uncontrollable & unpredictable

Disclaimer: I don't own either of the wonderful (and dead) characters.

A/N: This was inspired by "Unpredictable" by Skye Sweetnam. Lines I took inspiration from were, "I like when things are crazy and insane, don't wanna be tame, I'm unpredictable...", "I can't stand to be understandable, I can't control that I'm uncontrollable". Sounds like our good old Larxene and Axel, huh?


Lashes out, far too easy to anger, sharp words and knives hiding interior. Larxene cannot be tamed. A whirlwind of anger, regret, a storm if you will, of rage, of hatred. She's no longer what she used to be. Reckless to the point of flirting with death; but after you're a Nobody, who cares about death?

Not that she'd admit she's a Nobody. She believes she still has a heart (but yet it feels so cold), what has happened to the old her?


Enigma, puzzle, dangerous then calm. Axel cannot be understood. Teasing then dead serious, a fire, calm then roaring up with sudden, overpowering anger, flames of hate. He's no longer what he used to be. Always a risk-taker, always on the edge, but now he's beyond that, because nothing can harm him.

He accepts that he's a Nobody. But he hates it, he hates the empty feeling, because it feels like his heart is of ice, and he likes fire.


Whirlwind of anger, flames of hate, but strong with each other. What a duo. They don't understand their feelings because they have none. Each sparks the other, appropriate to their elements. Mixing fire and lightning is never a good idea. Crossing them once mixed is even worse.

They're Nobodies, nothing left to lose but each other, and without hearts they can't care. Their emptiness betrays them and they fall apart because of risks and treason.

There are no happily ever afters for those that couldn't enjoy them anyway.