Drop Dead Gorgeous

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight series, nor the band Drop Dead Gorgeous where I got the idea for this quick fic.

Beautiful. A flattering word, yet insufficient in comparison to myself. I was much more then beautiful. Devine was an insult to me. Heavenly was far too insignificant. Was there even a word fitting such radiance as mine? I doubted it. But I could spend years upon years searching for a word that could hold a candle to my perfection. Even then, there was no guarantee that it would be worthy of me.

To put it simply, I was the incarnation of Aphrodite herself. A goddess in my own right. The title of "Fairest of Them All" was made purely for me. In all the world, no being, male or female, could brighten up a room like I could. No one could compare.

Oh dear me, did that sound shallow? Self-absorbed, perhaps? Well, I disagree with that opinion. Why should it be a crime to enjoy my beauty? Looked down upon because I cherished my good looks? I knew how men looked at me. Glances of love and attraction. I knew how women looked at me. Glares of hate and jealousy. And I was so proud of it. Damn proud.

Their reactions were always so priceless. How could I help myself but to laugh at the predictability of creatures, human and vampire and whatever else existed out there? All the same. None of them were special like me in the aspect of beauty. Not one.

Others paraded their talents. Showed them off with pride in them. Music players, artists, skilled peoples of all types. They were applauded for their talents and praised with lavish gifts or money. My beauty was my talent, of sorts. Why should I not show it off? Why should I not make them envious? Was it wrong to like the attention, both negative and positive, that I received?

I paused mid brush to observe myself in the mirror. Swallowed cheekbones. Prominent nose. Slender eyebrows. Flawlessly symmetrical face curtained by a silky, golden-blonde halo of hair that fell softly to my mid-back. And my eyes! I smirked, letting them narrow, though not unattractively. My eyes, clearly a stunning feature all their own. Angular, almond shaped eyes of an exotic butterscotch color. Lovely, long eyelashes that made my eyes stand out even further.

I chuckled. I could bring the world to its knees, with beauty like this. Not only my beauty, though. My grace. I was like a swan in flight. Bold, confident leaps of my long, pale, powerful legs could place me several feet for my origin only to land neatly on the very tip of my toes. Like a ballerina. Only better.

Every swing of my luscious hips hypnotized and transfixed. Mouths would hang open in awe. Shock was left in my wake. My perfect waistline was the envy of Forks High. All of Forks, for that matter. Ha! Who was I kidding? Every and any female the world over would commit many a sin, murder the least of which, to acquire the body of an angel. My body.

Yet for how gentle and smooth my body was, it harbored such strength! My arms and legs were rippling with unseen muscle. More then enough to lift a fully loaded van clean over my head. Able to run for mile and miles without breaking a sweat. Impossible anyway for my kind, but it's the thought that counts.

I sighed. Sometimes it amazed even me how utterly wonderful I was. Truly, I was a gem. A ruby, no, a diamond! To be treasured and splendored like the rarity I was. Flowers should flock to my feet with each glorious step I would take. Praise upon praise should follow me from every mouth I meet. Gifts should be thrown at me from arms opened wide. The ground I walked on should be claimed holy.

A door creaked nosily someone downstairs. The noise was quite unusual in our household, a home of deadly silent vampires. A frail voice called up the stairs, floating under the doors, reaching my ultra sensitive ears. Another anomaly. Our voices were ringing, powerful, and crystal clear. Melodious even, and mine more so then any other's. The tiny voice called a name, the name of my brother, in a shaking voice.

Distain washed over me with understanding. Oh great. She was here. I held in the urge to hiss, not wanting her to realize she could bring such a rise from me. I was above having to react to that pathetic creature. I continued to brush my soft hair, concentrating hard not to snap the plastic object in half.

Bella. I cringed inwardly. A name meaning beauty, but clearly being wasted on that boring girl. That ridiculous human Edward insisted on keeping around. Why, was beyond even I. Perhaps he wanted a pet. A mirth filled giggle escaped my lips.

Honestly, what he saw in that human was a complete mystery. Even by human standards, she wasn't even pretty. Passable, maybe, but not beautiful. Lank, brown hair that fell below her shoulder blades cupping her pale, but not quite vampire pale, face. Full, often reddened, cheeks though not chubby like a young girl. A heart shaped face that left her with a wide forehead. Lips much too full for her face. A slender nose situation between eyes the same color as her hair.

Her eyes! Hark! Once again, they were the defining feature. But not in a good light like mine were. Her eyes were much too large. Innocent looking. Frail and weak looking. The eyes of a child. Not a woman's eyes, like mine.

But maybe that's why Edward kept her. He was not much older then a child too, in the face of his human years. Perhaps she reminded him of a younger sister of something. A sweet faced child. Her innocence and naivety were amusing, yes, but not desirable. Not like I was. I was the pinnacle of desirable.

Yes, he must enjoy her company because of her youth and innocence. That at least made sense. What had Alice said… that didn't make sense at all.

My brother, my little brother, falling in love? Unheard of in our family. He was always the odd man out. He was complete in himself and didn't want nor desire companionship. That was how it had always been.

And now Alice claimed her had fallen head over heels in love? With a human, no less! Preposterous!

The human, this girl, was not even pretty! She was not a woman yet, seeming younger still to a creature that had outlived her own parents and siblings. How could he fall in love with her? Why could he?!

I froze as I heard my aforementioned brother pass my door. I concentrated on deciding on my outfit for the day so he would not give my thoughts a second look. To my surprise, I heard him laughing. The human girl seemed to have tripped on the stairs, making him rush to her rescue. Clumsy. She was clumsy too. Another way I could unfairly compare her to myself. I waited for the twosome to close the door to his room before allowing myself to return to my thoughts.

In truth, I was everything she was not. I was her complete opposite. Blonde, beautiful, confident, graceful. In a word, perfect. I was perfect. So then… why would he want her when he could have me?

Don't get me wrong; I'm completely happy with my Emmett. He was meant for me, and I for him. And I never felt feelings other then brotherly ones for Edward. He was my brother, that was it. I liked it that way. We irritated each other, but could be the best of friends at times.


I don't know why, but I resented that he didn't want me. Never had a man blatantly refused me. Like I was ugly or something! I knew of course that that wasn't the case. But that was what it felt like. Someone like me has never had to deal with rejection. Still, I dealt with it. I figured, it wasn't me, it was Edward. Edward was weird like that. He never liked any woman. So they were all rejected. Not just me.

Until now. Now, he found a girl that he actually wanted. In ways he had never wanted me. Why? Why had he never wanted me like that? What did this human have that I didn't?

I scoffed at that. A beating heart, for one. Maybe this all had to do with the innocence theory. Her humanity made her chaste. Pure. A creature that clearly had a soul. Something Edward never felt we could claim. So then… he liked her because she was different? Because she wasn't like our kind? Because she was human?

A fit of giggles from down the hall caught my attention. "Edward! That tickles!" I rolled my eyes. The sound my of brother laughing at the girl's predicament rung in my head. His laughter. He hadn't laughed like that ever before. This was something completely new. Not a laughter of happiness or hilarity. This was a laughter of infatuation. That thought made me want to shove my fist through the nearest wall.

So he loved her. He really loved her. He felt what Emmett felt for me, Jasper for Alice, Carlisle for Esme. But never what Edward felt for me.

Why? What flaw did Edward find with me? I was more then beautiful. I was sweet. I could be kind, fun, and even nice when I wanted. Why? Why had he rejected me so, but let the human girl into his heart?

I dropped my face into my hands, trying to fit the growing need to sob pathetically.

I was much more then beautiful. Devine was an insult to me. Heavenly was far too insignificant. In fact, the only phrase that even seemed to come close to my level of excellence was…

Drop dead gorgeous.