"How far will you go to see him again?

"I'd give anything."

"I'm here."

"Please don't be sad anymore."

"He didn't show up."

"You're fake."

"Will you marry me?"


Larxene's eye fluttered open.Axel stood over her watching; waiting for her to wake up. Even though it was morning, you'd never be able to tell because there were no windows in Castle Oblivion. The blonde froze for a moment when she saw the redhead before her nasty attitude kicked in.

"What?" She inquired flatly. Larxene didn't let his prescence go unchallenged. "I thought you might enjoy breakfast." Axel looked down at her with a certain interest and disdain. He smugly dropped the tray of food, spilling the orange juice on the woman's legs.

Axel loomed over her, watching her eat. "So, is there anything you want to talk about?" He waited for an answer. Larxenefinished off the bacon, not intending to answer. She rolled her eyes and turned her head away.

"Why are you still here?" Larxene spat out. Her words stung Axel like poison somewhere deep inside. They ran through Axel's mind and echoed through his memories to find a place where her current attitude coincided with that of her others'.

"I seem to recall you never speaking to me in that tone." Number VII gently stroked the bright red hairs on his chin with the right index finger. His left hand rested on the blonde's shoulder.

She stopped eating and put her fork down. "I don't seem to recall you nagging me like this, but here you are." Larxene leaned back on the bed. "You don't even talk to me unless you want something. What is it you want? Is it" She pulled her pink nightgown up past her knees, exposing a pair of carnation pink panties with a heartless emblem on the front. "this?"


"There goes that name again; Zexion. He keeps calling me by that name. I can't understand why it doesn't bother me now. It stung like knives piercing the heart yesterday; but not today. Why is that?" I slowly moved past the entity formerly Xehanort. My orders, I don't know if I can do them. If I had a heart, it would have broke when I heard my assignment. I don't know why, but I can vaguely feel a sensation resembling shame. I couldn't before, but it's bothering me now.

My assignment? Assassinate the last potential Keyblade wielder. The council chose him when Sora went missing for a while recently. The worst part about it was I, well my other, knew him personally.

I open a portal to my room to prepare for my mission. As I prepared to make my way through the darkness, Saix came out. "Number VI." He gave a curt nod passing by me. "Should I be offended that he addressed my as a nobody?" I lifetd my left eyebrow. "Good day to you as well Number VII." I replied stepping into the portal.

"What's with him?" Saix asked Ansem.

"He's offended that you addressed him as a nobody. Everytime he's near his heartless, he can feel his heart as if he's whole again. You just offended him, and he'll probably try to kill you for it." Ansem used a wrench in his machine to tighten a nut to a bolt.

"Really?" Saix smiled deviously.


Marluxia had always been articulate with his words. He could pull down three women at a time if he wanted; he's done it before.

He stared at the blank wall. Its plain white aura wouldn't let him forget what he was; empty. Since Ale/Axel had arrived, his only friend had been boredom. He knew it well. MArluxia scowled and grabbed his scythe. That was it.

"How the hell could she choose him over me? To hell with emotions, I just look better. Seriously, what the hell?" The writer winced at the amount of times hell was used. Marluxia hopped off if his neatly made bed. "Axel has got something coming to him if he thinks I'm going to lose that easily." He swung his scythe at nothing in particular with an intense prejudice.

Marluxia walked down the long, white hallway to the stairs. Slowly, he made his way up the stairs; one stair at a time. It would have been like something out of a John Woo film, had he been writing this fic.

The androgenous pink haired man arrived at Larxene's door, only to hear the cacophony of the blonde's elation. He kicked the door open, only to find her nails deep in Axels back.

"Go away, I'm busy." Larxene twitched, surprised Axel had stopped.

"Didn't you other's mom teach her how to knock?" Axel was annoyed.

Marluxia gripped his scythe tighter. He was ready to end the pyro's non-existing life, but he couldn't move. After a moment of one-sided intense staring, he opened his mouth to speak.

"You know why I'm here right?" He pointed his blade at the redhead.

Larxene sighed. "I can take a guess." Her voice was drenched with sarcasm.

"You know, I don't mean to interrupt your reunion, but I'm busy here. I actually can work with an audience. I really don't mind. Just know, I don't share." Axel prompted the stubborn assassin to leave.

"You wouldn't dare." Marluxia twirled his scythe between his fingers.

Larxene tried hard to stiffle her moan. Axel thrusted his pelvis just once more before Marluxia took the hint.

"FINE! I'll leave. I just never want you to do that in front of me again." Marluxia walked out and closed the door behind him. As he walked back down the stairs, the moaning resumed. It was louder than before, and seemed to have become more violent.