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The Boy

Harry and Ron sat by the lake one mid September afternoon, enjoying one of the last warm days they would have for months. They didn't say much, they just enjoyed each other's company while waiting for Hermione to return from talking to Lavender about something or other. School had resumed just weeks ago and they were back into the swing of classes and homework and dodging teachers while sneaking out.

There was also a new sixth year Slytherin to torment. He instantly became Malfoy's new best friend, especially after Crabbe and Goyle decided not to return to school after failing their O.W.L. exams. The boy had everyone confused for several reasons. Mainly because he was Severus Snape's son. But not only that, the boy seemed to carry himself like he didn't care how others viewed him. He acted as if he'd been going to school here the whole time. No one knew anything about him other than he has an American accent. "Where did he come from?" was the question out of everyone's mouth when Professor McGonogal announced his name to be sorted. It was only assumed that he was Snape's son as no one knew for sure. Not even malfoy knew.

"Harry, do you think that kid is really Snape's son?" Ron and Harry had pondered this question endlessly since school began and they never made any progress until Hermione decided to do some research since she was sick of the conversation.

"Hermione says that it's entirely possible, but she can't know for sure unless someone gets an answer from him or Snape. Are you going to be the one to answer Snape, because I'm not. And we all know that kid won't talk about it."

"That's kinda why I think he is, because if he wasn't then he'd tell everyone the truth, right?" Harry shrugged and just stared out at the lake. Ron stared at the boy walking along the lake shore careful to stay away from the water. He nudged Harry, "Look, here he comes. Let's ask him." Harry smiled and nodded. He was in the mood for some Slytherin torture.

"Hey! Snape!" Harry yelled at the boy as Harry and Ron walked over to him. "Whatcha doing walking by our lake? Who said you could come down through here?" The boys had gotten a lot meaner when Hermione wasn't around.

The boy looked from Harry to Ron, knowing he was cornered. He knew about these boys, they were fast on their feet and with their wands. He shrugged and tried to walk past them but Ron caught him by the robes. "Oh, no, Slytherin. You're not going anywhere until we say you can. We wanna know if Snape is your father and we're not letting you leave until we find out." Ron looked at Harry and nodded. Harry punched the boy in the stomach and he bent over in pain, gasping for breath. Ron fisted his hair in his hand and pulled the boy's head up. "You gonna tell us, or are we going to have to persuade you more?" The boy blinked and shook his head. He fell to the ground after being released from Ron's hold. Harry kicked him in the stomach, then knelt beside him.

Harry spoke in soft yet forceful tones. "Well? What'll it be, Snape? Tell us and we'll leave you alone. Don't tell us, well, be prepared for a very painful two years."

The boy nodded. "Fine, I'll tell you. Yes, he's my father. He left my mum so he could fight in the war more safely. For me and her. Now that the Dark Lord is gone and Mum's dead, I came to stay with him. Are you satisfied? Can I go now?"

The boy made a move to stand but Harry pushed him back down. "No, not yet. What's with the accent? Where are you from?"

The boy rolled his eyes, "I'm from England, you git. My mum and I went to America to hide out during the war. I came back when she died and stayed with my uncle until the war was over."

Harry seemed satisfied with that answer and stood up. "All right, Ron, I think that's enough fun for one day. Let's go on to lunch, I'm starved." Harry and Ron walked away from the boy then, as if remembering something suddenly, Harry turned back, "Oh, and Snape, if you even think of mentioning this to anyone, well, you won't like the outcome. Toodles!" Harry laughed and turned to continue on his way to the Great Hall.

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