A Generation X Halloween Short

Happy Halloween!


"Save some of the gum for the kids, Jubilee," Paige Guthrie commanded from beside her friends. The two sat next to one another on the steps of the Massachusetts Academy with several full bowls of candy – Reese Cups, Twizzlers, various chocolate bars and more than enough gum wrappers.

"And stop puttin' the wrappers back in the bowl!"

Jubilee rolled her eyes. "Just thinka all those poor kids, Hayseed." The young woman waved her hands in front of them – signaling, yet again, the lack of trick or treaters. "No one's comin' all the way down here."

"They'll come," Paige offered in response—for the sixth time.

Or was it seventh?

"Maybe it's 'cause you didn't dress up," Jubilee teased. "Where's your spirit?"

"Ah dressed up," she snapped back.

"A business suit, Paige? A business suit?!"

"I'm a lawyer," she said coolly – thinking as she spoke to conceal her accent. "Anyway, most kids aren't gonna know you're the Scarlet Witch. You're green."

Jubilee sighed. "It's a joke, Paige."

"Well, she isn't green."

"She has these weird head thingies, though… and the cape," she replied as she stood – spinning around in her pink tights.

"It doesn't matter anyway. Maybe we should just—"

"—I should get a cape."


"Yuir old White Queen costume, Emma?" Sean Cassidy shook his head as he entered his Co-Headmaster's study. "Where's the originality?"

Emma looked up from her desk and the mountain of paperwork which sat upon it. "Originality for what, Mr. Cassidy?"

"It's Halloween, Em."

"Oh," she grinned. "So it is."

Sean watched her stand and walk toward him, Emma picking up on all of his thoughts… and his wandering eye.

"Let's celebrate, then."

Sean cleared his throat. "Most of the kids are out."

Frost grinned.

"I think I'm goin' t'head down to the pub. There's a bit of a party down there."

"Ever the Irish."

"I have a briefcase, Jubilee."

"Doesn't matter. No kid's gonna get that."

"The Scarlet Witch isn't green!"

"Kids are smart," Jubilee said as she spit her gum and reached for another piece. "Y'know, if any ever come."

"Well, fine. Ah'm Jennifer Walters."


"She's a laywer," Paige sighed. "And the cousin of—"

"We could work a cape into my uniform, couldn't we?"

Guthrie sighed.

"Just pass me the gum."