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Yachiru was in a very good mood. It was Halloween, her favorite time of the year. In other words she liked…CANDY!!!

She had spotted Ikkaku (aka baldy) who was dressed in what looked like a navy blue suit, he was also wearing sunglasses. The poor man had been eating his pixiestix when she jumped him. Poor Yamichika was bowled over as she ran to the bald man.

"Oh my GOD!! MY HAIR!!"

He had been wearing black pants, and a black shirt that showed his midriff, around his forehead was a ninja headband. He didn't get much sympathy though because he had been going around to different people saying "You lack beauty"

Kenpachi secretly pulled out his own candy and munched on it while he watched poor Ikkaku get beaten up by his lieutenant. Yachiru was a kitty this year. (kawaii).

Now down where Toshiro was……

"Come on taisho, go trick or treating with meeeee!!!"




"Momos coming"


Needless to say that year Toshiro was conned into dressing up as Gasser (from Bobobobobobobobo). Rangiku had dyed her hair black and had it tied loosely near the bottom of a long ponytail. She had on a leather skirt that was held up by suspenders, while she had on a white belly showing tanktop.

In 12 division…..

Mayuri was not in a good mood. His entire company had been pestering him to dress up this year. Foolish maggots he didn't need a costume.


Ukitaki was wearing a long black leather trench coat with metal armor on his shoulders, he was also wearing black leather pants and boots. Last but not least he had to carry around a very vary VERY long sword.

To make a long story short, Yamamoto went as Santa Clause.

Renji spiked his hair up and was now wearing a long black robe and going around asking people if they had his name memorized….

In Hueco Mundo…

Grimmjow was grumpy. Why? Well Ichimaru had convinced him to dress up in leather pants and a leather shirt that showed off some of his collar bone. He swore to himself that if ONE MORE person said "Don't cry " He would kill them. Ichimaru happily dressed himself up in a similar get up to Grimmjow only his leather outfit had weird leggings. And just to annoy people he went along calling them big brother. Noitora had also been conned into dressing up, as a certain snake sannin I might add. Ulquiorra was goung as some emo ninja or something like that, but he point blank refused to spike his hair up in the back, he thought it would look like a ducks butt. Azen had had trouble finding someone to dress up as. After awhile though he settled for dressing up in a white shirt, leather pants and a jacket with white fluff around the collar and a red lion on the back, he then used makeup to make a fake scar across his face.

Both societies had decided to go to earth this year to celebrate Halloween…boy was one Strawberry in for a surprise……

AN: Kenpachi doesn't need a costume either. Try and guess who is dressed as who and I shall make a Christmas story for December involving whoever you want(from bleach), any pairing(or whatnot). If you can guess them all correctly.