Title: Developments
By: mandy-jg
Rating: Any Age
Summary: She was an fool, in every way.
Pairing: Fred/Hermione
Prompt: Clarity - 100quills & Good - 100moods


She was an fool, in every way.

She had spent so long convincing herself, believing herself when she told herself that her life was going to go a certain way. The truth however had other ideas, and it hit her like a thunderbolt, and she was still feeling the aftershock.

It was unexpected, she wasn't prepared, but it wasn't unwanted to a certain extent. She had noticed the gap in her life, had wondered on occasion what could fill it. Her life seemed so full, she had a good job, a family she loved, and wonderful friends. There was something missing though.

Fred Weasley it appeared.

For the last few years he had always been there, with a smile on his face, and a laugh on his lips. Along with his brother he had antagonised her, made her mad, but they had intrigued her. She would never tell them, or show them in anyway, but their creations fascinated her; the magic they infused in them, to make them unique. Having spent the last few years working with them closely, she had developed a greater appreciation for all that they did.

It was Fred though, not George that captured her attention. After her moment of awareness, she struggled to keep her eyes off him. The way he moved, how he talked to the customers, or how when he laughed his eyes lit up. Every little thing he did had her in raptures. He would turn towards her, and she would quickly avert her attention back to her task.

It was alarming her, how that one look at him, and everything had changed. It didn't seem possible. To look at someone who was purely a friend, and see so much more. To see someone who could become so much more.

He came and stood next to her, and she willed herself not to respond. Curbing the desire to move into him, she had to make it through the next few hours, and then she could go home, and analyse this new development.

"Alright Granger?"

"Fine," she answered quickly. "I'm fine."

Fred leaned over, and looked at her closely. "If you say so," he was so close, she could count the freckles across his nose is she wanted to, she held his gaze, watching his smile grow.

"What is it?"

"Nothing," he smiled at her. "Just in good mood is all."

"About what?"

He just continued to smile at her, before shaking his head, and moving away to help a customer. She kept her eyes on him this time, and when he did turn back to her, Hermione returned his smile this time.

Her eyes stayed on him, coming to realise, that whatever this was, and whatever it may turn out to be; it may be a surprise, but it didn't seem to be all that unpleasant. She liked this new feeling.