't there be vampire teeth marks on our necks?"

"Hmm, there would at least be two holes on all five necks of the photos if Dracula was behind it" replied Ms. Claus as she was given the photos by Jimmy who then passed it to the two other judges.

"But that doesn't prove anything" said Count Orion along with his team of lawyers nodding their heads.

"Sorry, but your objection is overruled" replied Judge Spleen.

"We indeed have a witness of our own to bring to the stand" said Cindy as she stood up, "we call upon the likes of Count Orlok."

As Count Orlok got up to the stand, his brother Count Orion grew quite nervous.

"This isn't going well" said Count Orion to his defense team.

"Well, we tried our best" replied the first lawyer.

"What else do you want to do?" asked the second lawyer.

"Count Orlok" said Cindy, "is it true that you are one of the ugliest vampires?"

"Yes, what's that go to do about it?" asked Count Orlok.

"And isn't it true that your brother is quite the opposite of you?" added Cindy.

"Yes, he always wanted to be the best vampire and he was quite jealous of the likes of Dracula" replied Count Orlok, "Dracula won the most dance contests over my brother even within his own night club he owned."

"Dracula sure does got a lot of dance contest trophies" added Dracula.

"In the effort to get Dracula banned from ever seeing his face in the vampire community, only someone like Count Orion would be able to have such a diabolical motive" continued Count Orlok.

"That's preposterous!" cried Count Orion.

"Overruled" replied Ms. Claus.

"I think the evidence of an anti-Dracula shrine is in order to show the tribunal that it was Count Orion who was responsible for the deed" said Mandy as she handed the three judges photos of the anti-Dracula shrine.

"Oh my, these photos are too gruesome for any vampires' eyes" said Ms. Claus.

"I find that the likes of Count Orion was quite responsible for bitting the victim" said Judge Spleen as he slammed his hammer on the table, "and I drop all charges against Count Dracula."

"Wow, Dracula can't thank you kids enough" said Dracula as Grim gave him a big hug.

"I knew my favorite monster couldn't have done the horrible deed" said Grim as he wept with joy.

"Skeleton man, get off me" said Dracula.

"Alright, alright, I admit it!" cried Count Orion as he rose up from his seat and began to float in the air, "I was the one who not just only bit the victim to frame Dracula but also was the one who ordered the victim to be cremated preventing the victim from becoming a vampire and accuse the likes of me for the crime! I just couldn't stand that pathetic excuse for a vampire Dracula at my night club and framing him for bitting a human to become a vampire was just the ticket along with Dracula suspecting my ugly brother. I would have also gotten away with it if it weren't for you–"

"Stop mentioning that pathetic repetitive show!" cried Mandy as she grabbed Count Orion's sleeve ready for a fist fight.

"Order, order!" cried Ms. Claus, "Has the jury reached the verdict on what should happen to the guilty party?"

"Uh, yes" replied Fred Fred Burger who was the head jurist, "we the jury find Count Orion to be guilty, yes."

"And the punishment?" asked Count Ghouloush.

"He should be locked up in his coffin until he can become even uglier than his brother" added Fred Fred Burger, "along with all the property of Count Orion to Count Orlok. Yes."

The scene then switches back to Sir Raven who was quite pleased that the story finally ended.

"Oh, it's finally over, well it seems that the likes of Grim, Mandy, Billy, Jimmy and his friends managed to get Dracula off free from being charged with a crime" said Sir Raven, "as for Count Orlok he acquired the likes of his brother's night club and is also now hosting Halloween parties. For his brother, he was concealed in his coffin until he became even uglier than his brother. The end!"