Chapter Three---Show You the Light

"Would Fujin Kazeno please come down to Headmaster's office...again?" The voice over the PA system was tired and irritated. Fujin sighed and put her things down. She had just gotten back from a rather exhausting mission in Delling. They couldn't possibly be sending her back out so soon could they? Noting the lack of a greeting party, Fujin groaned. Hyne above what had that boy done now?

"Headmaster? Arien?" Arien sat hunched down in his chair, arms folded over his chest and a "I can't believe I got caught again" look on his face. Fujin sighed and Arien slid down further in his seat. This wasn't going to be pretty.

"Fujin, welcome back, Seifer should be with us momentarily." Squall seemed a bit paler than he had in a while but Fujin assumed it was because for the third time in two weeks, their son was in trouble and in his father's office, taking up valuable time and space.

"Squall what…Arien." The tight, disappointed look on Seifer's face said it all. Once again, his (step) son was in trouble and he had to rush down from his class to bail him out. This was getting old. Seifer was beginning to understand just how annoying he himself had been in his younger years, constantly in trouble and acting up.

"Yes Arien. However, I assure you, this time is different." All sets of eyes looked up at Headmaster curiously.

"Different how?" Fujin looked at her silver-haired son and raised a brow and he shrugged as if to say, "Don't look at me, I have no idea what he's talking about."

"We want to put him on assignment." Squall stated simply, leaving both Seifer and Fujin reeling.

"You want to what? After his record?" Seifer asked incredulously. The boy's rap sheet was almost as long as his and Seifer had 20 years on the kid. Squall nodded.

"His record is the precise reason we choose him. He doesn't, to the outside eye, appear to be SeeD material, even though he is. It's a simple grab and drop mission but we need someone Timber won't suspect. If we send either of you or Quistis, they'll know something's up. You're faces are too well known in most areas. Do you see my point?" Fujin nodded, a scowl marring her pretty features.

"What's this, 'simple grab and drop' about?"Squall raised a brow and a smirk ghost over his lips before disappearing.

"You of all people should know I'm not allowed to disclose mission information to anyone outside the operation." Seifer raised a brow and looked at Squall quizzically, knowing there was a 'but' in that statement.

"However, we want you two on the inside… behind the scenes, so to speak." Fujin sat beside her son and stared at the Commander.

"Squall, what's going on?" Squall sighed heavily and looked at Arien, ignoring Fujin's question.

"Arien, what do you say? You've been a SeeD for two years. Are you ready for your first mission?" Arien looked from his father, to his mother, to his other father with a raised brow and shrugged.

"I guess…I'm not gonna die right? I'm kind of young for that." Squall snickered but quickly hushed himself when Fujin glared at him.

"Ahem, no Arien, you shouldn't be in any danger of dying. Though, I can't make any promises. This mission is kind of a political mess, those are the worst kind." Arien leaned back in his chair, smiling smugly.

"I guess, if you're that desperate I won't keep you begging. I am the best after all." Seifer choked back a laugh before Fujin smacked the blue-eyed teen upside the back of the head.

"Don't get cocky. Cocky gets you killed. This isn't a game anymore Arien." Fujin was so deadly serious, Arien's smirk fell from his face and he sat up straight in his chair.

"Sir, I accept." Squall nodded and called in Quistis. She gave him the appropriate paper work and briefed the trio on the mission details.

"The entire point of this mission, Arien, is to get the targets from point A to point B without being intercepted, detected or killed. I think that's simple enough for you to understand." Arien, nodded, brushing strands of silver behind his ear while he read the particulars on the two subjects he was to escort from Timber to Esther.

"The tricky part is that everyone knows they'll be here but no one knows when. That is our biggest asset. If that leaks, we're screwed and it's MY head on the chopping block. Arien looked up at Squall with a seriousness Squall had never seen on the boy. He was all fire and recklessness. Just like Seifer.

"Now, Arien, there is one detail that is absolutely vital to remember. This girl is a Sorceress." Fujin and Seifer visibly blanched and stared at him like he'd grown a moogle for a head.

"That means if you don't keep your guard up, she will use you accomplish whatever she finds necessary at the time. That is why I'm informing your parents. They've been through this once before and they know every danger you may and probably will come across. Now, know this Arien." Squall waited until Arien met his gaze before continuing.

"If you fail and she falls into the wrong hands, it may mean the end of everything we know." Fujin stared at her comrade.

"You're putting the fate of the world in the hands of my 17 year old juvenile delinquent?" The Headmaster nodded once. Seifer swore.

"Hyne save us."

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