The Ring

It was still as perfect as the day he gave to Andrea. He held up to the light and smiled slightly. His mother's ring was almost too beautiful to look at. Gripping it in his knarled and aged hands he remembered his conversation with Terry earlier that day.

"Is that so?" He said blandly as he continued to type away on the computer after Terry blurted out to him that he was to ask Dana to marry him.

"Try to contain yourself," Terry said wryly. His voice lacked his usual sarcasm. The boy had to be close to finding out about Waller's little plan. He'd let him stew a bit.

"Have you gotten a ring yet?" More tapping at the keyboard.

"A...uh no..." He had thrown him off so badly he seemed to have forgotten he was angry at him.

"Better get on it," Bruce gave Terry a wry smile so much like his own.

He heard footsteps aproaching his study. It was Terry. He placed the ring in his pocket.

"You called for me?" Terry asked coldly. Ahh... so he'd finally done his research. Well that would have to wait for another day. Today was about happiness and love.

"Sit down." He ordered him.

"You know someday you're going to say please or thank you and I'm going to die of shock, when you do." He gritted, but obeyed and sat across from him.

"Have you got it?" He asked to the point, completely ignoring his barb.

"Got what?" Terry asked acidly.

"The ring, boy," he arched a brow.

"Ring?" Terry asked confused. Then it dawned on him. His face fell a bit.

"Ahh... I see. Having second thoughts?"

"No! I just... I've had a lot to do lately."

Of course he had. Terry must have gone through a lot to get a sample of his DNA to test it. He may be old, but he still was ever vigilant.

"Here," he pulled out the ring from his pocket.

Terry stared at it, completely baffled. "Thanks... but I'm already seeing someone."

Bruce gave him a pointed look. Sighing, Terry took the ring. "I was going to look for one. I've just hadn't-"

"Had time."

"Yeah." He inspected the ring. "Some rock. Where'd you get it?"

"It belonged to my mother. It's been in my family since before we immigrated from Scotland in the 18th century," he explained.

Terry's features hardened. He slapped the ring down on the desk. "No."

"It will waste away in a vault otherwise. And in the end it'll go to you when I'm-"

"I said no!"

Bruce stared at him. He didn't blink, didn't hardly even breath, not that that wasn't difficult. Finally, Terry sighed deeply.

"Fine. Thanks. I guess." He muttered and took the ring.

"Your welcome, I guess," Bruce replied.

Terry stood up and placed the ring in his pocket.

"Get a box for that ring," Bruce adviced.

"I'll do that. I probably won't be in anytime tonight."


"I have someone to see," was all he said before he left.

So... he was going to check a DNA test too. Thourough, very thourough. But he'd had to be. He was Batman's son, after all.