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Deep inside Trade Federation space on the planet of Kamildor, a sickly looking middle aged man stood trembling in the center of the office of Doctor Drakken. Drakken was seated at his desk and a woman dressed in green and black stood to his right.

"Did you actually think that I wouldn't find out?" Drakken bellowed at the man.

"I uh.. Well…" the man sputtered.

"I don't want to hear it." Drakken cut him off. "You know the laws of My planet, and let me remind you, this is My planet. You pay your taxes in full, or you get to spend time with my lovely partner." He motioned to the black haired woman, whose skin had a hint of green tint. The woman smiled devilishly at the man.

"Buh, but sir, please, I paid as much as I could, the rest I needed to feed my family." He pleaded with Drakken.

The woman's hands lit up and she hurled a green bolt at the man, knocking him across the room.

"Did I ask for your excuses? Tell your family to toughen up and eat a little less, taxes come first you know this." Drakken yelled at him. "Now to make that clear to you I'm going to let Miss Go spend some quality time with you, and if I catch you in here again, you'll be dealing with Him."

The man's eyes widened with fear at the thought of being alone with Him. Drakken's assistant grabbed him by the scruff and drug him from the room while he pleaded with her for leniency.

Moments after Shego left with the man, the door slid open again, and a caped man walked into the room. He had white hair and a beard to match. "Ah, Count Dooku, you have arrived. Viceroy Gunray informed me you'd be stopping by." Drakken greeted the Count.

Dooku extended his hand and Drakken took it. "Nice to finally meet the man who'll be providing me with an army that cannot be matched." Dooku said.

"Well the Viceroy pays well. It was an offer I couldn't turn down." Drakken said.

"From what I understand he's giving you control of this whole system, and the resources to rule it as well." Dooku replied.

"It'll be nice to get off this wretched planet and move my base to Kamildor Prime. With the raw materials that have been put at my disposal and the foundries on Geonosis, you'll have a droid army without rival." Drakken ranted.

"Indeed, the Republic will not be able to stand against us. But I come on matters of the highest priority." Dooku said, his voice taking a serious tone.

"Yes I would think so, for you to come personally, I figured something important was afoot." Drakken replied.

"Viceroy Gunray's eagerness to spill the blood of the senator from Naboo is becoming bothersome. I fear that his attacks are giving away too much of our plans too soon." Dooku told Drakken, who nodded in agreement.

'Nute was never a patient man, and someday it will spell his downfall' Drakken thought to himself.

"The senator is in hiding under Jedi protection, and several high ranking Jedi have left Coruscant on top secret missions. We are not sure where they are going, but I'm positive if they dig deep enough they may find there way here. As a precaution I need you to give me the plans for the Ultimate Weapon, and delete any references to them from your archives. I will be taking them with me for safe keeping." Dooku informed Drakken.

"I see, that would be most wise, if the Jedi find the plans, then they surely will destroy us." Drakken replied.

He walked over to the main terminal and punched a few keys. A small disk popped out of the terminal, Drakken took it and handed it to the Count. "Here, it is done just as you wished. And don't worry about the Jedi, if they come here, I will be ready for them. 'He' is always hungry." Drakken laughed fiendishly.

Dooku smiled in approval. "Farewell Doctor, perhaps the next time we meet, will be to toast your new reign." Dooku bid adieu and left for his ship.


Back on Coruscant, daybreak had come ten minutes ago. Master Barkin already had awoken, showered and dressed for his impending journey. Grabbing his pack he strode confidently down the halls of the Jedi Temple to the quarters of his padawan learners. As he stood outside the entrance to their room, his senses told him something that made him frown with disapproval. Using his override code he opened the door and his eyes confirmed what his mind had already figured out. His young apprentices were not yet awake. They were curled up in the top bunk of their bed, pretty much out to the world.

"Grrr. I told you two to be ready to go at 8." He muttered to himself. With two quick waves of his hands the blanket covering Kim and Ron was ripped off and the pillows beneath their heads flew out from underneath, causing the two young Jedi in training to jerk up to attention.

They sat up and gazed across the room to see a perturbed Jedi Master Barkin standing in the doorway with his hands on his sides.

"Master Barkin, um uh good morning," They said together.

"Barely, if I hadn't woken you, it'd probably have been afternoon by the time you two realized we had to leave for a mission four hours ago." He said sternly.

"Oh my, we're so sorry Master, we'll be ready to go in ten minutes." Ron exclaimed.

"Make that five minutes." He said shutting the door behind him as he waited for them out in the hall.

'Ah, Padawans can be so frustrating at times. I swear you'd think with all the discipline I stressed in their training they'd at least know how to set an alarm clock by now. I guess their training for the next month will just have to be less saber play, and more lecturing.' Barkin thought to himself.

A chuckle came from behind Master Barkin. "You know, a similar conversation I remember. Between Master Faust and myself it was. He too had a young padawan who did not listen well." Yoda laughed a little more as he continued his morning stroll.

"Hey, wasn't he your Master?" Ron asked as he came out the door with Kim.

Barkin's face turned a bright red. "Never mind, young Stoppable, let's just go."

"Not yet, we have to make a quick stop first," Kim said.

"What is it now Possible, we really don't have time for games," Barkin said a little annoyed.

"I promise this will be worth it," Kim assured.

"Wade?" Ron asked Kim.

"Oh yeah," Kim said with a sly smile.

In the trade district of the city, a few miles south of the main space port, stood a small shop that looked out of place. Most of the shops had bright signs with flashy displays, Wade's had no discernable markings, looked pretty much like an abandoned domicile. Barkin looked at the shop and frowned.

"Are you sure this is the place?" He asked Kim.

"Most definitely Master, this is his shop." She answered.

"Doesn't look like much. Are you sure he has anything that could assist us?" He queried dissatisfied with her answer.

"You better believe it, Wade is a techno genius, we met him when we were orphans living on the street, he gave us lots of odd jobs to earn food, he took great pity on us, but in a good way. He let us think we were earning our gifts which really made us feel good about ourselves. But in the end I don't think we ever were of much technical support to him." Kim answered more thoroughly this time.

Barkin was much more pleased with this answer. At least the man appeared to be trustworthy and an old friend to boot. In these most dangerous times, one can never be to careful with strangers. He thought to himself. Changing the subject slightly Barkin posed his young padawan another question. "You know, as a Jedi you should be learning to trust the Force and your light saber, that alone will always be able to guide you. Do you really think you need any extra gadgets?"

"Don't worry Master, we are doing that, I mean who do you think built our light sabers anyway?" Kim answered with a wry smile.

Barkin smiled. He thought of the rather unique weapons his padawan learners possessed. Their sabers were quite remarkable, allowing them to fight danger in a variety of ways. There was the traditional single blade style favored by himself, Master Windu, and many of the elder Jedi. But the twin blade style was much more popular with the younger Jedi, and Sith, he reminded himself of Darth Maul, who met his demise at the hands of Obi Wan. Finally there was the dual wield technique, which was by far the most spectacular, and the most difficult to master. To often those who dual wield are overconfident that their extra saber gives them an inherent advantage. Thinking back to the duel yesterday between Kim and Ron, a sense of satisfaction came over him. His pupils studied hard in all three forms of combat, and relied on no one in particular, letting the situation dictate which style they used. While in a solo duel, neither could measure up to the greats like Masters Windu and Yoda. Fighting in tandem there was no better team in the galaxy.

Barkin turned his thoughts back to the present situation. "Very well Kimberly, I have tried to teach you to keep an open mind on such matters, I guess I had better practice it myself."

The three entered the shop, in the back they saw a short chubby dark skinned man furiously hacking away at the keyboard of his workstation. The man didn't notice the Jedi walk up to him.

"Gotcha!" Wade exclaimed, as he struck the last few keys, then leaned back with a grin of self satisfaction. "Republic security is no match for my mad key skills, friggin' amateurs."

"Is that so?" Barkin said as the man brought a can of Jawa Juice to his lips.

Wade turned around and saw the large Jedi standing over him with his arms crossed.

Wade spat out the juice, and pleaded with the man. "It's not what it looks like, I swear!"

"Really? Because it looks like you're hacking into protected Senate files." Barkin said leaning in to take a closer look at the screen. "Apparently those dealing with the latest round of government grants to be doled out this year. Am I right? Please correct me if I'm not."

"Well, yes, that is technically what it is, but I swear I was just checking on the status of my grant proposal." Wade backtracked eyeing the light saber in Barkin's belt.

He saw the scared man's gaze fall to his saber, then smiled. "Oh, don't worry about that, I have no need to use it on you…" Wade sighed in relief. "My apprentices will be taking care of that for me." He stepped aside revealing the two Jedi in training. With all four sabers drawn, they moved in on him.

"Wait, can't we talk this out…" He said staring at the strangely familiar faces.

Kim and Ron stopped a few feet from him, glanced at each other and smiled. "Well, I suppose. But it'll cost you." They said in unison.

Wade didn't believe his ears, Jedi don't take bribes. He looked closer at the Jedi, then it hit him. "K-Kim, Ron? Is that you?" he asked warily.

Kim and Ron pulled back their hoods and with a quick motion deactivated their sabers. Wade knew instantly after seeing their faces in full light it was his old friends.

"Yep, it us, I hope we didn't scare you… too much," Kim said as her and Ron chuckled.

"Wh-What me scared, not at all, knew it was you the whole time," Wade replied, without much conviction.

"I'll bet, I saw your eyes nearly pop out of your skull when Kim and I pulled out our sabers." Ron playfully jabbed at his friend.

"Well maybe a little, did you have to use all of them, that seemed a bit of overkill to me." Wade said as the color finally returned to his skin.

"We're Jedi, we never do anything half-assed," Ron said feigning smugness.

"I've noticed, so what brings you here? You couldn't have possibly been alerted to my little information gathering session yet. I am quite sure that I bypassed all the security and am untraceable." Wade asked, changing the subject.

"We've got a mission, a big one, and we would like a little tech support from an old friend to help us complete it." Kim told Wade.

"Oh I see, you two are becoming quite the big shots. What is this mission?" He asked.

Master Barkin stepped in, "I'm sorry, but this is of the utmost importance and due to the level of danger involved, to all, not just us, we cannot divulge any details."

"Hmm, I see. No problem, I'll do what I can. Anything for a couple of old friends." Wade answered.

"Great, first this mission is taking us far away from Republic space, we need a way to communicate with the Council," Kim said.

"Ah, now I might have just what you are looking for there. See the current technology uses old theories about space-time. Mine, uses a much more sophisticated view of the universe. Basically there are a lot more dimensions than just four. My communication system uses them all, my information travels faster, and is almost limitless in range." Wade tried to explain his theories on the structure of the universe, but found only blank stares.

Ron picked up one of the hand held units Wade had mentioned and inspected it, "K, lets pretend like I have no idea what that means." He said.

"What it means, is that we can talk to the Council, no matter how far from Coruscant we are. Right Wade?" Kim replied.

"You got it, you always were a sharp one." Wade complimented her keen intellect.

Wade went over the specs of the communication devices and gave each Jedi one. He showed them how to contact the Jedi Council and how they could reach him should they need any tech support on how to use the devices and their extra features. Barkin noticed that their transport ship was due to leave in fifteen minutes, so he hurriedly ended the meeting and got them back on their way to the space port.


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