Chapter 1

Jasper? A younger version of Bella. She had wide brown eyes that seemed to not know enough of the world, but she do. More then anyone else.

Yes? A younger version of Jasper. Tall, blonde, narrow green eyes.

Can you promise me something? Bella acts shyly.

Anything. He said pulling an apple from the apple tree.

Can you promise me not to fall in love with a vampire? She turned her head to face him.

Jasper was left baffled by the sheared thought of loving a vampire. Who would want to love monsters that only cause destruction? Still what if...

But if you do fall in love with a vampire please don't turn into one, because you'll be a monster too.

Bella. Jasper said. What brought this on all of the sudden?

Oh nothing. She said going back to pulling on the grass.

That was a whole lot of something to be nothing. Jasper thought.

Jasper P.O.V

I looked at Bella. Bella looked at me. It was clear that she felt betrayed. After all I just realize what she meant by falling in love with a vampire because I'm too a monster. Loving Alice only lead to my death like she said it would.

Bella opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Which was scary because no matter what she always had something to say.

Say something I begged to myself. Say anything.

"I hate you." She roared the window in the living room shattered and she disappeared from sight.

The shock must've been evident because everybody was asking me if everything was alright. How did she know me? It didn't surprise me that Alice knew already because she was a psychic after all.

"I will explain later right I have something to do." With that I disappeared from the house.

Bella P.O.V

How could he? How could he? He promised me and yet he did it anyway. I know for a fact that you can't help who you fall in love with, but he promise not to change. He broke that promise and now he's my enemy. He's the enemy of my clan, but he's my friend.

"Bella." I whipped around with a low growled. Jasper put his hands up and said I want to show you what really happen. Between Alice and me."

He was asking to do recognition: going into the past without actually going into the past.

I didn't know whether I said yes because I felt I should give him a chance or that was what friends do. You give them another chance.

They took each others hands and chanted a spell:

I take you hand in mine.

Because of this bind.

Open this divine.

To see in your/mine mind.