The school's hallway was empty save for a white-and-black-haired boy walking a few steps ahead of a lavender-haired girl. When the boy arrived at a corridor intersection, he turned swiftly and tossed an object at the girl behind him.

"Hey, Gopher, catch!"

Michiru instinctively reached out to catch the flying object but fumbled when she realized what it was. With a shriek, she dropped the detached right hand to the floor and jumped a step back. After a quick glance downwards, she looked up to see Chika grinning at her like a madman.

"Wha? Chika-kun?"

"Happy Halloween!"

"Hallow... een?" She stumbled over the English word's pronunciation. Halloween was an American tradition (or was it a European one, Michiru thought idly) that was becoming better known in Japan but still wasn't widely celebrated. Then she remembered meeting Chika's foreign father and realized that her friend might be more familiar with the holiday than she was. Not knowing the proper response to the phrase Happy Halloween, she settled for an ambivalent, "Hai."

Chika said nothing but continued grinning.

From around the corner of the intersection, Shito stormed towards the hand lying at Michiru's feet. He retrieved the hand, carefully brushed away any potential dirt, and stalked back to Chika with murderous intent.

"This is MY hand, idiot," Shito growled. "You threw it knowing she wouldn't catch it. I saw you."

Chika's grin turned sadistic. "I know."

Michiru sighed as the boys' conversation turned to fisticuffs. She couldn't help smiling though when she noticed that Shito had three hands to use whereas Chika only had one at the moment. Chika would lose this round, but knowing him, Michiru decided Chika wouldn't mind since the real victory was in antagonizing Shito at the beginning.

After the fight settled down and the boys were panting on floor, Chika looked at her, grinning once again. "We're going hunting tonight, Gopher. Halloween is the perfect night for hunting zombies."