"Didn't your other's mom teach you how to knock?" Marluxia taunted Axel from the same position that the pyro was in before.

Even with the roles reversed, Axel simply shrugged it off and closed the door as the content's of his former fiancee room no longer amused him. He kind of chuckled as he passed Demyx in the hallway. The cacophony of Marluxia and Larxene's elation got louder as number seven made his way down the stairs to the main floor.

The door swung back open to Larxene's room, but instead of Axel, there stood Demyx. "What the hell are you two doing?" He asked, shocked at what he saw. For some reason or another, Marluxia had stopped, to Larxene's chagrin. "Larxene, that was the man you were so anxious to wait for. You rejected the man on top of you. Not once, but twice. You rejected him twice for the man that just left. Now that he's here, your only thought is shacking up with the first thing that shows itself to your face. You disgust me." Larxene remained quiet. "And Marluxia. You're so wrapped up in getting what you want, that you don't even realize that you don't want it. When's the last time you stayed in here with Larxene if you loved her as much as you say you do?" The blond eyed the pink haired bishounen with the same ferocity as before. Eyes like ice, cold and deadly. "I didn't think so. You two are sickening. Place yourself in someone else's shoes for once." With that, he turned around and left the room finally opening his eyes.

The two looked at each other. Marluxia moved to get out of bed, when he was stopped. "I decided this before I was a nobody. You don't have to go. I want you here." This was as close to love as the sadistic bitch was going to get.

"You want me around? What about Axel?" The Reaper of the Abyss looked at the sweaty woman underneath him. "I mean, I want to be around, but is this what you really want?" Marluxia, wrapped in his faux emotions, actually questioned Larxene. This was new to him. Usually, whenever he had sex with a woman, he was cruel, cold and unfeeling. So it didn't change much when he became a nobody. This is the first time he was truly attached to a woman. To hell what Demyx said, Marluxia had won.

"I chose you before I became a nobody. Back when I had a one, I pushed Axel out of my heart. He became nobody to me. And when I was becoming a nobody, there was only one I was thinking about; you." Larxene lied in bed, still penetrated by Marluxia. "I chose you and that's that. Now, are you going to finish, or am I going to have to replace you?"


"Hm…" Xigbar hung from the ceiling, looking for people, to make sure the imposter wasn't spotted. To him, tactical evasive action was his true calling. Not too far from them were the "High Risk Gambler" and the "Muscle of Intelligence" Luxord and Lexeaus, respectively. Unsure of what they were up to, Xigbar decided to listen in on their conversation as he told the other to stay hidden.

"I see no reason to distrust him. After all, he did in fact rescue us from our heartless selves." Luxord brought up a point while talking to Lexeaus.

"That is exactly my point, he was never one to care about anyone. His plans always surround stepping on people to get his way. I've known him for over twenty years. The man you know as Ansem is working on his own goals that do not require us and in all probability, using us to further his ultimate plans." Lexeaus tried to reason with the super savvy card shark.

"If that is true, why bother going out of his way to make sure we all get our revenge on this Roxas fellow? I personally have no qualms with anyone and see no reason to fight him." Luxord was rather unappeased by the idea of getting revenge on Roxas. If anything, he seemed to choose his current scenario instead of just believing what he was told.

"No, that's the reason why. He wants us happy so we can back up whatever he's planning until he doesn't need us. Ansem has always been a user, and we aren't safe until he's firmly destroyed for good." Before Lexeaus could further convince Luxord, the duo was interrupted by Xigbar.

"A rebellion against Ansem? Why Lexeaus, that's the kind of talk that I'd expect from…" He paused to think of anyone who'd actually go against Ansem's word. "Well, from me." Only to think of himself. "Now that I've uncovered this delicious detail, how will I go about doing this? Will I tell Ansem that you two conspire against him?" Xigbar paused again so one of the two could interject.

"I've done no such thing! I merely think that Lexeaus has some merit to his beliefs. If he's known the man for over twenty years, there's no reason why he'd be lying. I personally have no qualms with Roxas or Ansem." Luxord tried to defend himself from the flurry of lies that soon will assault him.

"No see. You were with someone who conspires against the Organization and you did nothing to stop him. That is treason in the ranks of the Organization. Now, do I have to report this, or will you cooperate?" Xigbar was crafty. He caught Luxord's attention and now the gambler was shook. Unsure of what to expect, he simply nodded his head in agreement.

"Good. Now, Xaldin will depart for the Destiny Islands soon. His aim is to capture the traitor Roxas. Now something don't quite sit right with me about that. Why would Ansem ressurect 12 people who couldn't beat Roxas before, only to have them fight him once more? His aim is obviously for the Keyblade Master to off us, so he can take it for himself. Or at least use us as shields." Xigbar lured Luxord in with tales of interest. He goes on to explain his plan which spans over several minutes and the intruder getting bored.

"Now, he's going to bring Roxas here and take the Keyblade from him. Our goal is to liberate Roxas once he's been secured here."

"Question." Luxord butted in.

"What's on your mind monkey butt?" Xigbar didn't want to stop to explain anything, but it seemed he had to.

"Why not stop Xaldin before he gets there? Wouldn't that save us a whole bunch of trouble?"

"Good question!" He replied excitedly. "No." And then flatly. "If we stop him before, Ansem will know what's up. He will send a back up squad to toast the kid. Of which might include one or more of us. If we hesitate to finish him off, we'll be discovered. As if I want that to happen to me. No, we go through with the plan of letting the kid get captured. This way, the kid still has a chance of escaping if we're found out." Xigbar warped over to the hooded guy and whispered something under his cloak.

"Pssspssspssspssspsss." Both Lexeaus and Luxord were curious as to the content's of this other's hood and their conversation.

"This guy here has agreed to be our shadow. His skill are on par with that of our own number six. Whatever goes down, he's there to watch our backs. Now, we don't have very long until Xaldin leaves, so we need to get our affairs in order. If there's anything either of you need to say to someone, best do it now." With that, Xigbar and the other hooded man disappeared from sight via portal.


"Vexen, I think that there are traitors in the Organization. Now that we're close to achieving our goals, I get the feeling that there are those who wish to harm our cause. " Saix finally addressed Vexen in his plan to stop the rebellion.

"I have no interest in revenge. I only wish to study the Keyblade. It's such a marvelous tool. Were it in more capable hands, it could be used for a number scientific investigations." Vexen, snobbishly accepts Saix's invitation to the group. "I will make sure no one disturbs Roxas' slumber once he arrives. The knowledge of the Keyblade will belong to me."

Another flashback…xox

"Ooooh, look what you did!" Ven taunted Ienzo in a sing-song-like manner. He was referring to the smoldering ashes and billowing smoke that used to be the laboratory Ienzo and the other apprentices of Ansem were working in. Though, the others weren't present at the moment.

"It's not my fault! The variables were askew! This explosion had nothing to do with me!" Ienzo stood in the middle of the terrace arguing with the Chaser; Ventus. "Don't talk to me like you even know what goes on in here you obtuse dullard!" The mud slinging had begun.

"Did you just call me stupid?" Ven sensed a hostile tone in Ienzo's voice and got angry.

"No, I called you an obtuse dullard. If I wanted to call you stupid, I'd say it, stupid. You're about as bright as a 'dark' spell. Just go away before I catch your stupid, stupid." Ienzo folded his arms across his chest and began to walk towards the smoking building, when he heard a sound behind him. "Sheeng!"


Ven charged at Ienzo, his Keyblade in his left hand off to the left. Slowly, the gray haired boy turned to witness, what would have been his last moments if not for his quick thinking.

Ienzo turned in to Ven's charge instead of away from it. The blond haired kid brought the Keyblade down towards Ienzo's body, while the unarmed child simply ducked under it and away from his attacker. Ienzo took two steps back and charged at Ven. He jumped and kicked the other boy in the back.

Ven fell forward, but tucked his arms and rolled gain a position to recover from his opponent's attack. As he stood up, he hurled his Keyblade backwards at Ienzo.

Ienzo wasn't paying attention to the weapon speeding at his face. His attention was on the dark miasma surrounding his opponent; Ven. "What the?" He dodged the oversized, key-shaped weapon and moved in closer to Ven. Unknown to him, Ven was controlling it to come back to its owner.

"You'll have to do better than that!" Ienzo, once again, dodged the Keyblade swirling at him. He brushed a few strands of hair from his face and chanted something under his breath. With that, a book appeared in his right hand. Ienzo's Lexicon opened to a certain page and Ienzo read it. "Dispersal of demonic miasmas." He continued to avoid Ven's angry and violent swings while reading until he came to what he needed. "Beings with miasmas usually have something sealed within them. Most times, it's self afflicted, but rarely is it a situation where the one who holds the seal has no choice." He decided to skip past the past about the self inflicted seals. "In the event of the latter, removing their darkness would be the answer." Ven still was trying to attack Ienzo, but the brainier of the two kept dodging. "But since this has serious and dangerous side effects on the user, an instilment of light is in order. Make sure the afflicted person or being is securely restrained." Ienzo looks up to see the very end of Ven's Keyblade aimed in between his eyes.

Ienzo took a step back unsure of how to avoid an attack this close. It was moving at him faster than he was moving away. He could move his head, but take a very serious blow to the neck, which is a very tender area. Ienzo didn't really have strong jaws, so pretty much a well aimed hit would shatter them. So he opted for the neck.

Ienzo moved under the Keyblade with the metal directly contacting his skin towards Ven. A step forward, and Ienzo shot his palm out. His hand made contact with Ven's forehead, causing the blond to stop dead in his tracks. Ienzo's quick thinking allowed him to place a "stop" spell on Ven. He didn't have much time. He had to work fast.

Casting an illusion, Ienzo brought himself and Ventus into a shadow world directly connected to Ven's heart. "To remove the miasma, infuse light into the one shadowed by darkness. Seems simple enough. Cast a holy spell on Ven's darkness. I don't know why this ancient magic stuff tries to be so complicated." Ienzo stretched his arm forward and moved closer into the miasma.

Ienzo walked and walked and walked. The more he walked, the darker it got. Further and further, darker and darker until Ienzo himself began to feel numb. Even then, he walked until he couldn't feel, see, even think he exists. Out in the outer darkness, he got right to work as opposed to looking around. A burst of light flashed from where he was. It illuminated the world for what seemed like miles. Ienzo continued to cast holy on the darkness to no avail. More and more he casted until he was tired. When hope was all but lost, he noticed a blip of light in the corner of his eye. "Hn?" He turned to face that little bit of light and squinted. It flickered as if it were a flame in the night. As fire does, Ienzo was drawn to it.

After what seemed like an eternity of more walking, Ienzo came across the light he was expecting to be….well…huge. "This tiny thing is Ven's light?" As he went to touch it, the darkness starting moving; like it didn't want Ienzo near it. It squirmed and tried to push Ienzo away, but he did it. He made it to the light. Once again, Ienzo went to grab it, but this time, something happened. As soon as he touched it, images began flashing in his head. Images of Terra, Aqua, Ven, Eraqus, Mickey and Master Xehanort began playing faster until they became a blur.

Suddenly, Ienzo was consumed by light and darkness. He tried to struggle against the forces. Silently, he called out to anyone who he wished would help him. Slowly, the darkness and light covered him until he was no more. Ienzo sank and sank and sank into darkness until…


Ienzo was left there in this world protected by Ven. "Get out."

"I will once this evil miasma is gone." Ienzo replied.

"You've already done enough! I can't hold him back for much longer." Ven was bathed in a glorious light.

"Him? What are you talking about? All I did was try to diffuse your darkness by bolstering your light. What's so wrong with that?"

"You don't need me to answer that, you've taken the answer for yourself." Ven turned back to Ienzo. With his free hand, he plucked the intruder in the forehead. A small ring of light moved outwards from his forehead and forced Ienzo back. The darkness whizzed past him towards Ven, leaving only light. The light too made it's way to Ven ignoring Ienzo.

Finally, reality began to set back in around Ienzo, where he could see people beginning to come up to where he and Ventus were fighting previously. Two of the people were Terra and Aqua. Aqua, in shock by seeing two important people to her fighting, rushed up. "What are you doing?!"

Reality corrected itself and Ienzo finally heard the question. "Nothing. Ven saved me from the building." Ienzo stood up next to Ven who was drooling on his knees.

"Don't lie. Neither of you have a burn or ash on your face. Ven's in a stupor. Vanitas is gone from Ven. What did you do?" Aqua got upset and raised her voice.



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