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Harry James Potter was tired. He had multiple cuts, his muscles were aching and he was sure that he had broken at least one toe. The full moon was shining down on him, making the hedges of the maze seem even more ominous and threatening. Harry glanced up at Cedric next to him and shook his head. Cedric still managed to look like a hero after this bloody maze. His hair was barely displaced, and his posture was tall and strong. The older boy's voice broke him out of his thoughts.

"Well go on Harry, you take it. You deserve it." Cedric gestured grandly for Harry to take the gleaming gold cup sitting on the pedestal in front of him.

"No, Cedric, you take it. You would have won if Krum wasn't being an arse." Harry didn't even mind not winning right now; in fact he felt more like losing and going home.

"How about together then? Hogwarts wins either way right? We tie for first?" Harry nodded, accepting this compromise. Cedric reached out and pulled Harry closer. "On 3 then, 1...2...3..."

As they grasped the cup, a very familiar hooking feeling grabbed Harry's navel and pulled him along. Finally they landed in a heap, the cup bouncing away from them behind a tombstone. Harry finally rose and looked around and shivered. They were in a dark graveyard, the full moon shining, casting eerie shadows everywhere. A ring of trees surrounded the small grouping of graves. Birds could be seen nesting quietly in the branches, watching the two students.

Cedric stood up next to him, and pulled out his wand. "Wands out, you reckon?" Harry nodded and followed Cedric's example.

As they slowly made their way out from where they landed, they saw a small empty patch in front of a larger grave. They reached it, and Harry brushed his fingers across the name Tom Riddle. The stone seemed to catch on to his fingers, as if it was trying to hold on to him.

Both boys quickly turned as they heard a slight muttering. A stooped, wretched man hobbled towards them before suddenly raising his wand and uttering a quick spell. Both boys were thrown against Riddle's grave and held there as if by some permanent sticking charm. The hobbled old man crept out of the shadows to reveal a thin face and pale white skin. Rodent-like whiskers spread across his face and his eyes were small and greedy. His nose was pointed and kept twitching, as if it was looking for more smells.

Harry's eyes narrowed. "Pettigrew! What do you think you are doing?" The man merely smiled evilly at him before pulling a large cauldron in front of them. He went back in to the shadows before bring a small bundle forth. Even though it was the size and shape of a baby, Harry and Cedric visibly blanched away from it, both feeling the pure evil that radiated from it.

An evil, snakelike voice emanated from the bundle. "Kill the Spare." Wormtail turned and effortlessly cast the Killing Curse directly at Cedric.

Harry screamed and redoubled his efforts to escape the sticking charm, but could only watch helplessly as the green light flashed and collided with Cedric. His body instantly went limp, and Harry's mind raced as he saw another person die with him, because of him.

The sound of digging broke his thoughts. He turned to see Wormtail kneeling, reaching in to a small hole in the ground. He stretched, and a grimace crossed his face as he pulled out a long-buried skull, almost completely free of flesh but still smelling horrid. The eye sockets glared out at Harry, as if blaming him for his unearthing and theft. Harry gagged, and had to control his vomit, lest he angered Wormtail and whatever that bundle was.

Wormtail slowly placed the bundle in to the cauldron, hiding it from Harry's view. A soft hiss was heard as the bundle made contact with the mysterious potion. Wormtail raised the skull above his head, before speaking. "Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son." He placed the skull gently in the potion and pulled his hand quickly, as if he was afraid of the creature in the cauldron.

Harry's mind raced, half of him trying to understand what the rat animagus was doing in front of him, and the other half searching desperately for an escape. The gleam of silver caught his eye as Wormtail procured a knife and holding his arm above the cauldron, said in a shaky voice, "Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your master." With a sudden stroke and a small yelp of pain, Wormtail brought the knife slicing down upon his wrist, depositing the now-severed hand in to the potion. With a shudder, Harry finally realized what Wormtail was doing. Voldemort was trying to come back.

Finally, Wormtail threw the knife aside, and crossed towards the tombstone, standing in front of Harry. Harry's voice broke through the deadly quiet. "Peter, this is me. It's Harry, James' son. Don't do this. If you stop now, we can destroy him, and then I'll help you. Please!"

Wormtail looked down at Harry with a glimmer of hope in his eye, and he hesitated slightly before the glimmer vanished and he continued in the same manner. "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe." Wormtail drew the wand and sliced it across Harry's wrist, drawing a thin line of blood. Wormtail gathered the blood in a vial and quickly dumped it in to the cauldron before scuttling back near Harry.

A loud hiss broke the silence and the potion began to bubble and pop. Just as it seemed it would overflow the cauldron, it receded until Harry could no longer see it. A large exhalation was heard. A form started to rise out of the cauldron, seeming to unfold slowly but surely, until it stood, towering over Harry in the moonlight, and raised it's arms. "Lord Voldemort, has returned." The figure turned and revealed himself to Harry. A pale, white, snake-like face stared back out at him, nose nothing more than slits in the face. Blood red eyes poured in to him, seeming to invade Harry's very soul and tarnish his being. "Wormtail, my wand."

The little man ran over and handed the wand to Voldemort, as he stepped out of the cauldron and banished it away. "Hold out your arms, Wormtail, my most faithful follower. Your service will be rewarded." Wormtail moved forward, and held out both arms, one of them comically shorter than the other, ending in a stub. If Harry wasn't facing the most frightening sight of his life, he would have laughed. Voldemort raised his wand and with a swift swish, a gleaming silver hand appeared and attached itself to Wormtail's stub. Flexing his new appendage, he bowed and mumbled his thanks. He started to turn away but in a flash, Voldemort stabbed his wand in to the Dark Mark on Wormtails other arm. The smaller man screamed in pain as pops were heard all around them. At least 10 Death Eaters stood, fully robed around them. Harry's eyes bulged, and he gulped in. Lord Voldemort truly had returned.

"Tis a joy to be alive again. Don't you see Potter? You hope to defeat me? I am so powerful, I can cheat death. What can you do?" The Death Eaters roared with laughter as Voldemort drank in the cheers and soon joined in. His cold laugh drowned the others out and made Harry as if it would haunt his dreams for years. The Dark Lord turned to Harry and came up close, nose to nose with the young Gryffindor. "Where is your fool of a Headmaster now? Where is your mother to save you now!? Say goodbye, Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived-Then-Died."

Voldemort raised his wand and a gleam came to his eye. The Death Eaters stilled, and the entire graveyard went quiet, as if nature itself was holding its breath, waiting for the two words. Voldemort opened his mouth but whatever he said, it was drowned out. A lone, long howl rose through the trees. Soon, a second joined it. Then a third, a fourth, and soon dozens of howls and barks could be heard throughout the graveyard. Above the trees rimming the graveyard, various birds could be seen taking flight. The Death Eaters froze, as did Voldemort. Then all the howls went dead quiet.

A scream rent the air, as one of the Death Eaters went down, a dark figure upon him that was soon joined by two others. His screams soon ended, but the sound of them feasting went on. In a heartbeat, the entire ensemble of wizards was surrounded by dark, slightly crouched figures that were growling and howling. The Death Eaters quickly disapparated. Voldemort turned to Harry and said, "Soon Potter, I will end this." With that he disapparated, as a werewolf leapt through the air he had just been occupying.

As Voldemort left, the sticking charm stopped and Harry slid down the tombstone, eyes wide in fear. The closest werewolf stalked towards him, an eerie smile gracing his face. With a low growl he leapt forward for Harry's head. Harry raised his arm just in time to protect his face, but his forearm was mangled desperately. Harry only dimly realized the significance of the white saliva and red blood mixing in his arm. The werewolf jumped off, and reached to bite Harry's head off, but then its ears perked up. All the wolves surrounding Harry stood up and looked to the South. A series of shadows were swooping low towards Harry and the werewolves. They landed, and within a breath, the pack of werewolves was in a bloody fight with the descending vampires. Fur flew quite literally, blood was all over the grass and the battle was just getting started.

Harry used the fight to slip towards Cedric, and dragged him towards the Cup when a shadow stood over, covering the light shining from the moon. Harry looked up to see a pale man in a dark cloak standing over him, blood dripping slowly from his extended fangs. He smiled grimly before grabbing Harry and in one smooth move, bit cleanly in the pulsing carotid artery in his neck. Harry felt himself grow weak, until another form hit the vampire dragging him off Harry. Harry slumped to the grass, grabbed Cedric's body, and looking back to the fight going on around him, touched the Cup and disappeared.

Harry reappeared in the now cleared field in Hogwarts. The Portkey caused him to land on Cedric's stiffening body. A crowd of people were around and it took a moment for people to notice him. Screams echoed through the night as people crowded around him.

Dumbledore pushed his way through the crowd and sat next to Harry. "Harry, are you alright? We have apprehended Professor Moody. It appears that he was really Barty Crouch Jr. in disguise. He was the one who set up the Portkey." Harry nodded and rolled off of Cedric, causing gasps to roll through the crowd. His parents pushed through and saw their son.

Harry turned towards the Diggorys and took a deep breath. "I'm so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Diggory. Cedric's dead."

Dumbledore's voice broke through the haze of screaming and moaning coming from the crowd. By now, the older Weasley's, Ron, Hermione and Ginny had pushed through towards Harry. "Harry, what happened? We know it was a Portkey."

Harry took another deep breath and leaned back, resting his head on something soft. He looked up to see Ginny kneeling behind him, blushing slightly but her eyes bright. His head was resting on the soft flesh of her thighs. She slowly stroked his hair unconsciously and a soft feeling wafted through his body. He smiled in thanks before turning back to Dumbledore. "We went to a graveyard. I think it was Voldemort's fathers." A shudder went through the crowd at the mention of the name. Dumbledore ignored it and continued to stare directly in to Harry's eyes. "We appeared and Pettigrew stuck us to a tombstone. He- He killed Cedric and dug up Voldemort's father's skull. He took the skull, cut off his hand, and took some blood from my wrist. He dumped them all in a cauldron. Then…." The crowd had gone silent at Harry's description of the night. "Voldemort, he's back. He rose out of the cauldron. They were about to kill me when the howls started." A ripple of fear spread throughout the crowd. "The werewolves came and scared off the Death Eaters and Voldemort. Then vampires came and they fought each other and I managed to slip away with Cedric." Dumbledore kneeled next to Harry, eyes narrowed in thought. The crowd started progressively getting louder and running back to the castle.

All of a sudden, a hand shot out and turned Harry's head. "Harry." Ginny's voice stopped all around them, which had managed to drop to just his friends and teachers. "You're bitten."

Harry smiled grimly. "Yeah, two bites." A look of shock surrounded him. Harry looked up at the people surrounding him. The closest he had to a family in the world. He wondered if they would abandon him once they know. "Two bites. One vampire," Harry pointed at his neck. "And one werewolf." Harry held up his mangled arm. In silence they all sat there as they looked at him in shock. Finally, Ginny and Hermione both grabbed on to Harry and started sobbing in to his neck. After a moment in shock, Harry slid out of their grasp and they, along with Ron and the twins flopped down on the grass next to him. Dumbledore and McGonagall stood by his head, conversely quietly. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were standing at Harry's feet looking at him; Mrs. Weasley looked on the edge of tears. Bill, Charlie and Percy all stood in various places around the group behind their younger siblings.

Dumbledore abruptly finished his conversation with McGonagall, and then helped Harry up. "There are things we need to discuss. First of all, your godfather, Padfoot?" Harry froze, and slowly looked up at the tall Headmaster. "I have some terrible news. Apparently he wanted to watch this task. He didn't know about the anti-animagus wards, and was arrested by the ministry. Fudge was quite happy about the capture, and…"

Harry grabbed the Headmaster's robes and looked up at him, tears threatening to fall. "Where. Is. Sirius?"

The elderly wizard sighed, before saying softly. "They gave him the Dementors Kiss. I am sorry Harry."

Harry fell down on the grass and stared up the sky. "It's over. Voldemort is back. Sirius is gone. And to top the fucking cake (Mrs. Weasley flinched at Harry's language, but the two teachers didn't react at all), I am now both a vampire and a werewolf. This is great."

Dumbledore lifted the boy up and started walking him back to the castle. The rest of the group made to follow, but Dumbledore waved them off. "I am afraid this conversation is for Harry's ears alone. He will probably tell Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley, well, the youngest Mr. Weasley. But that is for him to decide. Come along Harry." Harry walked tiredly up to the castle, giving one last look behind at him, nodding goodbye to his friends, and it seemed, his life as he knew it.

"Harry, what I am about to tell you is probably a life-changing event. I didn't want to tell until at least the end of your fifth year, if not your Hogwarts career. No student deserves to have this hanging over them. But alas, I am forced to tell you this due to the unfortunate circumstances." Dumbledore looked over his glasses at Harry, who sat numbly in the chair in his office.

"What could possibly be bigger than this Headmaster?" Harry leaned back in his chair.

"When Professor Trelawney was interviewing for a job here, I asked to meet her in the Hogshead in Hogsmeade. I will admit, I was not impressed until the end of her interview. She went in to a trance and spoke a prophecy, a prophecy that ended up being entirely about you, Harry."

Harry sat in the chair, staring at the Headmaster. The only thought that lingered through his mind was a simple son of a bitch.

"There is more Harry. It seems a servant of the Dark Lord overheard the first couple lines of the prophecy, but was ejected before hearing the rest of it. That is why your parents were attacked. That is why you have that scar." Harry still hadn't moved, staring at Dumbledore. "Do you wish to hear the prophecy?" Harry grimly nodded and followed the Headmaster as they went to his Pensieve and Dumbledore deposited a memory in to it. He brought it up and Harry could see a younger Trelawney sitting a chair before going rigid.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

The vision cut off there as Harry tried to make sense of it. "But it doesn't say me. It never says Harry Potter…but he marked me. The scar. This wretched scar." Dumbledore nodded sadly.

"So it's me or him? And that's pretty much the end all be all. Either I, a teenager just 4 years in to my magical life, kill Voldemort, the most dangerous and powerful Dark Wizard of all time, or I die and the entire Wizarding World is thrown in to chaos and disorder?"

Dumbledore again nodded sadly. "Harry, if there was any other way, I would give my life to take this burden off your shoulders. I am truly sorry that you must be burdened with this task. However, it is vital that Voldemort not know the rest of the prophecy, namely the 'you-or-him' aspect. The only record of it is in a small clear ball housed deep in the Ministry." Harry could only nod slowly. Dumbledore quickly explained the Department of Mysteries.

"So we are going to go to the Department of Mysteries tonight and destroy this prophecy. Are you willing?" Harry looked up at the clear blue eyes of the headmaster, and nodded. They turned and left the office.

The trip was uneventful, and after hearing the prophecy from the ball to prove the validity, Harry smashed the crystal ball in to the ground and they left the Department. As they returned and stood with the Weasley's and friends, Dumbledore turned towards Harry. "Harry, and all of his friends. In light of recent events, I have decided that you, my boy, need a year abroad. I know of a special place that will train you to both control and enjoy the benefits of your… afflictions, and train in light of the information I gave you tonight. Will you trust me?"

Harry looked at the Headmaster in shock, and then turned to his friends who were equally surprised expressions on their faces. "Yes."

Dumbledore nodded and prepared Harry to leave. "You must go now I am afraid. One last question, is there anyone who I should inform of…the change in your life? And I am not talking about your bites." Harry's brow knitted in confusion, before his eyes widened.

"Ummm yeah. Ron and Hermione, and the rest of the Weasleys. Professor McGonagall. Maybe Professor Lupin?" Dumbledore nodded and smiled in agreement with the choices. Harry turned towards his friends and Hermione rushed forward and grabbed him tight, soon joined by Ginny and Mrs. Weasley. Harry quickly hugged them each in response, before turning towards the stern Transfiguration who wore an expression of sadness on her face. "Thanks for not hugging me Professor. Goodbye." She smiled and shook his head, and she wiped her eyes and quickly turned and hurried away. Harry quickly shook hands with the rest of the Weasley men and exchanged a brief one-armed hug with Ron. "I'll see you guys in a year then." With that, Harry turned on his heel and followed the aging Headmaster down the hallway and around the corner. The remaining group just watched where he had been, and watched the soft moonlight in the windows for a moment, before it too disappeared behind the mountains and the corridor was cloaked in darkness.

Harry wheezed, and looked back where he had come from. The rocky pathway to the entrance was quite a trip. He looked up and gulped at the impressive size of the mountain in front of him. Dumbledore nodded and said a quick goodbye to Harry before stepping back. A wizened old man stepped out of the shadows, poked the rocks, and Harry saw an entrance appear. He turned to look at the Headmaster, who nodded and pointed discreetly towards the doorway. Harry nodded his goodbye before following the man in the darkness.

"Harry James Potter, welcome. Welcome to Mount Olympus."

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