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Chapter Two: Hide

Kakashi was sitting on a tree branch, listening to the calm autumn winds blow through the forest. He quietly read his book, one of the few possessions he had on hand when he left Konoha. Aside from that, he had only the bare essentials with him at camp. The silver-haired Jonin was currently on watch while the small group of Leaf nin back at camp were preparing dinner. Kakashi was actually surprised by how many shinobi had made it here, some by sheer luck he assumed. He had only informed a few of the emergency rendezvous, and even less were even there at the moment.

Kakashi suddenly felt a presence behind him, and instinctively reached for a kunai, only be stopped by a male's voice, "Easy, it's only me, Kakashi."

The older man turned to see Asuma Sarutobi, one of the few Jonin who had made it to the camp. The bearded man had suffered the worst, seeing his nephew Konohamaru killed before his very eyes, and two of his students were infected as well. Aside from Shikamaru Nara, Asuma had been unaccompanied by anyone when he arrived.

"Sorry, but they still give off vitals like humans, so you can't be too sure." Kakashi spoke, putting his weapon away.

Asuma nodded, "Dinner's ready. Hana Inuzuka and Kiba will be taking over for guard duty now."

The masked Jonin nodded, and the two went to the secluded campground they had made.

All in all, their group of survivors was only ten in number, but that didn't mean more shinobi wouldn't make it. Among them was Kakashi and Asuma, Shikamaru, Hana and Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata and Hanabi Hyuuga, Moegi, Iruka, and Anko. Kakashi had expected less, but wasn't unhappy that such a number was here. As far as he knew, they were the only remaining Leaf nin who were not dead or infected.

The two Inuzuka clan members looked up from their meal, and nodded as the two male Jonin sat down to eat. The two siblings, along with their canine partners, jumped off into the trees to watch for danger. Kiba had actually been quiet for the majority of the time, and Kakashi couldn't blame him. Aside from his sister and himself, the entire Inuzuka clan was either dead, or part of the other side now. The dogs of the clan were no exceptions to the infection aparantly. The brother and sister had to kill almost all of the dogs in order to escape. A few of the canines had sacrificed themselves to protect their masters, and it was actually quite devastating to see, according to Hana.

The two Hyuuga sisters had for some odd reason or another, became closer as a result. Hinata and Hanabi had recieved orders from their father to escape, and had ordered their cousing Neji to protect them at all costs. He did just that. He had managed to stop a horde of infected from reaching the two sisters, but as a result, had been attacked. Hinata and Hanabi never stayed around to find out, and had only each other left to fall back on. Well, Hinata did recieve comfort from Kiba, and Hanabi was friends with Moegi. The Hyuuga clan, however, was down to two kunoichi as of now.

Moegi had been with her team when the attack started, and Ebisu and instructed them to head to the Hokage Tower. Udon had been killed on the way by a kunai thrown by an infected ANBU, and Konohamaru had been killed shortly after they reached his house by a random civilian. Moegi ran after Asuma told her to get her things and leave for the rendezvous as he killed the approaching attackers. She quickly packed her things, and was going to tell her parents to come with, only to find them trying to attack her as well. Moegi had killed them, and rather quickly too. She hadn't talked much since she arrived.

Iruka and Anko were actually here by mere chance. They never heard about the meeting area some fifty miles southwest of Fire Country's borders. The two were planning on leaving to hopefully find an isolated area to lay low for awhile, and happened to run into Kakashi along the way. The three then made their way to the rendezvous point, and had waited for about forty-eight hours now. Iruka had told Kakashi that he had killed a few of his own academy students, and still felt sick about it. Anko had run to the academy to help evacuate the students, but found the building in flames. She had run into Iruka, and the two decided to stick together.

Thus was how the group came to be. They weren't happy, but they were unharmed...and still free.

Kakashi had just been ready to eat some of the trout they had grilled when the two Inuzuka siblings appeared from the trees, "We smell someone." Kiba reported, while Hana merely confirmed with a nod. The two dogs remained alert and sniffing the air.

"Can you recognize the scent?" Asuma asked, putting out his cigarette.

"It's familiar, but I think they've been masking their smell with jutsu of some sort. I can't get a good whiff of it." Kiba replied.

"We believe that they may be survivors though since there's only two of them." Hana added.

The group looked to the Hyuuga sisters, and they both nodded. With a quick focus of chakra, the two girls activated their Byakugan. A brief silence fell upon the group, and then Hinata nodded, "You're right, two people, heading here. They're about two miles northeast of us, and approaching fast. One has very large chakra coils, and the other's appears to be well balanced out. It also appears to be...wait...wait a second..."

The group was silent as Hinata and Hanabi focused on the direction of the approaching figures, who had yet to be in actual sight. Suddenly, a smile spread over Hinata's face, and a few tears ran down her face, "They're alive!"

"Who?" the group asked.

Hanabi decided to speak, "It's Sakura-san and Naruto Uzumaki." The younger Hyuuga herself couldn't help but smile.

Iruka got up, "Naruto's alive?!" He grinned, and suddenly looked like nothing had happened these past couple of days, "Does he appear injured at all?"

The two sisters shook their heads, and Iruka let out a breath he had been holding the whole time.

Kakashi didn't show it, but he had silently thanked the heavens above for this. He had been worried about his two students, and to hear they were alive and unharmed was a great weight lifted off his shoulders.

The group all turned to what they believed to be the direction from which Naruto and Sakura were coming from. The fire had been extinguished by dirt, and they were now holding their weapons at ready in case it was an attack. Though they were hoping to see their friends, they couldn't risk being caught off guard.


Naruto and Sakura were now about two miles from the designated meeting area that Naruto had spoken about. It had been a long journey today for the two, and they had passed by the border of Fire Country about three hours ago. They would have taken less time if it weren't for the fact that they made sure to avoid any villages or settlements. They had eaten only a brief breakfast that day, and hadn't stopped since. Naruto was showing signs of mild exhaustion, yawnining every now and then, yet still alert. Sakura, however, was experiencing different problems...

"Naruto..." she called in a weary tone.

Naruto didn't hear her.

"Naruto!" she repeated, a little louder and more anxiously. The blonde turned to see that his teammate had slowed down a bit. She was clutching her head, and gave the blonde a desperate look. Naruto nodded, and immediately stopped.

"That time again?" he asked quietly, giving her a calm smile.

"I'm sorry, Naruto. It's just with us being so close to the rendezvous I don't want to risk hurting someone." she apologized, but already knew Naruto was not mad at her.

He held her hand and gave it a soft squeeze, and grinned, "I told twice before, I offered myself to you. Besides, it doesn't really hurt me. Not to mention I can help you in some way."

Sakura frowned, "If it wasn't for the Kyuubi's rapid healing powers, you would have been unable to travel from blood loss by now. It's been about thirty-six hours since we left Konoha, and the amount I drained would have been dangerous for the average shinobi."

Sakura had timed herself on her condition. Every eight to ten hours she needed to feed, and consumed about a pint per feeding. She felt a bit queasy knowing this, but at least it was Naruto's blood only, and not some innocent child or civilian. She had come to find Naruto's blood had a heavy metallic taste to it, and thought it weird to think of these thoughts. She felt refreshed when it was consumed, despite her guilt everytime she did so.

The two sat on a tree limb, Naruto leaning against the end where the large arm meet the base. He sat cross legged as Sakura sat on his lap, embarassed by the close proximity. She had done this procedure in this fashion twice before, and found it much easier than standing or kneeling.

"I won't take too long." Sakura said, and quickly punctured the skin of Naruto's neck as he hissed a little. Sakura rubbed the blondes back as she unconciously slowed the blood flow by applying chakra to her lips. It was almost...sensual, if it weren't for the fact that vital fluids were being drained from the blonde.

"We'll have to explain to the others right away, okay, Sakura?" Naruto whispered, trying to avoid hurting himself by talking. Sakura gave a faint reply of confirmation as she lapped up the crimson fluid, almost caught in the moment of feeding. A small part of her wanted to simply let the blood flow freely as she drank to her heart's content...a very, miniscule part of her. She unconciously crushed the idea, knowing that she would only be doing more harm to herself in the long run. Naruto was her only lifeline now, and she would not...no, she could not lose him.

A few minutes passed, and Naruto felt Sakura began to gently lick the wound like she always did when she was finished feeding. Naruto couldn't help but shiver upon the contact, all feelings of pain suddenly vanishing. Sakura let out a giggle, and smirked at the blonde. She felt the salty taste of sweat on his neck, "Naruto, what's wrong?" She couldn't help but tease him, though she knew it was unfair.

Did she have any idea what she did to him when she licked his wound? Sure, it was a little...weird, but heck, it was one of the best sensations he had ever felt before. His heart was pounding, and he felt Sakura's eyes looking at him. He turned to face a warm smile, "I'm fine, Sakura-chan."

She giggled again as she rubbed her cheek against his, "Good, because I don't want you to feel any discomfort about this..." she suddenly became serious, "Naruto...thanks again for...well, you know...helping me. It...really means alot. I owe you my life."

Naruto gave the kunoichi a hug as she let out a content sigh, "Your welcome, Sakura. I would do anything for you...I hope you know that."

Naruto and Sakura suddenly heard a whizzing sound in the air, and ducked as a kunai stuck into a tree a few inches from where they were. They looked to see a grinning woman with purple colored hair who sported a large trench coat.

"Anko-san?!" Naruto spoke out, suddenly a bit worried. Just how long had they been here.

"Naruto, Sakura...how are you two doing?"the Jonin woman asked in an unusually serious tone. Naruto and Sakura suddenly noticed about nine others behind her, and he let out a sigh.

Sakura stood up, helping Naruto get up as well, "Sorry, we-"

"We know perfectly well what you were doing..." Kakashi spoke, walking out of the shadows, followed by the others.

Naruto stood protectively in front of Sakura, unarmed, but ready to fight if need be. Come hell or high water, he would protect the most precious person in his life.

"Naruto, Sakura...are you two...?" Iruka said, a fearful look on his face as he held three shurikan in his right hand.

This time, Sakura spoke, "Before you strike me, listen." she pleaded, her slit-like irises shimmering in the moonlight, "I was bitten, and yes, I have the infection...to an extent. I don't like it, and would rather not have it. I removed a major amount of the infection before I was consumed by it. I am still the same Sakura Haruno that you all know...just...different."

Kakashi turned to her, a concerned look on his face, but careful in his approach nevertheless, "What about Naruto? Shouldn't he be infected as well then, seeing as you, um, bit him...and more than a couple times from what we heard?"

"I should be, but I seem to have an immunity to the infection." the blonde replied.

"How is that?" asked Iruka.

Naruto gave the group a solemn look, "Well, most of you older people should be able to take a guess...it's part of my 'talent'... I guess." Naruto put a hand over his stomach.

Kakashi, Anko, Iruka, and Asuma all gave Naruto an understanding look. Kakashi decided to speak, "Then...I guess that makes sense."

The younger shinobi gave the Jonin all a confused look, "What do you mean?"

Kakashi again turned to the blonde, and gave a sigh, "Naruto, I know it must have been a difficult time for you two...but I think you're going to have to share your secret with the others..."

Naruto gave a sigh, but smiled a little, "Okay, I understand. Um, I think we should probably head back to camp first though."

Naruto felt that it was going to be a long night for him and Sakura tonight.


Deep in Rice Country, a single person moved through the shadows of the small village of Otogakure. It was dead silence aside from the hollow wind that blew through the desolate village. The moon provided the only light available for the traveling figure.

Sasuke Uchiha landed ontop of a roof, and quietly scanned the area with his Sharingan before deactivating his bloodline. He was safe...for the moment. He was lucky to get out of Orochimaru's underground chambers with his life, let alone his sanity. He couldn't say the same for the other Oto-nin, the Snake Sannin included.

The Hidden Sound had been lucky in avoiding the infection for so long compared to the other shinobi villages. However, this was due to the fact that there were so many underground headquarters and that the village was so well hidden from foreign eyes. However, when a few wandering infected victims entered the civilian area, it spread like wildfire to dry brush. The shinobi were ill prepared for it, despite Orochimaru's awareness to the widespread epidemic. Sasuke saw his chance to escape when the infected had broken into Orochimaru's personal chambers where the Uchiha had been. Sasuke let the leader of Otogakure and his right hand man, Kabuto, deal with the unstoppable flood of infected while the dark haired boy made his escape through a secret exit that only Orochimaru and his most trusted subordinates knew about.

Sasuke heard a scream down the road, and hid in the shadows as a woman was trying to desperately outrun an infected Genin. Sasuke quickly scanned the area, and sensed no others present. He pulled out a shurikan, and flung it at the attacker. The Genin boy fell to the ground, weapon protruding from his skulll. The woman, suddenly aware that she wasn't being chased, looked around frantically. Sasuke would not reveal himself, but remained in place as the woman gave up her search for her unknown savior, and ran down the road, toward the nearest exit of the village. She would probably die anyway, but he didn't like the fact that someone who was innocent could die in such a way, or worse, become one of the hunters. At least she had a chance.

Sasuke absent-mindedly rubbed at his neck where his curse mark should have been. It wasn't bothering him as of recently, he didn't even feel the slight twinge he felt when he used his chakra. He wondered if that had to do with his now dead sensei. Sasuke had watched the man be ripped to shreds as at least twelve shinobi ran at him without fear. The Snake Sannin had held his own for awhile, but even Sasuke knew they stood no chance. That's why he escaped.

Five minutes later found Sasuke outside the village, running in the tall, grassy fields as he headed southward. He would loop around Fire Country since he heard that the infection was quite bad there. He would need to use a boat to get around the massive neighboring country, but it wasn't like he was in a rush to get anywhere. He had all of the rest of his life to get what he wanted done.

"Itachi...you better be alive...I'll still have to kill you..." spoke the raven-haired boy as he ran through the cool the night air, not intending to stop any time soon.

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