this is a fic i have been working on a forum called Advanceshippers Unite.

Summary: My job is to get Ash and May together and in oder to do that, im gonna make May jealous. of course... the title says it all... hope you guys enjoy the fic...

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Chapter 1

I was walking through the forest with my Eevee on my shoulder, in search of an area where I could train with my pokemon for our upcoming gym battle, not that we needed it, since we haven't lost a match yet. But we still need to get some training done to get stronger anyway.

I then turned to my Eevee and said, "I can't find any good sports for us to train Eevee."

"Vee," she replied in a sad tone while drooping down her ears.

"I know, I'm hungry too," I replied understanding how my Eevee felt.

"Why don't we stop and have something to eat?"

"Eevee!" she replied with much excitement

But before we could have settled down to eat...

"Pikachu, volt tackle!" we heard a voice shout

"Huh? What was that?"


"Lets check it out," I said as I ran in the direction of the voice.

As I ran through the forest with Eevee on my shoulder, we came upon a clearing in the area.

"Finally! A clearing,"

"Vee," Eevee sighed

When we looked to our left; we spotted three trainers a little in the distance. Two were battle and one was cooking.

As I approached them, one of the seemed to be a bit familiar to me. On closer inspection...

"Is that May?" I asked a bit unsure

"It IS!!!" I exclaimed as I had recognized the person, and ran up to the group

"Combusken, fire spin!" May called out to her pokemon

"May!! Is that you?!" I called from a distance

"I think it's me," May replied a bit unsure of who had called her.

She stopped her match and turned around to see who had called her, and was surprised to see who had called her.

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