Chapter 1

Edward shut off the engine of his shiny Volvo. "Are you ready?" he looked at me with his sweet topaz eyes. My heart skipped a beat and his mouth twitched into that crooked smile.

"Of course not but what can we do about that?" I couldn't hide my anxiety much. I wasn't sure just how Charlie would react to what we were about to tell him.

"Too true love. If it helps he's in a good mood." He smiled. Only he could find the good in something like this, though this was a joyous occasion for him. We were finally making it official that we were engaged, "Just take a deep breathe and let's go let him know."

"You're right, you always are." He leaned over and pressed his frozen lips to mine in a gentle caressing fashion. My heart took off trying to break through my chest. Then it was over, always to soon. "Let's go on in." I trailed off as I grabbed his beautiful hand and headed toward the door. The handle turned almost too easily.

"Bells is that you?" Charlie yelled from the kitchen.

As if it would be anyone else. "It's me and Edward Dad." I turned the corner into the kitchen with Edward. Charlie looked as though he just drank sour milk. "Can we talk to you?"

He raised his eyebrows and looked at us with skepticism. "Sure..." his tone sounded worried.

"Don't worry dad I'm not pregnant." I watched relief float to his face.

"Oh okay well then what is it?" I guess he wasn't expecting much else, maybe another vacation or something.

"Dad you told me you wanted me to give you a proper good-bye and well I promised I'd give you one." His face turned hard as he started to put the pieces together.

"Edward asked me to marry him and I've told him I would."

I waited for the bloodbath to begin but it never came. We sat there in silence for a good 5 minutes before Edward spoke up.

"Sir I love your daughter and I promise I'll take care of her and keep her safe." His voice was like honey. If he would have been talking to anyone but my father, who doesn't much like him, it would have made them melt into a puddle. He squeezed my hand lightly.

Charlie sat there for a few more minutes opening and closing his month, apparently completely lost for words.

"I should probably let you know that the wedding is going to be this August," I knew that this would push him over the edge. That's why I tacked that on there.

"Bells, no not that soon I can handle you getting married, I may not like the idea but I can live with it. You still have college to go and you are just so young. I was thinking you'd at least be engaged for a year. I don't want you to rush into this like your mother and I." His voice trailed off and I knew that he was hurting. I knew that he still loved Renee. "I can't stop you though I'm getting my request and you are an adult now I can't keep babying you."

"I'm sorry that you're not happy about this but I am. I love Edward and he loves me. We know that we are supposed to be together. I didn't want to leave you without a proper good-bye. I could be in Vegas right now at a drive thru chapel, but instead I'm asking you to walk me down the aisle. Can you please try to be happy that I found someone I love?" I was hoping that I did this right. I saw Edward tilt his head down. It worked. Charlie wasn't going to forbid it or banish me from his life.

"Of course Bella, if this is going to make you happy then I can let go of my parental grasp on your life." I let Edward's hand go and walked over to Charlie and gave him a hug.

"I'll always be your little girl Dad but you do have to let go. Edward isn't going to let anything happen to me ever. I've never met anyone so perfect for me." I looked over at my perfect fiancé, his smile almost made me forget the whole purpose of my talk with Charlie. "It means a lot to me that you'll try to get on board for this dad. You won't even have to pay for it. That's always a bonus." I hoped this would brighten his attitude. "We're going to have a small ceremony at the Cullen's and Alice is planning the whole thing."

"Bells I don't want them to have to pay for everything I'd like to pitch in what I can at the very least." Charlie seemed to be fairly honest about that.

Edward smiled and spoke softly. "I'd never tell you that you couldn't help pay for the wedding sir. You can pay for what can." His voice was like honey and I was stuck fluttering around in his sticky grasp but I couldn't care less; nothing mattered but him. "I should be going home now though. Esme wants to have some family time. We can tell them tomorrow okay Bella?"

His question caught me off guard. "What? Oh yea that's okay with me if that's okay with you. I wouldn't mind waiting if you can, not to mention I should probably call Renee." I wasn't looking forward to that conversation but I knew I couldn't not tell her. "Okay well I'm going to go upstairs and call her after I walk Edward out. Thanks for everything Dad!" I took Edward's hand and turned toward the door.

"You handled that very well love," His voice made my heart race and I could feel the heat rushing to my face. "I love you even more now!" He pressed his lips against mine and the world around me fuzzed out to nothing and again it was over far too soon.

"I love you too, more than you could ever love me," I loved playing this kind of game after all there could never be a winner. "I'll see you upstairs later." I whispered in his ear.

"Yes love you will. I am running home--but I'll be back soon." He tacked on the last part as he saw the frown on my face started to curl.

"I'll see you when you get back. I'm going to call Renee now though. I think we'll be on the phone for quite some time while she tries to convince me it's a bad idea." My thoughts trailed off to the conversation that was bound to occur with my mother. Something about her mistakes and my father so on and so forth, it was better just to get it over with now.

I picked up the phone and started dialing her number. I knew it was 3 hours later there but this couldn't wait. It rang twice and her voice rang through the phone. "Hello?" she didn't sound tired that was a plus.

"Hey Mom it's Bella. I need to talk to you." I tried to sound as happy as I could so she wouldn't assume the worse.

"Oh hey sweetie how are you?" she asked.

"I'm fine, actually I'm more then fine." I paused thinking of how I was going to phrase this. "I'm excited for college in Alaska." Maybe this was going to take a while. Why in the world would it be harder to tell my mother, who was my best friend for so long, that I was getting married in just a few months then it was to tell Charlie.

"That's great honey I'm glad that you're going to school. How are things with the boyfriend of yours, Edward?" She sounded as happy as she normally did so what should I be afraid of, right?

"Oh things with Edward are perfect actually. He's the best boyfriend a mother could want for her daughter." I heard a snort coming from Renee's end. "No really Mom he's the only guy in town with any morals. You should get to know him better and soon." I paused again. I was hoping that she could see where the conversation was going.

"I don't know when I'll get the chance to get to know him Bella. You're off to college in September and that's just a few months from now. I suppose I could manage a trip up there if you wanted me to." This was exactly what I was hoping she would say.

"That is exactly what I want Mom. I want you to come up for the week of August 8th through the 14th." I had to break her in slowly for this. She was not going to like it I knew that much. Step by step was the only way I'd succeed in getting her to her least favorite place on the planet.

"Sure Bella I think I can manage that, but why that specific week?" she asked. I couldn't tell if she was catching on or not.

"Mom don't freak on me please." I pleaded with her.

"Isabella! What is going on?" her voice raised rather quickly.

"Well, Edward and I have decided to get married and we chose to do it on August 13th." I heard nothing coming from the other end of the receiver. "Mom, are you there?" I asked.

"Bella when did this happen?" she demanded out of me.

"Today Mom. I told Charlie and then I called you. We haven't even told his family yet." I didn't know what else to say. "I want you there more then anything Mom. It's going to happen whether you approve or not, and you are going to have Edward as a son in law. I want you to get to him. I want you to meet his family. I want you to love him like you love me." Perhaps the loving words from me would help her out.

"You can't do it this soon Bella! It's only going to end in divorce!" she attempted to warn me just as I thought she would.

"Okay Mom listen to me. Edward and I are not you and Charlie. I can't exist without him. When he left last year I was as good as dead, nothing mattered to me, because he wasn't here. I know that he is the only one I'm supposed to be with and he knows it too. Nothing in this world could keep us apart!" Edward suddenly appeared in my room. He walked over and placed his hands on my waste and kissed my forehead.

"Let me talk to her." He whispered in my ear.

"Mom, Edward would like to speak with you so please be nice." It wasn't really a request. It definitely sounded more like an order.

"Okay Bella." She wasn't happy at all and I could tell.

"Hello Mrs. Dwyer." He paused I'm guessing for a reply. "I understand why you frown upon this but I feel I have to be honest with you. In all of my life I have never felt this way about anyone before. Bella is by far the most important thing in my life." I hugged him around the waist and looked down at my ring, which sparkled softly in the bedroom light. "I promise I'm not going to hurt your daughter and I will take care of her. She'll never be homeless or hungry." He smiled down at me while my mother spoke to him. "Alright thank you Mrs. Dwyer. Here's Bella."

He kissed my forehead again as he handed me the phone. "Hey" was all I could get out.

"I'm not happy about this Bella. Not at all! I'll come out for you because you are my daughter and such but when this goes down the drain don't come crying to me because I warned you what would happen. With that out of the way, congratulations." Her tones went from angry to perky in 4.2 seconds. It was almost frightening.

"Thanks Mom." I'm not sure if I hid the confusion very well. "We have to go tell his parents now so I have to go. I love you Mom. Good night" I prayed that she wasn't going to call Charlie and yell at him for allowing this.

"Good night Bella. Thank you for telling me." Her statement sounded genuine. I hung up the phone and focused on the perfect vampire standing in front of me.

"So Mr. Vampire Man do we get to surprise most of your family?" I looked up into his beautiful golden eyes.

"Alice didn't tell anyone so yes we get to surprise them all." His voice rumbled my body as we held each other. "We can either tell them after Charlie goes to bed or in the morning if you'd like." I thought about it for a few minutes.

"It doesn't matter to me. They are your family you get to choose when we tell them." I liked the idea of him having to choose when he told his family.

"You are wrong Bella." I stared up at him a little puzzled. "They are our family and they have been for quite a long time now.""You are the most amazing husband I could have ever dreamed of." I reached up and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Thank you Edward that means quite a lot to me. Let's go do it as soon as Charlie is sleeping. I want to see what they think." I was hoping that it wouldn't be long before my old man was sleeping. Apparently he was already asleep though.

"Alright then grab a sweater and let's go he's sleeping." He turned toward the window as I picked my sweater up. "Ready love?" I nodded as he hoisted me onto his back and took off into the night.

I felt the brisk wind against my face as he wove in and out of the trees. Then suddenly we came to a halt. I heard a howl out in the distance and my heart cringed. "Don't worry love it's a coyote. I'm sorry." He swung me around to the front of him and kissed me softly on the lips. It was just a matter of seconds before I forgot where we were. Our lips parted to my dismay. "Come on they're all wondering why you are here at this time of night."

We walked through the door and our family as Edward had pointed out stood in the front room waiting, puzzled expressions across the room excluding Alice of course. "Hey you guys how are you?" I asked beaming at them carefully covering the ring.

"We're all fine, just curious what do we owe this late night pleasure that's all." It was Carlisle that spoke for the group.

"We actually have to talk to you as a family." Edward said before I even formed a sentence in my head. "It's rather exciting actually." He paused I'm sure to see what they were thinking. "Bella and I have decided that we want to have a baby!" I about choked and it looked like the family has having that same feeling rushing through them.

"No we aren't you crazy vampire! We're getting married in August," I looked at them and smiles broke out across the room. "Wanting to have a baby Edward really what in the world we're you thinking. That wasn't even a funny joke."

"I just didn't want them to guess the news that's all. They're really perceptive you know. Besides Alice's face was priceless." She shot him a dirty look. "I don't get to surprise her very often."

"That was cruel brother. I hope you know you've started a war." Her warning didn't fit her. "That being pushed aside Congratulations you guys." How could anyone not like Alice?

"Yes! Congratulations are in order!" Esme spoke as she walked over and curled her arms around me. "I can't wait until August. You've always been a daughter to me." Tears filled my eyes as I'm sure they would have in my Mother-in-Law to be's eyes. "I hope you know that." She smiled at me with more love and emotion that I would have thought possible.

"Thank you so much you guys. I'm glad that I've been accepted into your family." The tears poured over the rims of my eyelids. "I have no idea how much this means to me." Edward reached up to my eyes and wiped my tears away.

"Let's get you home Bella, it's late and you need your rest." I couldn't argue with that, afterall telling your parents that your getting married in 3 months was rather tiredsome.

"Alright I'll go quietly this time but next time I won't go without a fight." I smiled playfully at Edward and winked at Alice. "Good night I suppose I'll be seeing you soon." With that we headed back to my house.

"You are the greatest thing I could ever ask for Bella. I can't wait for August 13th." He bent over and kissed my hair and cradled me into his arms and began humming my favorite composition. "Sleep now my love. You have a very busy three months ahead of you."

"Yes sir. Anything you say, I'm yours." I mumbled through the sleep that was overcoming me. "Good night Edward."