The Only Game

Chapter 1

Summary: Instead of trying to avenge Mary's death, John put his aggression into something else. AU

Note: This is my first story, but you don't have to be gentle—I want the truth! I can handle it... I think. Your comments and suggestions are welcome, especially your suggestions. I hope you enjoy...

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"What do ya think? You think Sammy's ready to toss around a football yet?"


John Winchester had been devastated, to say the least, after his wife, and the love of his life, Mary had died in a horrible fire that had nearly claimed the lives of the whole family. He was adamant that what he had seen that night, his bride of 7 years pinned to the ceiling with her stomach cut open, was nothing more then nightmare or perhaps a strange reaction to the smoke. 'That's it,' John would tell himself, 'just a really weird side effect of smoke inhalation.' Whatever it was, John knew he needed to get it out of his head and quickly, before it consumed him and his young sons. He needed to keep himself and his boys busy...

What had started out as an innocent pastime and a good way to send quality his sons, quickly turned into an obsession. Mere weeks after Mary's premature death John started to drill football into the boys' heads. At six Dean could throw a football harder and further than most boys twice his age and before little Sammy even took his first step he knew how to properly hold a football.

When Dean was old enough to play in a starter league John moved the family to Texas, where one of the top ranking high school football teams nationwide was located. One of the added benefits was that they now lived only an hour from John's parents and siblings, so the boys would get to grow up with their cousins. John's parent's Jim and Amy, of course, were ecstatic about the move, Dean and Sam were their only grandsons. John's brother Bobby and his wife Beth had twin girls Emma and Tina who were 15 and John's sister Ellen and her husband Henry and two girls Cara and Jo who were 18 and 16 respectively. John's younger brother Caleb was not yet married, he was the 'fun' uncle. Nevertheless, the most appealing aspect to John, was that the town lived and breathed football and so did he.

Dean loved football, for many reasons, he loved the game, he loved the way he felt when his team won, not to mention he got to kick ass without getting into any trouble, and the girls it attracted weren't half bad either. Dean was 18 this year, a senior finally, at 6 feet 2 inches of shear muscle, he was well built to say the least and he was the starting quarterback for the Reed High (RHS) Warriors, the number one high school football team in the nation.

Sam, unfortunately, did not share Dean's enthusiasm for the sport, he did not really care about the injuries, although both he and Dean had received their fair share, Sam more often then Dean it seemed, John would say that it was because Sam never had his head in the game. Sam honestly could not say why did not like the sport, he was never able to pin point it. He did not hate it, but he was never excited about waking up at 4:30AM for John's per-practice practices, as Dean was.

Sam had always been a scrawny child with long thin legs, but even more so since he had turned 14. He had had growth spurt and being stretched out those extra few inches, quite frankly, made him look malnourished. Sam was 14 and a sophomore this year, since he had skipped the 6th grade, he was 5 feet 9 inches, and growing like a weed. Although, he was not ripped like his older brother, he was more strong and muscular then he appeared, which was an asset on the field. He was really not looking forward to this season, last year there was no chance in hell that he would be put in a real game, no matter how talented the player the coach did not ever put freshmen in. Last year he was just a mobile tackle dummy along with the other freshmen and he was okay with that; but this year, although the chance of him playing were slim, they were much more realistic then last year, he was now on the third string.

The boys both had their own expertise on the field. Dean could throw with such strength and precision that he was unmatched by anyone in their league, he was a great all-around player, but he had an amazing arm. The baseball coach was always trying to recruit him.

Sam could run, he ran so fast the coach said that the devil himself must chase Sam down that field and he could out maneuver just about anyone. He was not a strong all-around player like Dean, who could probably play any position well, but damn the boy could run.

Like the baseball coach was after Dean, the track coach was after Sam, but John only had eyes for football, he said the boys needn't waste their time on other sports.

John was a football Nazi. He had the boys training all year around—rain, snow, hail, unbearable heat—John did not care. Dean had once asked if he could get a summer job, John had replied in no uncertain terms that football was his job.

But, it was August now and all other things were pushed aside, in fact 'other things' ceased to exist, because tomorrow the Reed High School Warriors were having their first official preseason practice for the upcoming season...


I made up this school and that they were the #1 high school football team in the nation. I didn't want any hard-core football fanatics coming after me, so I just made up a school, the #1 high school football team is in Texas though:). Actually I do know of a Reed High School, but they are definitely not #1 and I'm pretty sure they're not the Warriors.