Everything Will Change

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A/n: This shot is after Eclipse. It will become obvious after a while. I decided you all needed a kinder Rosalie since many have been asking for a clip that showed Rose warming up to Bella. And here it is.

It was as I was strolling the second floor that I first heard the sounds. Heartbreaking, wretched, and pathetic wailing. Devastated and frightened sobbing. Getting louder one second the softer, as if the noise was fading in and out. I wanted to reach my hands over my ears, thought I doubted it would help. There was only one being who inhabited our house that could be making such noise.

I stopped outside of Edward's door, not sure weather or not to enter. To be truthful, if Bella was crying, it was none of my business. It could all get worked out without me. Whatever happened was sure to between her and my brother. Nothing to do with me. I shouldn't get involved.

Another shriek from the human shook my resolve.

I hung my head, arms crossed as I stared at the door. Edward often liked to point out my flaws. Well, flaw. My only true downfall was my selfishness. I didn't want to get sucked into things that didn't concern me. Whatever. At least I could own up to my shortcoming.

But not only Edward said it. Everyone did. When I didn't want to help Bella get decked out for her junior Prom, Alice said I was egocentric. When I flat out refused to help hide her when James was after her, Esme scolded me and told me to for once care about someone beside myself. Even Emmett called me coldhearted when I expressed my happiness to be away from Forks when we moved last year. They were all right to a certain point. Was it really so obvious, my flaw?

However, that wasn't so true. Sure, I didn't like anything that didn't include myself, but what about my family? Since they were my family, I always wanted what was best for each and every one of them. Their happiness concerned me to a point, but I actually honestly wanted them all to smile. So, I was family centric, in a way. Not exactly a bad thing.

Bella. Did she count as family?

The tiny, petty voice in my head screamed a rousing 'no'. So that should have been enough to make me turn on my heel and not give that girl a second thought. A beam of sunlight shone through the living room windows. The streak of light caught my hand, illuminating it tenfold. But what shone the most was the gold band on my ring finger. I paused, admiring it in the light. A beautiful ring. I had chose it out, of course, but that wasn't what made it so breathtaking. It was what this ring symbolized.

A bond. More binding then death. And, like myself, those words that rang in the gleam of my wedding ring were to stay on this earth forever. A love expressed in the truest of vows. In the purest, simplest form of 'I do'. A union that meant more to me then anything else.

Then the guilt set in. Once the engagement ring was slipped onto my finger, the underlined feeling of family was strengthened. I truly felt like I belonged. Like I was loved. Like I was a part of the family. Not to say that I wasn't before Emmett proposed the first time, but it all became so much more final. Like, since I was officially pronouncing myself Emmett's wife, the bond of my family became even more important to me. For us all to stick together. So, in a way, I not only joined myself to Emmett for eternity, I cemented my place in the family.

So… when Edward placed the ring on Bella's hand, did she officially become a Cullen?

I now had to except that. My complaints and arguments about Bella had fallen on deaf ears. With or without my consent, Bella was marrying Edward. That was it. In a month, Bella Swan would be Bella Cullen. And shortly after that, Bella Cullen would be reborn as a creature of darkness. The young, innocent, human Bella would die. And our household would be one vampire bigger.

Of course, I was the only one who thought of it like that. To my brothers and sister, mother and father, even my husband, Bella had always been a member of this home. Now we were just making it publicly known.

So that was it. My life could never go back to what it once was. We would no longer be the Cullens, a family of seven. Alice would no longer be my only sister. Jasper would no longer be the least experienced of us all when it came to our lifestyle. Edward would no longer be the odd man out. Everything was going to change, wasn't it?

But most off all, now I had to cope with a younger sister who would need everyone's help. We would all pitch in. Her first few hunts would all be well chaperoned. We would all take turns helping her throughout the transformation itself, comforting Bella and Edward alike. Working to build up her control. Offering comforting words when the ache for her family came to be too much. Watching her like a hawk when we felt her practiced enough to attend school again and go out in public. It had to be a team effort.

So where did that leave me? With a choice. Would I hold onto my grudge and cause yet more problems for my family? Fall out of everyone's good graces? Or would I become a team playing? Would I let this clumsy little human into my heart? Would I offer guidance and wisdom, such as a proper older sister should? The time for choice was upon us. Upon me.

With exaggerated slowness, I turned the handle to Edward's room.

Inside, Bella sat on the bed, weeping. Her slight form was curled into a ball, face buried into her chin. Her hair fell upon the bed in cascading streaks, a mix between waves and curls. As I neared, I saw the girl was wearing her wedding dress. She must have been trying in on while the others hunted for the day. Carlisle had gotten beeped in an hour ago, leaving in a rush. Leaving me with this frail human girl before me.

I hesitated at the edge of the bed. Carefully not to disturb the bed, I sat on the side lightly. I waited for Bella to notice me but she had walled herself from the outside world. With quivering hands, I reached to her and stoked her head.

Bella jumped up, not noticing I had been in the room while she cried. Her eyes were larger and puffy from crying. Seeing she had a visitor, Bella tried to use her hand to stifle her sobs. This process instead gave her the hiccups. I gestured for her to come sit next to me. Bella nodded and crawled to my side, her pure white dress fanning out behind her as she wiggled.

I took her warm little hand in my own. If the icy feeling of my hand frightened her, she didn't show it. I grasped it a bit, adding delicate pressure. "Why are you crying, Isabella?" I asked quietly.

Bella, in a typical Bella gesture I was quickly becoming acquainted with, looked down to her feet. A light coat of red filler her cheeks. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her other hand. "I'm sorry to have bothered you, Rosalie. It's nothing, really. Pre-wedding jitters, I think." She hiccupped, a fresh batch of tears now flowing. "Thank you from coming to check up on me." Bella offered.

I lifted out entwined hand so the light from the cracked door could hit them. My ring shown proudly again. But it was not alone this time. For Bella's ring sparkled as well. I couldn't help but to smile. "Not at all. You are family now, after all."

Bella smiled back. Even after crying, there was no denying that she was beautiful in her own way. I could now appreciate that. My sister was beautiful too. "Family…" Bella echoed. She hiccupped once more, her frame shaking. "I guess… everything's going to change now, huh?"

I wonder what Edward would say if he could see us now? One might think I had grown a bit, gotten less self-absorbed maybe. But I knew it was a lie. I was just as callous as always. But I had now learned to accept Bella as a sister. As a part of my family, everything about her concerned me too. Her happiness. Her sadness. All of it. Her problems were family problems. And I, as her sister, knew it was my job to help as best I can.


Maybe I had changed then. Just a bit. I sighed as I pulled her body against mine in a hug. She seemed shocked, but hugged me back all the same. Bella even joined me in my quiet laughter. "Yes, Bella.

Everything will change."