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Chapter 1

Edna Turnblad walked into Tracy's bedroom and she took a thermometer out of her daughter's mouth.

"102, Tracy! You're too sick to even get up!" Edna cried in her motherly-tone.

"But Ma, Link was going to take me out a surprise date tonight," Tracy whined as she began to feel dizzy and her red nose started to ooze with snot.

"Well, I'm going to call Link and tell him to have a rain check on that because you're not leaving the house in your condition." Edna turned to leave her room. "I'll make you some chicken noodle soup and some orange juice to make you feel better a little later, but until then you're going to stay in bed today."

Tracy let out a groan in frustration as she pulled the covers over herself halfheartedly and angry at herself for getting sick on a day that was suppose to be good.

Who besides me gets a fever in the middle of August? she thought bitterly as she drifted off to sleep. She was woken up moments later by Ace jumping on her bed.

"What the….? Ace, what are you doing here?" Tracy questioned as the dog wagged his tail happily at her. She realized that her fever has disappeared and she didn't feel dizzy anymore. Ace then jumped off the bed and stood by her side, waiting for her to get up. When she threw the covers off her, she noticed that she was wearing her normal attire and her hair was already done.

"Weird… why am I wearing shoes in bed?" she asked herself. Once out of bed, she grabbed her backpack and left her room to walk to the living room. "Ma? Daddy?" she called as she felt chills from the cold and seemingly empty house. She called them a few more times until she and Ace went outside and see if anyone was in the joke shop.

But once outside, they were no longer in Baltimore. Instead of the large gray buildings and concrete sidewalks she was used to, she was gazing at trees and bushes that covered miles and a blue, yellow and red brick swirl in the center of what seemed like a small village.

"Ace…. I don't think we're in Baltimore anymore…" Tracy looked around in bewilderment. Ace ran out the house to explore as Tracy followed, still looking around the village as if she were a tourist. "This place is so colorful…" Suddenly, she heard giggling nearby. Ace, hearing the voices as well, ran back near Tracy protectively.

"What the…" Tracy looked to the sky and noticed a large bubble approaching them. The bubble disappeared to reveal a blonde, dark-skinned woman wearing a light pink dress that had large butterfly wings in the back. She sported a tall crown on her head and a she held a wand in her right hand. "She looks so familiar…."

"Hey there, sugar," the fairy woman greeted, "are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

"Huh?" Tracy looked confused. Why was she asking me that?

"I'm asking, are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm not a witch at all."

"Really now? Then care to explain how you defeat the Wicked Witch of the East?" The woman pointed towards the house where there were female legs hanging out underneath the it.

"Oh my gosh! I didn't mean to!"

"Mean to?" a voice was heard in the distance. Soon, teenagers around her age pop up from the trees to the small houses to greet her. A male teen approached her and shook her hand. "You just saved our lives and our village! We owe you big time! I'm Brad, leader of this fine village!"

"It's nice to meet you, Brad," Tracy smiled, shaking his hand. Where have I seen these people from….?

"We call ourselves the Council Members because we are the most popular and nicest in all of the villages," Brad stated proudly.

"We would like to thank you for using your powerful magic to aid us against the Wicked Witch of the East," a female Council Member, Tammy, thanked. Then the entire teenagers all bowed down to Tracy. "You are officially an honorary member of our wonderful Council!" The rest of the members clapped and cheered hearing the announcement.

"Thank you, this is a real-" Tracy was cut off my a loud thundering noise that echoed throughout the tiny village. While the Council Members ran away to hide once more, The Witch, Tracy and Ace stared into the direction of the upcoming smoking that was emerging of the center of the town. When the smoke disappeared, a tall, thin, wicked looking woman with blonde hair and icy blue eyes stood there with a scowl on her over-make-upped face.

"Maybelle, where is she?!" the woman demanded. The good witch, Maybelle, pointed to the direction of Tracy's fallen apartment. Her mouth gaped open in shock as she rushed towards the incident.

"Who did this?! Who did this to my sister?!" she shrieked.

"I didn't mean to, ma'am," Tracy apologized.

"Don't pay her any threat, child," Maybelle reassured as she rested her hand on Tracy's shoulder. "Velma's just sour for not being able to get those dancing shoes she always wanted."

"Yes, the shoes," Velma remembered and rushed back to her sister and noticed that the white dancing shoes she was once wearing disappeared. "Where are they?!"

"They're right here, Velma," Maybelle answered as she pointed to Tracy's feet.

"Whoa! Freaky…" Tracy stared in awe at her new shoes. Ace sniffed at them in confusion of the new laces that appeared on her feet.

"How dare you!" Velma shrilled again, pointing at both Maybelle and Tracy accusingly.

"The shoes will never belong to you, Velma," Maybelle replied coolly. "Remember the contract you signed from Mr. Spritzer?"

"Blast… that retched man and his contracts," Velma cursed under her breath. "But no matter, he is dead now so all of those contracts are null and void. As for you," she pointed at Tracy while Ace jumped in front of her protectively, "no matter where you go or what you do, I'll get those dancing shoes from you! I'll get you, my pretty and your little three-legged dog, too!" With another shrill of laughter, Velma, the Wicked Witch of the West disappeared in another cloud of smoke and a roar of thunder. Once the smoke cleared, the Council Members reemerged from their hiding places and walked towards Tracy.

"It's not safe for you to be here anymore, Tracy," a black council member, Duane, stated.

"I'm not?"

"Oh no, sugar," Maybelle answered. "We need to get you home and as soon as possible, before she comes to get you. Velma the Witch of the West is no laughing matter when she tried to get the things she wants."

"Then where should I go? How do I get home?" Tracy questioned desperately.

"The Wizard of Oz might be able to help," Brad chimed in.

"The Wizard of Oz?"

"Of course," Maybelle smacked her forehead, "he's able to help you go home for sure!"

"Well, how do I get to him?"

"Tracy, all you have to do is follow the yellow brick road." She pointed to the yellow swirl of the three colored path.

"Just follow the yellow brick road?" Tracy asked as she and Ace started to follow the yellow path. The brick road soon led them out of the town. The Council Members followed her out until they reached the city limit, where they waved farewell to their new friend and heroine.

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