Chapter 4

"That was perfect Edward! In everyway possible! Thank you for trying again." I snuggled into his chest and just laid there. "I don't even want food anymore and after that you would think that I would need something to eat." I giggled and I turned my head to meet his eyes. "What are you thinking?" I asked him ever so quietly.

"I was just thinking that I've never been as happy as I am right now. Everything has been perfect for us." He pulled the blanket up so that I wouldn't catch cold. "I don't ever want to leave this room. We'll have all of our food delivered straight to us so we'll never leave." His eyes lit up so much I couldn't believe it.

"As great as that sounds my dear husband, you can't have your food delivered to us here." I looked at him with great concern.

"Nonsense Alice already sent me a container with some grizzly in it. I'll be fine. All I ask is that you wait here while I drink in the bathroom. Just to be safe." He kissed my head and ran his hand through my hair.

"Okay Mr. I'm always prepared." I teased. YAWN! "Wow I didn't think I was going to get tired yet but I guess I am. I know I should sleep but I don't want to." My eyes began to droop.

"Its okay Bells just sleep I'll be right here waiting for you when you get up." His voice did the trick. My eyes closed and softly he hummed my lullaby in my ears. Soon the exhaustion took over.

"Just tell me where you are Jake, please!" I called out into the forest. My hair was completely messed up and covered in twigs and leaves. I heard the howling again this time with more agony then before. "Jacob please, where are you?" I tripped over a root and instead of getting up I sat there covered in every earthy material. "Please Jacob stop running, please for me." I was barely whispering to myself. The howling stopped abruptly after those words slid out of my mouth. Nothing made a sound.

I hit my head on something cold and hard. "Edward, is that you? It's dark I can't see." My memory was getting clearer.

"I'm here love. You were dreaming about Jake again." His voice trailed off in sadness. "I know you want to be with me but you are still in pain about this and it kills me to know that you're still hurting. I love you Bella, you know that I just want this to go away so you don't feel the pain anymore." He sat up and rolled out of bed.

"Where are you going, don't go I need you here with me," my voice crackled and the tears came out and I just couldn't control it. The light flicked on and instantly his stone arms were scooping me into him.

"Oh Bella I'll never leave you ever again. I just wanted to see your beautiful face, so I turned the light on that's all." He kissed me softly and let me wail into his chest. My lullaby playing lightly under my screams how long he hummed I don't know but sleep overcame me.

"Oh Edward we are so lucky, he's looks just like you." I held the little bundle up to show him. "His eyes are so pretty and his skin is just lovely. I know that Esme and Carlisle are going to have a fit but he's prefect. What do you want to name our son?" He reached out and wrapped his arms around the little bundle.

"Well I believe he looks just like a Blake to me. What do you think of that Bells?" He smiled down at me and I nodded in agreement. "He really is perfect but you're right Bells the family isn't going to believe it."

"I'm surprised Alice hasn't called to see what's going on." I stated rather dully. "I can't wait for them to meet him. I just want to get on the plane now."

I screamed and jumped up off Edward. "Oh my gosh! That was the strangest thing ever." I got up and ran to the bathroom before my husband had a chance to say anything to me.

KNOCK KNOCK "Bella what the heck just happened here? You're kind of scaring me." I looked in the mirror and down at my stomach. I reached out and turned the faucet on and splashed my face with the cold water. "Bella I'm coming in now." His voice normally soothed me but now him being in the same room as me made me jumpy. "What on earth just happened hear love?" He tried to come closer to me but I stepped back and he froze. "Bella you have to say something I'm freaking out."

"You're freaking out imagine that, cause I'm freaking out!" I didn't mean to yell at him but I did. "I'm effing pregnant Edward! You told me that I couldn't get pregnant! You lied to me and now we're going to have a son!" I gasped for air.

"Okay Bella permission to come closer please," I gave a quick nod. "Bella I'm dead I can't get you pregnant it just isn't possible for one and two how on earth did you manage to come to that conclusion?" He didn't touch me but it appeared like he was dying to cradle me in his arms to calm me down.

"That dream I had was so real we had a son and he was just like you only human but I had him here in the 2 weeks we're staying here I had a baby, your baby. I freaked out. I'm sorry." I wrapped myself around him. "I suppose Alice would call us if I was actually pregnant though."

"You are very right about that Bella. Alice wouldn't wait to ask us about that. I'm sorry that you aren't sleeping well I really wish I could do something about it. It pains me to see you like this." His eyes pierced my soul. "I love you and I wish I could give you children but you know I can't it doesn't work that way, even though it's never been tried before." His arms reached up and he ran his fingers through my hair.

"I love you too but I don't need children. I made that choice already I'd rather have you any day of the week…" RING RING! My stood frozen, not a muscle moved as Edward reached for his phone in his pocket. He glanced at the caller ID and flipped it open.

"Hey Alice what's going on? I thought you guys weren't going to be disturbing us on our first honeymoon, you know this is the most special one." He voice sounded very irritated and he stood very tensely against my stiff embrace. He didn't say a word more to me as he backed away from me. I stood there completely baffled and a little frightened.

"Are you sure Alice?" His voice gave him away there was a hint of fear quivering behind his brave, nothing's wrong act. "Okay thank you Alice." His phone was gone before I saw his hands move. He pulled me into a strong hug and inhaled deeply. "You smell so delectable my gorgeous wife. I don't know about you but I would just love to go and use the hot tub right about now." His started to pull me out of the bathroom.

"Umm sorry Edward but I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what that was about." I placed my feet firmly on the ground and crossed my arms across my chest. "I can't believe you thought you could ignore the fact that Alice called right in the middle of our issue. You will tell Edward Cullen!" I couldn't hide my fear or anger and I didn't want to.

"Bella she didn't see you pregnant don't worry about that love." His eyes were lying to me. "It's nothing I want to worry about right now I just want to enjoy every second of being alone with the wonderful human woman I married." He definitely wasn't lying about that.

"Edward you were as stiff as a door what the heck happened?" I couldn't help it but I started raising my voice. "You are going to tell me and you are going to tell me know!"

"Bella." His voice trailed off pleading with me to drop it. "It isn't important right now. Please don't push this, please." I knew he wasn't going to budge but I had to keep trying.

"No I have every right to know. I'm your wife. She's my sister and in 2 weeks I'm going to be a vampire too so you might as well tell me before I make myself sick with worry about having a dead baby!" I was trying to hit him where it was going to hurt him the most. I promised I wouldn't use Jake against him but I was getting pretty close to breaking that promise.

"Come with me to the hot tub and I promise I'll tell you okay." He leaned in a kissed me lightly. He led me over to the balcony and opened the door. The moon was almost visible through the clouds. "I love you!" He turned around and looked me in the eye with his dazzling stare. His lips were pressed against mine for just a moment. His hands removed what little I was wearing as I did the same to him. "I'm going to turn the bubbles on love."

The tub was centered in the middle of balcony steam filling our site. I walked over and sat down on the edge of the pool sinking my feet into the brilliantly warm water. Bubbles erupted from the various jets and the cold set of arms was around me and my husband was in the water in front of me. His abdomen sliding against my legs was truly a sensation that one just can't forget, the icy cold vampire in the boiling pot about to become the witch's dinner. "I bet this is what lobsters feel like when we cook them." I laughed a little and my perfect husband smiled and pulled me into the water kissing me all the while.

"Don't you dare think you're getting out of this, now tell me," I tried to sound sexy as I broke our lips apart. "You promised!"

"Oh Bella can't we just sit here and love each other in everyway possible?" His face was inches from mine and he voice was more tempting then ever before and he was pulling out his hardcore vampire dazzle ability. He gently started kissing my neck and pulled me closer. I shut my eyes and arched my back burning with the lust I'm sure he was creating on purpose.

"Maybe for a little while." I couldn't help it he hit all my buttons. His tongue was now flicking my ear lope and well how can you resist that feeling. I ran my tongue lightly over his neck and proceeded to start kissing his neck and his shoulder and then I suddenly pushed him away from me "Okay that was a little while now tell me!"

"Fine Bella, Alice did have a vision about us but there were only pieces of it and she thinks, and I agree, that's because Jacob is going to show up. Thus that would cause her not to see the whole thing. I'm not sure what is going to happen but until something comes up I don't want to worry about it. I'm sorry at least it can change if he changes his mind." I sat there stunned at his words. I leaned my head on his chest and sat there in silence for a few minutes. "I love you." His lips pressed against my head and I turned up to look at him. Those topaz eyes luring me closure to him. I pressed my lips to him and starting molding our faces together in a rapidly growing passionate kiss, our hands flying around in the moment. Our faces broke free. "Do you really want to do this hear in the hot tub love?" he asked sounding exotic with a slightly smirk on his face.

"Oh bring it on if you dare." I whispered sucking on his earlobe. I slid over into position. How could something like this feel so right? Our bodies melted into one and our movement caused slight spillage of the tubs contents. Our panting and moans could not be softened. Everything just flowed so naturally neither of us could refrain from exploding.

"I really could get used to that. I can't wait until I'm not so breakable and we can be really wild and crazy." Edward scooped me into his arms and carried me back into the room. "Can we maybe get dressed and go eat some dinner I'm officially starving?" My stomach screamed up at me.

"Of course let's put on our wedding clothes and go get dinner." He handed me my dress and I slipped it on, he of course was all ready dressed. "Let's go get some food and maybe some new clothes to hold us over." He let out a laugh and couldn't help but smile at him. He was just so perfect.

"Okay let's go." I stumbled towards the door and opened it. "Are you coming or am I dining alone tonight?" I raised one of my eyebrows up and waiting for him to come to me. It didn't take long before his arms wrapped themselves around me as we headed down the hall. "I'm so hungry I want something like steak or pork tonight!" My stomach screeched at me yet again and all Edward could do was laugh.

"Oh silly Bella you can have both if you want just as long as you make that noise stop it's so loud I can barely here all the couples on the floor. I couldn't help but snicker at that I had almost forgotten about him hearing everyone thoughts.

"This must be agony for you so many lovers here doing things you probably didn't want to know about it." I stretched up and kissed him tenderly.

"It's just excruciating and I despise every moment that you aren't touching or kissing me so please don't stop" he pleaded with me pulling me into a deep kiss as we waited for the elevator to arrive.

There was a faint DING in the background and he pushed me into the elevator never breaking the kiss. I couldn't even tell you if there were other people in there with us, all that mattered to me was keeping my lips pressed tightly to his. My hands slid down his stomach and around and up his back while his ran through my hair and clutched my waist. This is how I wanted to stay for all of time, just kissing him. My stomach screamed up at me and he broke the kiss to laugh. "Oh love we need to remember to feed you more often." His faced formed that uneven smile that could make my heart skip beats.

The door opened and the noise of the lobby filled my ears. "I just want a quick burger and they can make it while we go to the personal shopping center and get some new clothes. I really just want to go back upstairs." I flushed a brilliant shape of crimison.

"Alright Bella anything you want. This is your honeymoon after all." He headed toward the service desk, the woman that was there when we checked in stood behind the counter. As we approached she looked up and she appeared to have lost all brain to mouth waves. "Excuse me miss. We need you to have the chef perpare one hambuger and one plate of ravoli for room 523. I want that taken up to the room pronto." This woman never stood a chance. I doubt she was going to bother charging him for the dinners. "Now with that being said I need to purchase some new clothes can you point me into the right direction." Her arm pointed toward the dining room.

"There is a store located just past the dining room. I'm sure you will find the quatlity to your liking sir, and mam." She paused longer then normal before addressing me. If I wasn't mistaking either she sounded a bit hostile toward me as well.

'Thank you." He gentlely pulled me towards the store. "I know you want to make this quick so do you mind if I pick out the clothes?"

My heart leaped for joy. I hated shopping and him offering to take care of it all just pushed more bliss into my tiny body. "By all means Edward I just want you and I to be alone upstairs." I gave my seductive voice another try. Apparently it worked better then I thought. Edward's body shivered and then stood totally still.

"Oh Bella you are dangerous." My body about exploded with the level of pleasure I recieved from his voice.

"Not nearly the way you are. I have never recieved a surge like that before now hurry because we have some work to do, when we get back upstairs." I stopped at that. My intentions to keep his mind wondering apparently worked very well. His speed wasn't quite human but it wasn't quite vampire either. It was a man craving his wife. Little did he know that the honeymoon was no where close to over.