Title: Five Things Zelgadis Is Afraid Of (And Won't Admit To)

Notes: This is admittedly rough; I haven't written in quite some time. But this one kept me up, nagging me to write it. That, and I really can never stop writing for these two. They need more love.

Words: 287

Sorry the formatting is so terrible! It's definitely not what I would like it to look like here, but I tried to make it readable. Maybe eventually I'll be able to replace it with the nicely formatted version.

Five Things Zelgadis Is Afraid Of (And Won't Admit To)


Psychics. Mind-readers. Telepathy.

There is so much he must leave unsaid.


Zelgadis notices Amelia watching him. Her brow furrows with what is clearly concern, her lips pursed in thought.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he frowns, his spell dissipating. Shaken from her stupor, Amelia shakes her head.

"It's just… sometimes you look so much like…"

Amelia's voice trails off as his eyes harden. She doesn't need to finish her thought aloud.


When Zelgadis finally bested Lina Inverse, it was only because she was helpless. Women lose their magic once a month?

He swung his sword at the wooden practice dummy, smiling grimly as the head fell to the ground with a thud.


"Wait," she says, running to him. Her small hand brushes at his forehead. "You're hurt, let me—"

"Stop." He moves out of her reach. "I'm perfectly capable of healing myself," he says. The gash in his forehead throbs. I want to be strong. He swallows hard. "Go take care of yourself. You're worse off than I am."

She says, "I just wanted to help."

Her weight shifts forward, then back. And Amelia takes a step away from him.


The memory is painfully vivid. Wasn't fast enough. Didn't see. Couldn't save her.

She is so small, so fragile. So human.

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