[ Inu-Yasha: The High School Experience ]

Okies, I'd like to thank Princess Faux again for helping me out sooooo much with editing and formatting. She's so cool!

First off, this is my first Inu-Yasha fic. It could be rough. The idea for it was inspired by a Slayers fanfic that I am very fond of, called Slayers High School, which I found at Darkness.Rising. I just got to thinking that that it would be interesting to see the Inu-Yasha crew in a school setting. By the way, I tend to be a fan of the Sesshomaru & Kagome pairing. Don't ask why. I couldn't give you a logical answer. I blame it on the caffeine, and several fanfics that I've read.

* * *

Inu-Yasha: The High School Experience
By ICDragons

The morning was dismal and gray, the dark clouds overhead rolling heavily over one another while spitting out fitful smatterings of rain.

Kagome Higurashi of the Sunset Shrine thought that it fit her first day at a new school perfectly.

She paused for a moment to gaze upon the large, ornate gates of her new school.

The black iron gates, open to accept the morning influx of students, were bracketed on either side by columns made of soft beige-yellow brick that punctuated the tall wall encompassing the school grounds, and supported the wrought-iron arch that was embossed with the school name.

Mahou Meiro High School
For Refinement of the Young and Impetuous
Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here

The last was scrawled beneath the official lettering in neon marker. She wondered, vaguely, about what kind of weirdo had come up with that gem of a name and what might have prompted the graffiti.

With a sigh, she trudged through the gates, mildly curious about what this strange school was going to be like.

And immediately found herself facing the outside of the gates again.

Reading the sign again.

She gave herself a shake, looking around to see if any of the students streaming toward the gates had noticed, but there was no reaction.

She tried again, walking forward until she was inside the brick columns.

And found herself facing the outside of the gates… again.

Reading the sign… again.

She was about to try for the third time when an insolent, coolly amused voice rang out, laughing at her.

"Foolish human. You will never gain entrance that way."

Kagome looked up in surprise and annoyance to find a boy lounging atop one of the columns. He was dressed in a white uniform with gold piping, the male equivalent to her school uniform, a removed look on his face. He was obviously a powerful youkai, probably the son of a lord.

He was gorgeous.

Long, soft white hair, partially retained at the base of his nick with a gold tie, glided down his chest and back like a misty waterfall. It accented his ivory-pale skin and delicate features beautifully, made the stripes on his cheekbones and the crescent moon mark on his forehead stand out, and highlighted his eyes.

And, oh, what eyes.

Clear, bright gold, pure as a newborn's thoughts.

And cold as a glacier's.

They were focused on her—but only barely—as though she were as common as the grass in the heavily manicured lawn, or dust on the wind. Unworthy of notice.

It pissed her off.

"How exactly am I supposed to get in?" she asked, trying to reign in her temper.

His disinterested gaze flickered away from her a moment, staring at something in the distance, and she wasn't sure that he would respond.

His focus snapped back to her, uncanny in how direct it was. She almost felt as though cold iron had pierced her. She shivered, but held his gaze. He merely shrugged.

"Figure it out for yourself, human. Or just go back home." With that he gracefully leapt off of the wall, back toward the school that she had been unable to reach.

Kagome swore.

She watched the gates for a few moments, noting that the other students weren't having any trouble coming and going.

She tried to get through once more, only to be cast back out. Attempts to talk to the other students resulted in cold shoulders, and an occasional glare. Once again, she was reminded of the fact that she didn't want to go to this school, she didn't have a choice, and she didn't have any friends here. In fact, she doubted that she would ever see a friendly face again. With a frustrated groan, she began to look around for a tree to climb.

If the Jerk-of-a-beautiful boy could go over the wall, so could she.

After a quick glance around to make sure no one was looking—after all, she was wearing a skirt—she found suitable tree not too far away and set herself to climbing it.

Climbing up the sturdy trunk wasn't difficult, but sliding along the branches, which swayed disconcertingly, was horribly unnerving. She was perched precariously on a branch, stretching with her foot to touch the top of the wall, and she almost had it…

"Hey you! Get down!"

Kagome let out a gasp of surprise, losing her balance. She scrabbled desperately for purchase on the branch, but couldn't get a grip on the rough bark. She felt herself plummeting to the ground and prepared herself for a very painful and possibly fatal landing.

She never hit the ground. She found herself clasped in a warm pair of arms and tucked against a strong chest.

Her heart was pounding with fear as the person who carried her landed gently on the ground.

She slowly looked up.

At first she thought that the gorgeous Jerk had come back to make fun of her, but realized right away that it wasn't him.

She realized that it was the gold eyes that had thrown her off. They were the same color as the other boy's. The hair was also white, but it was more wild and rugged looking.

Wire to the Jerk's silk. His features were more cute than beautiful, and he didn't carry the markings that the Jerk had.

His eyes widened in surprise as he looked down at her face.

"Kikyo?" he asked, bewildered.

* * *
Translation notes:
Mahou = Magic
Meiro = Labyrinth
Youkai = Demon