Koniichiiwa! My name is Yukiko Tezuka! I'm 14 years old and have long light brown hair. I have blue eyes and my eyes are big as compared to my cousin's. Yep, that's right, I have a cousin but more like older brother, perhaps you've heard of him? Kunimitsu Tezuka? He's one year older than me but to be more exact its 4 months and 7 days. Other than our hair colour we don't share anything else. I mean, I smile a lot and you wouldn't see me without one whereas he frowns a lot when he's not home and he's always so serious! But I wouldn't want him any other way... I recently transferred school because my family wants me to attend a school where any of my relatives can watch over me, that's where Kunimitsu and his school come in. Aparrently, my parents feel safer if he looks after me. I'm starting school in about 2 days time so wish me luck!!

At school:

"Welcome Tezuka-san to Seigaku. We are so happy that you choose this school. Follow me and I will show you around the school." The administration staff said. Well, she showed me everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! I just followed and wondered when I could attend classes. Woah, that's the first time you would hear me talk about wanting to attend classes but this really is so boring!

FINALLY! End of the freaking tour!

"Class, this is will be your new classmate." The teacher said as she motioned for me to enter. As I entered, I could hear and see movements and students were talking and I could see many of them, especially the boys, smiling. The teacher then nudged me to introduced myself.

"Konichiwa. My name is Tezuka Yukiko, nice to meet you." I ended with a smile. Then I could hear some gasp escaping from my classmates' lips.

"Tezuka? As Captain of the Tennis Club TEZUKA?" One of them asked. I nodded.

"Yeah, he's my close cousin, isn't he just the greatest?" I smiled saying. Some girls started to squeal. Wow, oniichan must be some kind of star to make girls squeal like this. My teacher then put my into a seat.

"Hey, my name is Momoshiro Takeshi. Nice to meet you. You are Tezuka Buchou's cousin?" my neigbour asked. I just nodded.

"I'm gonna go look for him later, wanna tag along?" I smiled asking.

He gave me a are-you-crazy look and turned my offer down saying that as great as it sounds he has something on. I just shrugged my shoulders and turned my attention back to the front.

Cool, first day in class and I made my first friend :)

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